Wine Wednesday: Lady Time Update

About 8 months ago, I made the leap into actually getting an IUD inserted. Just over a year ago, I started my birth control journey. I won’t scar you with the horrors I put those I love, and appreciate, let alone myself, through, but my intuition was right.

What do I mean by that? I knew from the get go, that I should’ve done the IUD. Now the one I was eyeballing, and the one I have are not the same. In this aspect, I am glad that the horrible experience I had with a small combination pill, ruined what I felt any incline for adding hormones to my body, like most hormonal contraception does.

Now, go check out my video here on my kind of 6 month update. Bonus if you watch my original video as well!

Obviously I’ve had an IUD in me for longer than 6 months, but with my original one dropping, I felt like an idiot, if I went by the original insertion, and not by my check up 2 months later, because of what happened.

It’s worked fine for me since, and my body has become more used to it. This last period was the most normal period I’ve had yet. So if you do land up with a replacement IUD, I would say go by the new insertion date, and base your symptoms on that, rather than the initial insertion.

You’re body goes into a little bit of shock with new things coming in and going out, even if it is for a brief moment. So please take care of your body, and be nice to her, as she’s trying to figure out what the hell you just did to her.

My video is going to go better into depth of what had happened in my case, and some of my suggestions on what to do in the situation, post it, and during periods while having a non-hormonal IUD, regardless if you had an issue like mine happen, or if it worked out fine from the get go.


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