Welcome to the Story of a Millennial

Let me introduce myself to the world of the internet: My name is Ri. I’m a mid twenty-something with a dream of getting out of my retail work, and into something different down the road. I have a dreamer’s mentality, while in the midst of working in a small town USA store.

I love all things animals, and have an infinity for the canine family and owls. Cooking is a half hobby, and photography is another work in progress for me. I adore all things planning and organizing, so if you’re in need of any of those things, or to learn about them, you’ve come to the right place.

This blog is my writing outlet, as I want to share life through my own lens, as a rural girl who is interested in just as many things as a dog’s nose is.

Feel free to go follow my social media sites. I post plenty of pictures on Insta and Facebook, and Tweet sporadically.

Mental Health Mondays: The “Eat Healthy, Be Healthy” Movement

Welp, this one will be interesting.

Yes, that was my intro. Yes, I feel that way about what I’m going to be diving into this week. No, I have no idea what I’m getting myself into. Yes, I’ll survive it.

I will be upfront on this topic: I’m still rocking the seesaw on this topic. I’ll share it as I go along, so it’s palatable.

A lot in the self help community say “you are what you eat”, like the health community. It’s the same mentality of “You are who you surround yourself with”, which that phrase in and of itself, I totally get and can get with.

Let’s dive into this “mentality” of “be healthy, think healthy” movement.

Go on this new fad diet:

Well if that’s not a yo-yo effect, I don’t know what is! Fad diets not only send your physical health into a literal yo-yo, but also your mental health. Your brain is no less an organ than your stomach, liver, kidney, or skin! She (or he…I won’t tell you how you identify your brain here) is as delicate, and needs the same attention as the rest of your body.

Fad diets are the worst! Dietitians and scientists alike have commented about this issue. See here, here, here, and here  for some basic references. Want more? Let Me know!

Fad diets are notoriously known for their yo-yo like tendencies. Why? Most don’t look out for long term sustainability. Sure they can last for a decent while, but once you’re fatigued from it, get bored of it, or once you start noticing not so much of a difference as you used to, the hype will wear off. And that’s it: the hype!

Sure, if you’re already in decent health, and want to try something new to make life interesting, then go for it. Even if you’re in a space where you’re happy with your health, regardless of BMI, pound/KG weight, or whatever go for it!

Yet if you’re in for the fitness or weightloss or “I want to not be anymore than I am, with usual factors” issue, these types of diets usually don’t work.

I’ll reference this a lot, but I should start now by saying: everything in moderation!

Try the not so fad diet:

Thought your regime was not under scrutiny? Okay babe. Let’s try again. The problems of things like Keto (positive), Veganism, and even Vegetarianism. Those are the most prominent lately, but Vegan/Vegetarianism has been a thing for over 10 years now (I’d know….2008 I did the whole vegetarianism thing).

Personally, everyone is different, and being in tune with what your body needs, craves (which is a sign of something in that food that your body needs…and I’m not supporting the 3 slices of cake here!), and how you feel afterwards.

In all these “diets”, I’m not dogging on any of these specifically, but my issue is the term diet. Diets allow you to fall off the bandwagon, and “allow for no wiggle room”, hence why people fall off.

Your food intake is just as much apart of your lifestyle as setting your alarm for work or checking your texts too much. Also, how your taste buds, digestive track, and the rest of your body feels, helps what your brain does.

Believe it or not, your brain is like any other organ in your body. With that, what goes in, comes out. It’ll be a struggle to find balance on what your body needs and likes. It’ll be a struggle to keep with it too, and that’s okay! We have the rest of our lives to work with.

Since I love cooking, and am sharing my food journey, would more meals targeting better mental health, but reasonable priced and tastes decent, be of interest? I’ll run a https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fstoryofamillennial%2Fposts%2F242493689945315&width=500” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>poll on my Facebook page for this, so go vote!

What has helped you in the eating/cooking/food realm in regards to your mental health? I’d love to know that too! Comment about it, since I’d love to know, and maybe you could help someone else who is on a similar path!



Retail Talk: Surviving Back To School Through New Years

Unless you’re apart of my immediate life, you may not know what my “day job” is. For the past 5 years, I’ve been doing overnight retail. As someone who has worked this field, I feel strongly that everyone should work retail or food service, preferably both, and in food service, there’s so much that you need to do. Be apart of wait staff, cook or be a bus boy (girl…we all know the term really isn’t sexist, let’s be real), or work any part of retail (cashier-ing, stocking), and I don’t care what shift. You’ll learn so much from the service industry.

