Welcome to the Story of a Millennial

Let me introduce myself to the world of the internet: My name is Ri. I’m a mid twenty-something with a dream of getting out of my retail work, and into something different down the road. I have a dreamer’s mentality, while in the midst of working in a small town USA store.

I love all things animals, and have an infinity for the canine family and owls. Cooking is a half hobby, and photography is another work in progress for me. I adore all things planning and organizing, so if you’re in need of any of those things, or to learn about them, you’ve come to the right place.

This blog is my writing outlet, as I want to share life through my own lens, as a rural girl who is interested in just as many things as a dog’s nose is.

Feel free to go follow my social media sites. I post plenty of pictures on Insta and Facebook, and Tweet sporadically.

Foodie Friyay: Saucy Enchiladas

On my Facebook page earlier this week, I shared that I had made my first enchilada dish of the winter season. I LOVE enchiladas. Well, most things Mexican really, let’s be honest. I like making mine saucy, so that I can use it to dip into, like you’d layer on hot sauce or salsa on anything else Mexican.

I wanted to share, as it’s a favorite of mine, especially during these colder months. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!


So to start, you’ll need these ingredients:
1 pound Ground meat (or meat substitute)
1 28 oz (or a big can…) of Enchilada sauce. I take mild here
1 10 oz (small can) of Enchilada sauce. I use medium, for some heat
Tortillas (I make 6 enchiladas, using one tortilla each, so make something else with your tortillas soon)
Onion to like, diced
Tomato to like, diced
Small can of Refried beans
Shredded cheese, to like


First, you’ll want to brown your meat. I add diced onions, but you don’t have to. I’ll start browning my meat (I don’t always use beef either. Turkey is usually a healthier option, while still reasonably cheap), then start dicing my tomato and onion.

I’ll do onion first, and split the onion that I dice (half an onion total), to put in the meat while it’s browning, then the other half on top (you’ll see later).


When the meat is pretty much done, I’ll add some taco seasoning. Yes, even keeping the grease. It substitutes for the water needed, and you don’t need as much seasoning, since it’s more “potent”. Another good way to save money (and kind of your drain)!

You’re probably wondering, WHEN SHOULD I TURN ON MY OVEN?!?! Well, it’s here. 375 will do.

I’ve also used the powdered enchilada sauce here. They taste about the same, and since I have the big tub of taco seasoning, I find it more economical to use that.

From there, I’ll take the small can of Enchilada sauce, and pour it on the bottom of my baking pan. There’s no need to put foil or spray the pan down prior, as the sauce acts as a good layer anyway.


After this, it’s creating that perfect enchilada!

Lay down a tortilla, add some refried beans, add some of your meat (or meat-mix), and fold up.




After this, put each enchilada into your small-sauce’d pan! I put mine in, each time I completely fill and wrap them.


Hopefully these pictures are helping you! I know I was curious on how full to fill them (I even had issues on burrito’s/tacos! I really still do too haha!), and it is an art, and it takes less than you think it will! Plus, I’ve noticed that some people (over the years) don’t know how to fold a burrito/enchilada (I fold them the same).

After this, finally, we add the large can of sauce, top with shredded cheese, tomato and the rest of the onion!


Now, with all of that done, go bake it for about 20 minutes, till the cheese is melted, and sauce is bubbling a bit.

Cool and serve. You can even add some sour cream, or intense the heat however you’d like!

What’s your favorite Mexican dish? Let me know!


Talk Tuesdays: Salem Witch Trials

So Blogtober didn’t go as I wanted it to. I got overwhelmed, since doing this was last minute, and didn’t realize that a whole month of content being thrown up daily, would take so much out of me, then to turn around and get hit with a flu turned cold didn’t help me this last just over a week. I’m not trying to excuse myself, but am expressing what’s been going on (and sharing it with you guys), and now I know how to approach a challenge like this in the future!

Anyway, why don’t we get on topic right?! Today I want to talk about the Salem Witch Trials, because what’s the Halloween spirit without witches?

We all know the general history of the Salem Witch Trials. It was a just over 1 year series of trials, where more than 200 people were accused of witchcraft, and about 20 getting hung for it. Read the History Channel’s article on this here. Not into reading? Watch Hailey Reese’s video here.

Now, are you interested in places to go, in a dream trip (or if you’re actually going to anywhere in New England)? Well here ya go darlin’:

The House of 7 Gables, they have tours (family, October only performances, general events, and varying hours. (what’s left of 2018, through the end of June 2019).

