Book & Services Review: Design Your Ideal Life

Before giving up Facebook for 2 months, over Lent and what would become the tail end of Mercury’s first retrograde of 2018 (lent starting on Valentine’s day, Mercury will go into retrograde on March 22nd. Lent ends on April Fool’s day this year, April 1st, and Mercury retrograde ends on April 15th. source), I noticed in a “#promotuesday” in one of my Facebook groups, to read and receive a 25 page book titled “Design Your Ideal Life” and 12 page complimentary worksheets  by Jaclyn Tyson.

From her website, she describes herself as: a mother, wife, social worker, parent educator, and entrepreneur. She’s been on an intentional journey for 11 years now. 11 YEARS! She’s like myself, who loves writing, and found it her go-to and quoted “safe space to reflect”, as she continues on her About Me section on her multi-functional website, where she blogs, self promotes, and shares her journey.

I appreciate her reaching out to 5 people, one of which was myself, that day, to give a free copy of bother her short read book (in PDF format), plus 12 WHOLE PAGES of worksheets that went along with the book she created. This values at over $25 USD.

With that, I also got one free consultation, which I booked for February 20th, at 9 am. Even though I’m writing this review later than I wanted to, I’m still making it in time for that consultation (grant it, by mere hours, but hey- it’s done!)

The consultation lasted an hour, and while messaging with her prior to the session, she mentioned that although she allows for an hour of back and forth conversations, sometimes it lasts less, depending on what the person needs, and how much back story there is with her and the client. Especially being a “new client”, plus having a free session, she shared a little with me at the end, of what she offers outside of her book and writing prompts on her website.

She has 3 different packages, and just as many ways to pay her. For the month of February, she said that everything is half off, no matter how you pay. HALF OFF. Get on it! The first two are very similar, the main difference is how it’s laid out over time. The first one is over 6 weeks, and the second is over 3 months. So in both you get 6 hour long sessions, plus a long list of other things. The 6 week program is every week, and the 3 month is every other week. The last package operates like the 3 month package, but is 6 months long, and you get 12 hour long sessions with her.

To get the half off deal (only 7 more days to get it!) click here.

Now to start with the actual book review! It was a short read-25 pages. But don’t think it actually took a mere hour to go through! I totally advise to add the worksheets Jackie created, as like any exercise in a book: it makes the book that much better, worth your money, and you’ll get so much more out of it as well.

Personally, a lot of it is a lot like most other generic self development type things, but the nice contrast that I see in this work (book and worksheets), is the fact that Jackie says to go through your interests, and see if you do them just because you feel obligated to do them (due to family, society, etc), or if you’re actually doing it because you enjoy doing it. She details even down to your profession. You wouldn’t think such a thing, with as short as this book is, but really-she goes there!

She does say that physically writing on the worksheets make it more useful in her opinion (and partial design), which in a way, I can totally see that. I have things that I like physically writing (my gratitude journal, my habit tracker in my Artist of Life Workbook [shop here], the end of the month reflections in there as well). My only complaint on the worksheets is that it’s not editable in Adobe, to make things a little easier. I’m not sure if it was just on my end, using Adobe Reader Touch (I believe it’s free…my version is free anyway), or if it’s not editable (has regions where it’s editable).

Overall, it’s totally worth it, and I would recommend both the book and the accompanying worksheets.

To learn more about other things she offers, go to her website, and check out her Self-Love Starter Kit! And don’t forget about the half off deal for her coaching sessions!

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