It’ll also make you feel dead inside, while also making you want to shake your head, as well as the customer/patron at points. If you’ve worked either, you know exactly how that feels.

Seeing as we’re just past the Back to School season, I wanted to share some tips on how to survive this season (the last trimester of the year…August through December). I’d like to think some of my tips can help those in the food industry as well as my field of retail work, but I hope that anyone in any field can at least take something away from this survival guide of sorts.

I’m only speaking from the retail experience, so mind my bias, and take what you can, if you’re not in this field of work.

Here’s some basic tips, I’d love to share:

Have A Night-time Routine.

Whether your nights are in the PM or the AM, have a night time routine. Most people consider their night time routine to start sometime after dinner, and everyone is different in when they start it. Even what we do for our night time routine is different.

This is something I’ve fluctuated with for awhile now. My bedtime is 1 pm, personally. I work nights, and depending on the day, I can go to bed earlier or later, but my focus is getting the rest I need.

In the summer I need more rest, as I don’t get the darkness sleep that I should and need to get. I am introverted and don’t care for the heat, so being indoors is more beneficial for me. Plus I’m red-headed and have light skin, so I’m sure my skin thanks me for not torturing myself in the sun!

In the winter, as much as you’d think I’d want to sleep more, being as the “day” is shorter, I do, but I don’t. Growing up, I loved being an early riser. I was that cliche cartoon watcher at 6 or 7 am on the weekends. I didn’t really need to get up too early on weekdays, as my morning routines as a kid wasn’t too much. But I’d watch the Golden Girls or Mama’s Family on my mom’s bedroom TV, as she noticed I’d watch (she’d keep the TV on to sleep), then I’d do basic things like brush my teeth, or do my hair as the show went on, or during the commercial breaks.

As I got older, I noticed I liked the late evenings as well. I became a napper. I’d go to bed “early” or take a nap, and get up and do homework, more so in high school. Some of it was me aging, and not liking the heat, as well as the fact that I was introverted, could sidetrack easily, and needed that quiet focus to attempt to learn or do homework.

Lately, I’ve been trying out different things, but I’ve noticed that 1 pm seems to be a good aim for bed, so if I’m more tired that day, I can go to bed at noon or 12:30, and if I’m not (like today), 1 is good, and so is moments after, no later than 1:15.

Have a morning routine:

It’s okay if your workday routine is different than the weekend (or what we call weekend, in the service industry). Mine is totally different even!

My work one is super basic, since it’s not only retail, but overnight retail. They’re lucky I show up in pants haha! Kidding!

I do a little pampering, but no makeup and negative things on hair. It takes me 15 minutes to get ready, outside of what our lunch may or may not take each day. But the pampering helps make me feel like a human, versus an “I don’t even know what” species.

My weekend wake-ups involve a lot of laying around, enjoying the comforts of my bed, for maybe too long, stretching, and maybe dosing back off for 10 minutes. So feel free to have a work and a day off variant of the wake up, and even if you want to do the same to the night routine, go ahead (like a hair mask, sit in the tub or Jacuzzi if you’re that lucky, with some wine/sparkling wine, and throw a face mask on).

Leave Work at Work

This is something I’ve been doing for the last handful of months, and boy, is this something everyone forgets! It’s okay to have a convo once you get home, especially when you and your spouse or roomie work different jobs. But with that convo (or when you hit that *I’m in the car, and going home* moment), be done with the work day there. Even if it means you grab a tea from *insert shoppe here…Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, local place you get your made-to-go tea or morning coffee* or a baby bottle of wine/sparkling wine from the store for you (or you and your roomie/partner).

Trust me on this: it’s a process, and each day (or each bad day, once you get the “usual” day under wraps) is it’s own. Grab some comfort food, that’s easy to deal with, when you go grocery shopping (or have the always ready go-to foods on your phone, and swing by the store, so you can feel what food mood you’re in, and not buy the whole store) (BTW: can I start the Food Mood trend?!)

I feel the need to manage my “shit day”/emotional eating issues, but if you need that Taco Bell order, you get that Taco Bell order (I wish Postmates would come to my small ass town…)

Do Something You Like

I binge watch YouTube. Tell me you don’t….I want to see your history! I watch YouTube as I’m cooking and usually eating as well. Sometimes (usually Sunday or Monday mornings), I go down a slight rabbit hole. The rest of the week is just catching up on certain people’s uploads.

If you’re new here, I also love to cook. It’s not a difficult task for me, so watching videos of something not related to my work and what I’m making is hardly a struggle.

