Self Care Sunday: Getting in Tune with Mother Nature

Now I know that this will eventually become a Tuesday thing, but I want to start this out on the “eve” of a Full Moon, as I give my new Tarot deck a “moon bath” tonight while at work (I’m calling it a moon bath okay?!). So that’s my disclosure on that, whatever that’s worth.

I can’t give a full review of this deck yet, as I won’t be using it until tomorrow morning. Yet, as I move through a journey with this deck, you and I will see what I get out of it. I won’t share every insight I get, but you’ll catch a glimpse. I don’t know if this is a girly deck, or a very flamboyant one (like a Beverly Hills gay guy), but we’ll see.

To start out really, I should give some context to y’all. I have another deck, a Native American version to be exact. I’ve really enjoyed that one, but she’s not a “classic” style deck. Her suits and style are based on the Native American tribes and life, like the chiefs and warriors and maidens.

Maybe I’m doing the whole tarot thing backwards, as in I should’ve gotten a “traditional” style deck first, but when I looked for my first deck, the Native American one stood out to me, as it was different. That could be most of why I went this route.

I’ve felt a calling to get back into tarot readings and reflections. I also felt a desire to have a traditional, but brighter aesthetic looking deck, in contrast to the simple, while non-traditional deck I already had. So this is how I got to searching for this deck.

I’ll be sharing some of my reflections in the future, as I’m still a noob in reading tarot.

Do you play with tarot or use crystals even? Do you let the moon shine her light on your crystals or deck(s)?




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