Product Review: Legendary Marketer’s $30/Month Program

So for the last month (well, 30 days as of this past Tuesday…) I’ve been trying out this YouTube “success” program for online businesses from Legendary Marketer. It comes off as one of those MLM things, but with the money back guarantee before the 30 days is up, I figured why not? See what it does for me (or doesn’t…I’m still a baby here…any help can be good help, right?! Maybe…)

I also got an “8 Simple Steps to Affiliate Marketing Riches” PDF for FREE. It’s 12 pages long, with ALL OF THE GRAPHICS. The program was $30 for 30 days’ access, advertized as a dollar a day. They have a one time deal upon the countless minutes of video watching (which I’m sure they make so much money off of, if you watch so much of it), for half off the annual fee ($150 or so, instead of $300+).

The AD (adverts) influencer part of it, I can see where the MLM type comes into play. Whether you’re starting your own MLM or apart of one (like itWorks comes to mind), this is what helps you get more out of the MLM, than just harassing the same old friends, who might be on a steady decrease of buying your products (for financial reasons, or tired of the products/seeing no real change that they could substitute with something else.).

The above reason, is why I chose not to tap into that program, quite yet. Plus it is $50 and I want to see how the regular program works for me (which is this review), before even touching that one.

So let’s dive into the easiest part first: the 12 page PDF that I got for free.

It’s all about affiliate marketing, and the 7 steps he feels that make making money off of it, well, easier. The benefits of it is that affiliate marketing allows for a residual income (passive income), which is something I’ve heard about a lot while on my budgeting and credit journey. I’ve only more recently become more interested in passive income, and how to go about starting to get passive income, as of recently.

Nathan goes on to suggest that with affiliate marketing, that you should always pick something that you’re interested in, because then you won’t get burnt out on it. The next big thing he shares, is that one should focus in on one platform to market on, such as Facebook, YouTube, or even a blog like this one and share it out.

One can’t forget to say that your brand is what could make or break a deal. Why? Because if people like you and know you, they’ll be more comfortable with buying what you’re selling. But if not, then you’re going to go nowhere, fast.

Next he shares that it’s okay to tweak how you do something, as you may find that something may work for you just a hair better. But don’t forget the last thing he just said! Make sure you’re still authentic and you haven’t completely compromised your brand.

The last thing he mentions, is that you should never stop learning and growing. He also reminds us that we are the average of the 5 people we’re around the most.

So that’s the PDF for you, summed up. Now, I’ll kind of sum up what the rest of it’s like.

You get near daily emails from the team at Legendary Marketer. There’s frequent webinars, a live 15 minute call each weekday, for “high impact content” as they say on the website, and you get a personal coach as well.

The first issue I have with the program, is the fact that you HAVE to call the coach to unlock the next video. I’m not 5 mom, is how I feel. I get and like the fact that you have a coach, but I DON’T LIKE PHONE CALLS and isn’t there this thing called emailing still around? Or having a messenger type service in the program?

Plus, they only have certain time slots, which makes sense since each coach has so many clients. But for a 10 minute phone call, and being someone who would only call in the morning, the first time I looked at the available times my coach had, they were evening times, and there was only the Thursday and Friday that week that had openings. There was no options I could select for the following week, even though you saw the calendar go past the end of the week.

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