I also have this blog. I really enjoy writing and love an outlet. I’ve journeled, done habit trackers, and am/have been doing the Artist of Life Workbook, which includes journaling prompts and reflections for the quarter and month, which helps me in all I want to do.

Personally, I have a few other ideas I want to stick my toe in. I have a couple book ideas, and something I don’t know how I want to format, but it’s a good idea, from what I gathered from a general twitter poll.

If you have something you’re gifted in, share in the comments! I plan on trying out sewing after I get a machine later this year. Literally shame me if I don’t, please!

Find Something To Do:

This is where I suggest guilty pleasures. Most people frown apon this. I personally, at this point of my life, do not care. I’m in retail and have a dead soul. Ice cream, food in general, fancy alcohol (or moderately priced on a Wednesday), video games, or TV/movies, it’s all okay. Enjoy yourself and unwind some.

Your day/week/month/year may consist of a lot of work (how you make money, and work on yourself or the apartment/house you have), but why should we kill ourselves to be miserable? Let’s be real: a cute trinket or seasonal garment is very in the moment.

It helps some, sure, but let’s be easy and frank at the same time: not everything has to be work work work. Work at the job, work on myself, work on the house/apartment, work on this or that. How exhausted are you?

More than you think, or even want to admit. Adulting sucks, I’ve realized in my “6 years” of it. We all joke about wanting a refund, but what do we do day to day, to make it bearable?

As cliche as it sounds, Treat Yo’ Self sounds great here. Find something silly, something totally ditsy, but something that makes you happy. Not even something like gaming or shopping, because that’ll make you more frustrated and guilty than you think.

Sure all guilty pleasures make you this way. But do something that truly makes you happy, outside of the mentality of winning (winning the round, the monthly score, appearing well off or fashionable, seem luxurious, or even trying to one up someone).

If gaming relaxes you, cool, go play Minecraft, Sims, or Pinball.  If you like technology, watch Sony’s, Apple’s, or Microsoft’s Keynote Events every year (I did with Apple this year and last’s). I haven’t had an Apple product in years. But it’s inspiring, and I’m curious to see what they’re doing. There’s no real reason to it, other than fascination.

Learn the Pattern

This is the total opposite of what I just said. But if you know retail’s habits, especially within the same company, it won’t make you so anxious. Learn to go with the flow, and learn the pattern as well. Then you’ll know what to expect.

Ask someone you feel somewhat close with, on what the next change might be like (Back to school, to Halloween, to *kind of fall*, to Well hello there winter Christmas New Year!).

When I started, knowing the gist of things helped. Now that I’m a seasoned worker, I truly strive to help my newer coworkers on anything retail, let alone holiday retail.

Since I didn’t have someone like myself when I got hired, I made myself that person. I’ve had a handful of people now, come up to me and talk to me about issues of this or that, and mention how much I’ve helped them, and they feel so comfortable coming up to me with a “I feel stupid asking this…but…” question. If I don’t know, I find out, or reference them to someone, and I follow up, and find out for myself, so I can help the next person that might ask something like that.

I don’t know where this saying came from, but I truly love it: Always be a learner. Even if you’ve heard the lecture before, or the topic before, there’s always something you can learn from it.

Get a Work Bestie/Wife/Husband:

This is so odd, but it’ll truly help. You don’t need to actually be romantically involved with the “wife” or “husband”, but the basis is all the same: find someone you vibe with, and it’ll make the season at least a little more bearable.

And for the record: YES, YOU CAN HAVE A GROUP. Also: YES, YOU CAN BE ROMANTICALLY INVOLVED (fine print: unless your work contract says otherwise, go for it boo!).

Have someone or a few people you click with, not only makes the stressful months less stressful and alone, but even the dead months more enjoyable too! Plus you have easier access to someone who knows the job, when you need a relate-able person to vent to.


Try having a cook out, a dessert bar, or a “bring a plate, get a plate” lunch at work, if you can. My job does this once a quarter, then a Thanksgiving and a Christmas meal as well. Sometimes the workers will throw in ones throughout the year as well, for whatever cause. Especially if your work doesn’t do even close to what mine does, I suggest starting it yourself!

Do something nice for your coworkers, like holiday cards. You don’t have to gift, but even the thought and the card is great for a lot of people.



I’ve given a lot of tips, and I hope that it helps. I don’t know what I missed, but if I did, comment and let me know!

What do you do during the hectic months of retail? Are you going to try any of my tips this year? Let me know about that too!

