Easter: A Different Perspective

If you haven’t already noticed, this is my take on Easter. To give you a little background on myself, I grew up in the church. I was baptized into the church at a young age (once as an infant, and then again in elementary school), but haven’t practiced in years. I don’t consider myself religious, or to practice, but I hold the teachings and morals close to my heart, as they are really important, and lacking in today’s society.

This year, my dad wanted to do all of the Easter “festivities” I’d guess one could call them. We were originally going to go down to DC for Easter mass, but life got in the way for my dad. So instead, we went to Pittsburgh. We went to 4 different churches, on all 4 Easter holidays (Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter Vigil). Easter Vigil was in Pittsburgh, and we stayed overnight, and went down to the strip district late this morning.

The Pittsburgh church was the largest we went to out of all 4, and the two we went to for Palm Sunday and Good Friday were close in numbers, and by far the smallest churches (for attendees) that I’ve ever been to. All were nice, gorgeous buildings, and something I’d never experienced.

As out of place as I felt, during each service, the one in Pittsburgh made me feel the best, as the energy was there, and you could tell that those who were there, were truly into it. I appreciate all of these churches for allowing my dad and I to participate.

I didn’t follow all of the rules (I ended my social media detox early, and didn’t hard core do all of the fasting when I was supposed to, but hey, I’m only human, remember?), but lent did provide me with the reflection that I needed. It also helped me manage what I need to assess, and allowed me to appreciate things that I needed to appreciate.

For my dad, the goal was to have bonding time with me, plus get back into practicing, and going to church more regularly, which he’s been wanting to do. I appreciate his honesty, and his interest into starting his journey in that, with me.

My goal, was to also have bonding time with my dad. Yet, unlike him, my other point was to learn and experience what the non-Protestant side had to offer, what it was like, and also explore the architecture and surrounding areas. Even though I didn’t get to explore DC as an adult this year, I’m still grateful for going to Pittsburgh.

Hopefully within the next handful of years, the DC version will manifest its way into becoming, with all of my aspirations of travel.

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