Of course, the Salem Witch Trials Memorial, because what’s this list without the Memorial?! Here’s a calendar for you.

Looking for the Museum? Here ya go. You can do a self guided tour and learn on your own, or go as a group.

Don’t be afraid to just even visit the town itself! It looks like a gorgeous town (I kind of like the colonial look myself).

If you’ve been to the Salem area (or are soon going), where did you go, what tours did you do, and how did you like it? I’d love to know, and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

31 TV Shows/Episodes/Docuseries/Documentaries (31 Series)

Let’s get started shall we? We did 31 Movies last week to watch (but there’s so many more), so if you didn’t catch the drift, we’re doing the TV version this week. I’m going to be horrible at this list, because I’m not the biggest TV watcher…shame me haha.

Here’s a long list of kid-friendly shows’ Halloween Episodes.
There’s things like:
the Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy (Grim or Gregory, & Billy and Mandy’s Jacked up Halloween)
Beetlejuice (Bewitched, Bothered & Beetlejuiced, & Laugh of the Party)
Ed Edd and Eddie (Boo Haw Haw)
Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends (Nightmare on Wilson Way)
Kim Possible (October 31st)
Powerpuff Girls (A Fight Before Halloween)
The Proud Family (A Hero For Halloween)

From Rotten Tomatoes:
The Purge (series, not the 4 movies. I so need to get the last movie)
Into the Dark
The Walking Dead
American Horror Story
The Haunting of Hill House
Karma (SyFy)
No Escape Room (SyFy)
The Simpson’s (Treehouse of Horror XXIX)

Some from Digital Spy:
Slasher (NowTV)
Channel Zero (Shudder)
Scream (Netflix. No it’s not the movies)

Hold the Dark
Creeped Out
The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

Lastly, from Glamour:
Scream Queens (Hulu)
Hemlock Grove
Ash Vs Evil Dead

Some of my own add-ins:
Santa Clarita Diet (it’s not scary really, but cringy enough)
The History of Halloween (a YouTube Documentary)
25 Years of terror (YouTube)
The Nightmare

Wine Wednesdays: Adult Halloween Drinks

Friday we started the food aspects of Halloween, for a party, for your kids’ class event, or even just having around the house. It was all snacks, and I have entrees and desserts on the way. Today though, it’s all about the adult drinks…the ones you keep away from your kids, even making sure they stay away from that plate of jello (shots). 


Starting off with this list of 25 Easy Halloween Punch Recipes, I started off liking it already, when I was browsing them! I’m really wanting to try the caramel apple sangria.


For those who might be doing a Harry Potter marathon some time this month, or are re-reading the books, check out this Polyjuice Potion.


For those Pumpkin Spice loving people, check out this sangria.

Moving on to the next article I browsed through, these are more cocktails than anything. Delish’s 13 Best Halloween Cocktails can be found here.

The first one looks cool as heck, and I so want to try. It’s called Jeckyll and Gin. Look at it. Just look at it:


These margaritas look cool too. They’re regular margaritas, but with food coloring and black sugar to coat the rim.


For those zombie lovers (like my boyfriend), here’s a strong one, made with Bacardi 151. Let us all die, here.

This one is more up my alley. Simple, and cotton candy flavored. I need this in my life haha. This is a cotton candy shot, and it’s a sweet treat for the season.

For those in warmer areas, or don’t mind a cold drink to match the cooler temps, try this frozen cocktail.

And for the good ol’ jello shots, here’s your recipe! It’s the edible vodka-soda, but much cooler.

What is your favorite Halloween drink? Do you usually make adult drinks and kid-friendly ones?

True Horror Tuesdays: Abandoned Cases

This is the second part in a 5 part series for Blogtober. Did you miss out on last week’s opener? Read it here.

For this week’s post, I’m going to style this like an X-Files/Criminal Minds/anything like that type of post. I’ll share some of what I find the most interesting cases of abandonment. If you can help in any of these cases, please talk to the relevant people for that case.

(Chase Family Mausoleum)

This is a post form 2 years ago, but oh 🐋. It comes from Urban Ghost Media, and it’s the “10 Unsolved Mysteries that you’ve probably never heard of“.


To go with an even older post/case, take this one from CNN in 2013. I kind of like the written style of making people aware of abductions. Sort of like the TV shows that have episodes or centered around crimes like this.