Mental Health Mondays: Conversations Gone Awry

We’ve heard it time and time again: “Talk to me when you need to talk” “I’m here for you”. The worst one? “We need to work on the conversation of mental health and people should reach out when they need it”.

Yes, we do need a reformation of how our mental states effect us. Yes, we need to know who we can go to, when our brains won’t let us just do things. The problem? When our brains are in that state of haywire and out of wack.

As someone who has struggled with metal health issues, for awhile now, it isn’t so easy to allow yourself to reach out to a family member, a friend, mentor, or even a therapist. Our mind tells us “It’s not a good time, it’s 1:39 and I can’t sleep. I know my closest friend said to message her, but she has work in the morning. I’ll just go make a strong drink and hope it allows me to sleep for a bit.”

Sound at least somewhat familiar? You’re not alone.

An issue that I personally have with the conversation (or lack there of, in a way), is that in the western world, we idolize celeberties so much, and the only time the conversation comes up, is when someone dies of mental health problems. Regardless of how they kill themselves, it’s not just a fame and fortune issue.

In China, they have large nets connected to the buildings, for people working at certain companies. The most notable ones are the Apple plant, and the worry about those working for the same mother company, but work on Sony and Microsoft products.

Speaking of which, the Apple Keynote event is tomorrow (updated to watch the event, from Apple.com). I’ll be watching, for curiosity really.

Another issue I see, when it comes to the conversation over mental health, is why we not only talk about when a celebrity dies, but when there’s a mass casualty. Not just when you think about China’s issue, but also in the west. Mass shootings, such as Las Vegas, Pulse Nightclub, to van/car run-overs such as in London and Toronto, is what I’m talking about.

I’m not going into the gun debate here, since that’s not what I’m focused on here. But the talk about mental health behind the perpetrator is what I want to focus on. We talk about how it relates to gun ownership, which is important, but what about operating a car? Even what the person’s mental health is like in terms of how they were interacted with people prior, to intelligence and learning capability, among other things.

So how do we fix it? Well, just saying “come talk to me, when you need it” doesn’t always work. Sure some people can bring themselves to open up, and that’s phenomenal, truly. But for us that like to bottle it up, because we don’t want to feel like a burden, feel guilty for feeling and thinking such a way, or don’t feel comfortable to talk to people about our head space? What do we do for them?

Sure, there’s online and text counseling, but that adds issue with how health insurance covers counseling and medication, and cost to the person, let alone some people just can’t get comfortable with counseling/talk therapy at all.

How do we help cope with our brains? One thing’s for sure: we could study and learn more about the brain itself, and what each mental health issue does, to a span of people. That sounds great, and in theory, would be great. But that takes people away from their jobs and personal life, and only a fraction of people would probably be willing to subject themselves to these studies.

In an odd way of looking at it, the things we do with technology (remember me mentioning Apple), we need to do with, or in regards to, the mental health issue and conversation. We love innovating and seeing new things, and creating, even learning.

Why did we leave behind the mental health field behind? We’ve made innovative measures in medicine, technology, food, and transportation, to name a few.

My question to all of you is: What can we do to be more innovative on mental health? How do we make a strong conversation to push the mental health issues we have today?

How can I help? Share with me your answers in the comments, I’d love to know.

Doll it Up Monday: Tuna Helper

This is another re-make it Monday post like the last one, where I take an easy meal that I don’t think anyone couldn’t afford, and make it better in taste, with playing around with any type of veggies, fruits, or spices.

For this week, I’m dolling up one of those childhood dinners that we never wanted to see again, if we grew up a little more on the frugal side of life: (insert meat here) Helper. I’m making the Tuna Helper not like Tuna Helper.

Instead, I’m making tuna helper more like a tuna casserole but without baking it. You could bake it if you wanted, but for those who don’t have the time (or just don’t feel like it), it CAN be done in a skillet. And this will be a one pan meal as well, so get excited!


Start off with some veggies that you like:

Green Beans
Sweet Peas

Make sure they’re diced if they need dicing or cut. I did later add diced tomatoes, because tomatoes.


Next, start what the directions say on the box, and add in your veggies, and drained canned tuna.


Let it be almost cooked and add some bread crumbs, and from here you can bake or keep cooking it on the stove. Let cool and serve!

It’s such a simple meal, and can be flipped into a skillet meal/one pan meal or an easy baked oven meal. You can also easily double or triple the meal size depending on family size or if you want to make leftovers for lunch or the next day.

