Tarot Tuesday: My Journey into Tarot

I’ll be honest (like I strive to be, always), I’m a baby when it comes to tarot. I only started it last year (2017), but I’ve enjoyed it like many others have.

Like I’ve shared, I just recently got my second deck, and I kind of went half backwards. I don’t know if you can go half backwards, but from anything I’ve learned over the last couple of years, is that when your gut says something, go with it and find out why later.

When I started looking into my first deck, early last year, I somehow became drawn to “non-traditional” decks, if that’s what they’re called. This year, I got myself a traditional style deck, and she is so pretty! She really does shine.

I like using both, and they both give me different insights, simply because (I believe anyway) they have different styles of deck, so they naturally highlight different things. Another part, is my journey and my intentions with each deck, due to how each read to me.

I’ve gotten questions and concerns about how I use them, and why. So if you’re too shy to ask, here’s my answer: I use tarot readings for internal reflections. I don’t use it to forecast anything that I don’t already know, or need to know, when I use them.

I use them when I have a mental block on something like suggesting a service to ya’ll (if my gut is in line with my head, if my head is making things up, etc). I use them when I feel torn between multiple things, or what I should consider on something.

If I’ve been occurring a similar dream pattern, or having too much deja vu, I’ll seek out what I’m ignoring, since whatever it is, is right in front of me screaming.

Like some girls say that they do their make-up for themselves, I do tarot readings for myself, and it’s helped me (and some of my anxiety), while trying to sort out this brain of mine. Grant it, I do other things like meditate, yoga, and read/research.


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