12 Rules for Life: February 2018 Book of the Month

When one hears the name Jordan Peterson, you may think things like “polarizing”, “inspiring”, “deep thinker”, maybe even “too deep”. Well, his writing is no different than the last three.

Personally, even though I’m not troubled by what he has to offer, some say he’s offensive. I’d agree that he can strike a chord, but he’s not offensive. Offensive is not an appropriate adjective for who he is, or what he does or says. Trivial, maybe, witty, definitely. Offensive is over-used and not properly used, just like hate is, or how literally is overused by valley girls. Remember when saying “that’s legit” was a thing? Same concept. Peterson is not polarizing nor offensive.

I, like many others, found him while he was building up his wave of popularity, from the now famous Canadian bill 16. Like many who found him then, continued on following his commentary, and actually diving into his personal work, time passed, and it’s now February 2018 (just over a year and a half later). He came out with a book, nearing 20 years after his first book, titled 12 Rules for Life:An Antidote to Chaos.

I chose this book for my February book, since it released at the tail end of January, and boy am I glad I took off social media, so I could fully absorb this book in a short 28 days. Each rule is essentially a chapter, to break down each rule into better terms. I like this strategy, alongside Peterson’s stories, whether it be from personal experience, or tweaking it just enough, from his practice, to not violate HIPAA (or whatever the equivalent is, of Canadian law.), and the like.

Like most of his work, this book is something to consider if you truly want to sort yourself out, and if you want to better yourself. Over the last year and a half myself, of finding books that are worthwhile, I believe that this book and “The Power of Now” (which is one of 2 books I’m re-reading this year, The Power of Now in December, and the other is in November), are of my top 3 (My November book would conclude in the top 3. I don’t look for quite order here, in my top 3, because each book brings different aspects to light). This is mostly just hearing Peterson’s speeches, let alone this writing.

This, along with the Power of Now are spiritual based, and as much as Mitch Albom is a believer, my November re-read is more culture based, and what we truly need to grasp from those we have still, as we’re losing the older generation (which as of November, will be my only book that I’ve gone through 3 times, let alone twice! The Power of Now will be read twice by the end of the year. As you can see, I’m not much to re-read books.).

Anyway, we need to get back to the review. Don’t mind me here, on a tangent. This book is a truly deep book, and needs to be read in patience and entirety. if I may say. Carve out the time to read it as it affects you, and meditate on what Peterson writes for each rule. Some may affect you more than others.

This is not one of those books where you can just read on your lunch hour willy-nilly, or read while sitting on the toilet (unless that’s where you like to do deep thinking). This is one of those reads where you’ll meditate on how things are, and just how dumbfounded you get after you read something Peterson wrote.

If you haven’t read his first book, Maps of Meaning (like myself), this is something that is a 10 hours worth of reading time of what you find out of any interview of Jordan, or listening to his lectures.

I do recall in one of his Q&A’s, him having a laugh over the fact that we all love the sound of his voice, when asked if he’d narrate his book for all of us. He’s like the cute old grandpa you wish you had.

Even if you’re not someone who is in the middle of sorting yourself out, you need to read this. It will make you ponder new ideas, and spark others. This is a good read for fans, and obviously for those who are trying to figure themselves out, in this fatherless society that Peterson is filling that role, whether he realizes it or wants it.

If you want to read it, go here. Want to listen to it instead (I don’t blame you)? Click here and hit Audible version, and start your free trial (this isn’t sponsered!).

Visit Jordan Peterson on YouTube, Twitter, and go look up any interview of him on YouTube. My personal favorite is this one.

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