Now, let’s get into Abandoned places some, shall we? I’m doing a Haunted Places series as well, this month. Check out my first two posts, for North America (Haunted Places: North America (6 Part Series), Haunted Places: North America (6 Part Series) Part 2)

(Kennecott, Alaska)

Let’s turn to a travel website, because why not?! My retirement dreams (or just dreams in general, in some sense…I probably won’t be able to retire in the traditional sense. See this post here about the millennial take on retirement)

Orbitz lists their 10 creepiest but coolest places, and I’m here for it, since I’ve spent time in the Midwest, most so in California. I lowkey kind of want to visit all of these places, plus other small towns around these areas. Will I? Maybe not, but who knows?!

(City Methodist Church, Gary, IN)

I totally have a thing for churches. This post from Thrillist makes me weak, since this church from Indiana is #1 that comes up on their post. The coal mines area in Iowa is also interesting, coming from small town USA in PA, living most of my life in the state of Pennsylvania, home of steel and use of coal. Let me tell you, as much of a non-Ohio native as I am…WTF is an Akron, OH location doing on this list?!?!?! As a Pennsylvanian, I’m taking our neighbor state of Ohio as an Eastern State. Screw off people, this is my bias here. Just let me be!


If you don’t get that reference, I’m shook, as they say. This was ICONIC as they say these days. Chris Crocker has developed as a person, but this was EVERYTHING in like 2007-2008 when Brittany Spears had her meltdown. I’m glad she recovered, and is now in a healthy relationship (I don’t follow anything, but from my friends/who I follow that do, they’re all happy for her, so I’m only assuming and hoping for the best for her)

From RoadTrippers, they did creepy abandoned places from each state. Visit that post here, for more info.


One I’ve heard of, from this post, AND my home state of Pennsylvania, is Centralia, which is a legit ghost town. Totally want to visit though. There’s so many more too, that I kind of want to visit as well, being a NorthEastern-er.

From Atlas Obscura, they have 23 places in Canada on showcase. They did an easy picture, and location in a grid view. Super easy. Why Canada? I have no idea…they’re cold and near me, so why not?! I’d love to explore Canada, as a tourist. I’d love to explore some of the tourist-y areas, but I’d love to go more into the strange or not-so-common areas, just like I’d go with any place here in the States.

These are just some places, and some stories just from my “region” (Western World, North America…you know, that type). Assuming that you may not be from my area (or if you just want to comment about some place they missed in my articles I shared here), where are the top places you want to go to/have been to, that are abandoned or spooky enough? I want to know, and I’m sure others might as well.

Haunted Places: North America (6 Part Series) Part 2

If you didn’t catch yesterday’s starter of this series, let alone it being the first half of this, I advise you do a mini catch up.

This is the uncommon haunted places in North America. I’ll set this up like I did yesterday. Do you like this set up? Let me know!

Take my poll on Twitter hereTake my poll on Twitter here. I also have a https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fstoryofamillennial%2Fposts%2F253121645549186&width=500” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Facebook poll here. If you go to either, I’d love if you follow/like my pages!


Roam New Roads adds mostly new ones to their list of 6, from our list yesterday. I’m most interested in the Tranquille Sanatorium in BC. Take this quote:

In the early 1900s, the Tranquille Sanatorium is where people with tuberculosis were treated — and often where they shuffled off the mortal coil. About 1,600 patients reportedly died of the disease there. However, the historic site’s manager, Tim McLeod, says it’s not a place of “ghosts and goblins,” but rather a building whose real history makes it spooky. There are about two kilometres of underground tunnels on the site, which are mostly dark and eroded, but were opened to the public a few years ago.

Narcity lists 10 places in this post. The bed and breakfast sounds interesting to me. I also really want to visit the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Quebec.

What place out of these lists have you gone to, if you live/have been to Canada?


So, if you don’t already know from yesterday’s post, let alone how American I sound through my writing….I’m in the US, so this is the easiest part of this whole series for me-anything US based! And it gets me excited, since I don’t need a passport to travel, and I can use the same currency, and speak the same language (because as easy as language comes to me…cough cough writing is my love…I don’t learn/keep up my practice with other languages like I want to), anything US based makes me happy. Plus it is my country, and it is so large, it’s great to explore.

Anyway, let’s explore these abandoned places that the Insider lists! They list 35 places. I’ll share again some of my new wish list….which will take forever for me to get to, since I’m on that “Get a decent credit score/credit history for a house” grind and I’m only beginning on some of the savings goals I have set out.

