Vacation with Me: Yosemite Summer 2018

If you haven’t seen my plan with me’s of June and 2018 CA Vacation, I suggest you check those two out. They’ll give you some insight in where I’m at now.

So for 2 full days, I joined my mom, and her parents on a Yosemite trip. This is the reason why I made my way from the East Coast, to the West Coast over a 2 week vacation. We drove for one day, and will take the scenic route home, so I can look over all of Yosemite. It’ll be worth the extra time to get back to Sunny Southern California.

The first day, we visited ALL OF THE WATERFALLS. Well, not all, but we spent our day looking around Yosemite falls and Brideveil Falls. My grandpa and I did most of the exploring, which meant that we did over 8,000 steps each, and over 4 miles of walking. “For what?” you may ask. Well, the scenery and photography. He’s the one (other than my dad) that got me into photography.

The second day, we visited Glacier Point and the Redwoods. I trailed up to Grizzly Giant tree, and my grandpa made it up to the Bachelor and Three Graces trees. My mom and grandma did the loop trail, which showed off the Fallen Monarch tree.

On the way back down to SoCal, we went through the middle of the park, and did the last little bit of sight-seeing. If you want to see my photos, come follow me on Insta!

Have you been to Yosemite? If you have, what all have you seen? If not, where would you like to see, if you had a weekend getaway?

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