Holy Week 2018

As we go into the last week in meditation over Easter, and the 40 days that Jesus allegedly spent in the desert, there is so much to be grateful for. This last near month has not been what I exactly wanted it to become, but it showed me and forced me to do things that I truly needed, and made me focus and do things that did need to be done.

I reflected more. I conquered more. I started new things, and added some fresh things to my life. I was more aware. I became more appreciative (even though I didn’t write my gratitudes every day like I should have).

What has been your Lenten time this year been like? Even if you don’t believe or practice in lent (I really didn’t take the traditional approach to it, as I’m not a believer myself), I feel like taking the good practices and ideas, and implementing it into your own spiritual practices.

I love the idea of crystals, and even how they look. I enjoy yoga, and doing tarot readings. Meditation is key, especially when my anxiety is up, or I’m stressed (like waiting for my dentist appointment, my stomach is in knots).

During this year’s Lenten season, I’ve used it to explore how others believe and practice, and have it guide me further into what path I want to go down, each and every day. It’s not too hard on me, as I’m not going through a spiritual crisis, but I am using it to deepen my experience in life, as well as meet new people, and learn their journey.

My dad and I were talking last week, about the need for community, and how it’s different for everyone. Introverts and extroverts like different crowds and energies. Even comparing two introverts or two extroverts is interesting.

Balancing your need for certain people (what they can provide, how energetic or peaceful they are, etc), and yourself is a spiritual journey, I feel. Think about it: do you feel more uplifted, refreshed around some people, even after a coffee?

We need that community gathering, no matter how it’s conducted. If you’re not religious, general parties are a great time for it, over football, or dinner. There’s gangs for a reason, other than just to get drugs or whatever else.

So over this week, leading up to a Jew hanging on a cross, meditate on that. Be grateful we live here and now, and where it takes more than hearsay to convict someone, and that we have the technology to handle most of it. Meditate on what it was like to see public hanging, shaming, and all the rest.

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