I may visit half of these places, as a ghost, but oh whale (yes, punny….not a typo)


Personally, I’ve never been into visiting Mexico, I’ll be honest. I’m a white chick who likes it cooler. I love Mexican food though, I will say that though. Coming from a country that covers more land than Mexico, I have this dumb mentality of “Why does your country feel more haunted than mine?!?!” when it come to Mexico.

Anyway, this list of 10 Most Haunted Places from Slapped Ham is something….WHY DOES THIS LIST MAKE ME FEEL MORE CREEPED OUT ON MEXICO?!?!?! Sure Mexicans are fine people, and if I was more wanting to be in the warm area like Mexico, I’d go there. But I’m lame, and can’t do heat.

From another blog site, here’s 5 Ghost Towns in Mexico. These seem different from the other ones I’ve shared.

What are some places you have visited from my lists, either today or yesterday? Where do you want to go from my list? Where have you gone/want to go, outside of my lists? I want to know ALL OF THE THINGS of you guys.

Haunted Places: North America (6 Part Series)

I’m starting another series for this month. Yes, with 31 posts, there’s gonna be series, and plenty of them. I already started True Horror Tuesdays, “31 of…”, and the History of Halloween series this week. I have a few “usual” series popping up, like Foodie Friyay and coming up this Wednesday, Wine Wednesday.

This series is going to go over haunted places, both common and uncommon. I want to do 2 posts per region, the common, then the uncommon following it. How I broke it up: North America, Europe/Australia, then everywhere else. This might be much. I guess we’ll see.

To start off this series, I’m going to talk about common haunted places in Canada, the US, and Mexico. Tomorrow I’ll do the not so common haunted places. HALP ME NOW GAWD. I’m so uncool.

Let’s make it easy by breaking it up into:


Coming from Haunted Rooms, there’s a few in BC, a few in Ontario, and others are scattered, totaling 17 in their list. My favorite from reading this, is the Old Spaghetti Factory location in Vancouver. I really didn’t know how spread out the franchise was. I remember going to the one in Riverside, California, growing up, with family. I have all good memories there.

Now, from the CBC, they list the top 5 in Canada. 3 out of 5 were listed on the Haunted Rooms list. Out of the 2 not listed on the previous list, I’d see myself visiting/more wanting to visit the Fort Garry Hotel in Manitoba.

I’ve shared this website before, but here’s a list of 15 haunted places in Canada. They have a lot of different places that the other 2 don’t have.

If you live in Canada, how do you feel about these lists? Where have you been? Were they actually haunted? I WANT TO KNOW ALL OF THE THINGS.


Since I’m an American, there is many things here. This section is easily biased and may be longer than the other two, so I’m sorry guys!

Good ol’ NatGeo….how could I not click on this link when I googled it! Let me tell you, why is New Orleans the first one? It kind of shocks me, but not really, if you get my feels. A former friend of mine commented to me about wanting to revisit the Penitentiary in Philly PA, which they list here. If/when I make it out that way, I so want to visit.

Boston and that area is a good place, off the top of my head, due to the Salem Witch Trials. I’ll do a poll, on Twitter, but should I do a post on the Salem Witch Trials sometime this month?

The Travel Channel is another amazing resource, at least for us Americans. For those international that view American content (obviously I’m American here), is the Travel Channel such a big thing, when researching places to visit here in the states?

Anyway, The Travel Channel mentions the Penitentiary in WV, another place close to me. Add this to my bucket list STAT haha.  Another I’m adding from this is the Weston State Hospital, also located in WV. There’s like so many others I want to personally add to my #wishlistwonder visits, just from this list alone, for the US. Doing this post (and kind of tomorrow’s too), makes me want to travel domestically so much…now to get enough money to afford it and not care *insert cry laughing emoji here*.


I’m not one to constantly source the same sources. I’m trying here, on this one, let alone some of my most recent posts’ sources. But I’ve noticed with my most recent posts, for Blogtober, it’s the same like 3-4 sites.

Well, this is not from the usual sources, at least the last handful from this post and since I started Blogtober (yea, I know…it’s been barely a week). The US was easy for me, since I knew a few spots. There’s more in all three countries, I know. I am exploring more tomorrow.

So for Mexico, here’s what I’ve found, from Amy’s Crypt: This site even includes a video, right at the top. That’s a plus for us lazy folk who like videos or just audio even. From city of ruins, to a reclusive house and a hotel, this post is up my alley for somewhat common places for Mexico.

How many have you been to? Where have you been even, in these countries? Where have you been to, that’s haunted in your country (if you don’t live in Canada, US, or Mexico)? I want to learn more and add it to the bucket list that I’ll probably do when I’m 80.