Book Review: The Universe Has Your Back

This month I failed you guys. I could barely get through half this book. Let me tell you why, though. I noticed that I got burned out on these styles of books. Thankfully the next handful of months are going to be a little bit different reads.

Now, I will do a review on the half I did read, and if/when I get back around one day to finishing the book, I’ll do a more proper review.

The Universe Has Your Back was written by Gabrielle Bernstein in 2016, so it isn’t that old of a book. Even though I didn’t read the whole thing, it was a nice read. A lot of it I had heard from the other books I have read, regarding self love. It’s nice to see her way of how she does things, and learning about her journey, over the years.

She started out as a “hippie esc” daughter, where her mother taught her how to meditate. She drifted from her upbringing for awhile, and eventually came back around, and made her own journey out of it.

For a self love book, this is a very light take on most concepts we all know and love, let alone need to hear time and time again over our lives. This would be a great introduction book into self love, if you’re just diving into it all. It would also suit those who need a light, fun (and sometimes funny) refresher, when you’re going through a rough patch, and need re-centering.

I don’t want to give away too much of the first half of the book for you, but if this is your sign, this is the time.

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