I’m not sure on the whole freezer meal thing yet. If you know a trick, I’d love to know, for winter meals, since the cold months up here in the lower North-Eastern states is approaching sooner than we think.

Birthday 2018: Life Update

There’s so many things I want to share in this post, so be prepared. Also, this is a start to finish in a day post, quite literally on my birthday, so also be prepared!

This post contains affilliate links. You get some, I get some! Treat Yo’ Self!

As you read this, or think of me today (when you’re reading this, even if it’s not when this goes live), listen to: this, this, and this. Yes, I will always reference my band, and yes, this blog will take me so much longer to write, because I had to stop and appreciate the videos. Watch the behind the scene’s of High Hopes here, because it’ll show you how obnoxious Brendon really is!



Yes, I’m being so “basic” and making a mood board for 24. I’m all about setting goals and making sure I’m happy and setting myself up to be happy in the future, by pushing myself now. Of course in a healthy manner!

I have lyrics from one of the songs I suggested to listen to (Hey Look Ma, I Made It!), a planner, to keep planning for the future, and make amazing memories, as well as build myself in all aspects I can, and the film picture for Farmlands, which is from Lauren Southern. This film really inspired me back into my journey of investigative journalism.

A little known fact about me, is that I wanted to go to college for journalism, and investigative journalism was (and is) something I wanted to more focus on. I never went because I know my talents are decent, but the field is so overpopulated, and I didn’t want to waste my time, money (or really credit to pull out student loans) for a degree that would hinder me more than help me.

With things like Skillshare (2 free months if you sign up!), and freelance work, I want to make it happen. I have some ideas in the works, that I am going to start on this year, since the fire has been kindled underneath me. I’ll see where it takes me!

To continue onto some of my vision board for 24, I have cooking, savings, and photography goals and aspirations. All are overlapping as well as different.

Now let’s get into a tarot reading, because why not?! Here’s the spread I chose for today:

Now, here’s my drawing, which by the way, was spot on, and I am glad I drew it!

Yes, this is a hot mess, but it spoke to me! I won’t go into great detail here, but this spread called out that I should forgive and allow my past to be my past, be and create my confidence and leader self, and go after the goals that I wish to set up for myself, in aspects of betterment and what my soul longs for. This is going to be a good year for me (until I turn 25, and I can assess how 25 will treat me!).

For reference, my cards were:
1- Ace of Swords
2- Ten of Swords
3- Five of Swords
4- Seven of Cups (Reversed)
5- The Emperor IV
6- Judgement XX (Reversed)
7- Queen of Coins

So, with all of that in mind, that is the general gist of me turning another year older. I have some basic things planned in honor of my birthday, with those that are close and love.

What do you like to do for your birthday? Do you have any specific rituals you do each year, or do you try to do something different? Do you do anything at all? I’d love to know! Share in the comments what you do, or have done!

Blog 2 Bank Review: 5 Day Facebook Challange

Yes, I’m still on Facebook. My personal page has turned into a recipe diary, animal videos, and a diary of when I do finally get to/decide to do things. I’m mostly involved in dog groups (living vicariously right now…one day babe and I will get a house to get ALL OF THE PUPPERS), cooking groups, among other groups. I’ve gotten into lifestyle groups lately, as well as a few blog groups, to see what that’s like.

Last week, in one of those groups. I think, someone shared that they were doing the Blog to bank 5 day challenge. So what did I do? Joined it. I looked at the daily emails, which had the general gist for each day, plus a few questions for self reflection on your own blog, relating to the topic of the day.

Each day had a little bit of a different theme, and sort of built on each other, but were good stand alone topics. It spanned from focusing on your niche to an email list, to where you wanted your end goal in mind, so you could work backwards, and make money on it.

The creator was Rachel Ngom (yea, try pronouncing that one guys!) from She’s Making an Impact. No I’m not sponsored to make this review (but I would be down for future ones, no lie!), but I just did it, to see what I could get out of it. One of my favorite little things from at least the email part, is her cute little titles for each day.


Here’s what I got out of this free 5 day challenge, that was more a reflection series and learning series than anything:

-There’s always room to be more specific for your audience.
-Don’t be afraid to share parts of your story! Even if it may be a little off from your content, you can always make your story relateable!
-Have both a why and an end goal/ideal end in mind. It’ll help you through your unmotivated days, and when the haters want to hate.
-I got 4 ideas for blogs just from the questions, plus some other inspiration for future posts! (Expect them starting in November!)
-Ideas for upgrade-able content/sell-able content (free or paid worksheets, for here and on Etsy, easy access meal ideas, and the like)
-The most profitable way to earn money on a blog, is by offering a course/program. I’m thinking about a podcast/audio only version for cooking/recipes.


