Happy Mothers YAY

So today is Mother’s Day. So what have you done for your mother for today? It doesn’t have to actually fall on today, but did you do anything for or with her over this weekend? Did you call her or send her a card? I did (well going to, as this goes live as I’m waiting for a reasonable time to call her, being 3 hours time difference).

So in my mom’s card, I put in a gift card for her to spoil herself with.

For my “step-mom”/other mom, I just sent a card. I have potential plans of ice cream, so that’ll be in tow. I’ll sort that out when we get there. I don’t want to give away too much on that.

My maternal grandmother’s card, is very much like my other grandma’s card. Her birthday is just a couple days after Mother’s day this year, so I’ll be sending a birthday card as well, at the same time (different cards and envelopes. for the record.). I have some plans while I’m out in CA that I want to do, but that’ll come when I spill the beans on my trip review and June review/quarter review.

For my paternal grandmother’s card, I really just splurged on the card for her. Like most of my family, a card, or handwritten note is something they are so grateful for, and I’m so happy I have a simple family.

I’m not going to share each card, as I’ve already sealed them and mailed them. Plus, I don’t want to spoil anything that is this cute. I might re-post a picture they send me, but that’ll be to my social media. So follow me on Insta and Twitter if you aren’t already! I don’t do much on Twitter, but I do hop on occasionally.

What have/are you going to do for your mom/mother figures for Mother’s day? Do you have any traditions, or pair up with siblings for Mother’s day?


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