Would you guys like an audio version of a cook book where there was an art gallery of the meals? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to know, truly.

Tarot Tuesday: Dreams of Last Week

Over the weekend, I had a dream. Obviously I dream like the average person. Over the years, especially the last handful of months, when I dream, it’s had more of a purpose, instead of random things every night, or few nights. This dream was one of those dreams, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

If you couldn’t tell, I turned to my tarot deck for some help decoding the dream. Dreams aren’t always clear, but are metaphors to what your mind and soul need to sort through. Tarot is a great way to help reflect and aide in what dreams could be about. The cards you draw, if done intentionally, can help guide you.

Would you be interested in me sharing a guide to get into Tarot? I’m no expert, but I can share what I know. Let me know in the comments, and I’ll gladly share!

Anyway, back to my dream. I don’t remember much of it now, but I remember a decent bit, and how it made my soul feel. Yes, it’s been a few days even, since the dream!

Here are my notes from the tarot reading, and what I got out of both the dream, and the tarot reading of the dream:

The Dream Spread’s Layout:

The Dream Spread (my reading):20180831_203449

Yes, I did a reading on my bed. Yes, that’s a grandma quilt. And yes, I’m going to be getting myself a sewing machine this year, because look at that quilt!Anyway, let’s dive into this dream I had! I used this deck here, which is my newer deck.

Card One (Underneath, in the middle):
Nine of Coins

The deeper meaning, I took from the dream, was the fact that I have found my “home”, my security, through and with my long term man. The universe/Mother Nature/if you’re a believer of God, then God, gave us the direction towards each other, and we are each other’s safety net, the home security that one feels, once they arrive home.

Card Two (laying sideways, in the middle):
Temperence XIV

The hindrance for myself, that was present was the fact that life and love is a journey of not “either/or”, but balance and harmony. Becoming in sync with those around you, what your purpose is, and nature/life, is important. Not even just all three in the same, but each one individually as well.

Becoming one with ourselves, and with outside forces, which includes the closing scene in my dream, which was Dave and I at a man made beach of sorts, and him seeing and feeling what I felt through my own body, and I myself, being conscious of both the experience and of him seeing it though my eyes, meant harmony and balance of us both, together.

Card Three (12 o’clock):
Six of Swords

This one was the first that popped for me, out of this spread. It matched so well to the dream even! The question is: What was I unable to see?

It drew me to the scene I just described, which was my last dream scene that I recall. I was unable to focus on what I had now, in that “boat” with my “ferry man”, and was focusing too much on the dream past.

Most of us do focus a lot on the past, and on the future, but never on the moment right in front of us. I needed reminded of the power of the now, the present, and other than physical death, that’s the only constant we have. Our past gets distorted in ours and others’ memory, and the future is always uncertain.

Card Four (9 o’clock):
Four of Coins (Reversed)

This is the card that had me reflecting back to balance. This dream was all about staying balanced, and finding balance where needed, and about the lovely balance babe and I have. Presence and balance in the present, while considering what I’ve learned from the past (but never dwelling on it), and the present moment, to guide to my ideal future, is what I need to focus on.

Card Five (6 o’clock):
Death XIII

My favorite number-13-and the not-what-you-think card, of Death. I’ve made friends with this card.

From this dream, I’m getting the vibe of keeping and finding balance, including letting things stay in the past, present, and future, and focusing on what I can control in this moment, and being in the moment as much as possible. I should release the past, since it’s already done, and focus on the now, and what needs to be created.

Card Six (3 o’clock):
Queen of Cups

Some key take-aways of this dream: the universe has my back, and through babe, it’s shown. He also has my back, and wants me to see things for the way that they are, when they are. He is the manifestation of what I am here to learn, experience, and enjoy. There’s so much more I could say here, but it’d turn into a sappy fest sort of deal, and I’d rather save that for him!

In conclusion, this is a conclusion of a similar dream that I’ve had before. I felt that I’ve had this dream in the close past, but brushed it off, since I wasn’t so into dream reading at that time. This is a conclusion dream, since I felt satisfied even before looking into what she was about. The reading solidified it even more.

Are you guys interested in dream readings, and how to do your own? Let me know and I can do a how to, and recommend tarot decks, or even an online service (free or paid, app or online). Let me know in the comments!