Foodie FriYAY: Grilled Cheese with a Twist

I haven’t made a food post, that I’ve created, in way too long. I’m sorry guys! I’ve totally been slacking on this front, and I should’ve noticed and actually done something about it sooner. But here we are, and I’m fixing this now.

After my wisdom teeth surgery last month, I was in love with soft foods (read about that here). I also learned how to actually caramelize onions (and not just on accident, because I was caught up in something).

I found the latest Betty Crocker cook book on clearance, and what kitchen is complete without that? I even was telling my dad about the find, since we both have the creative brains when it comes to creating dishes, and he says that out of all the cook books he’s had over the years, that is the one he always references when he needs inspiration, or just some of the simple things like conversions. Trust me, he doesn’t have many cook books either, like you’d think for what he comes up with.

That’d be a good tangent post: a conversation with my dad about the evolution of his cooking, and mine. I could record it and throw it up here, and share a recipe we created sometime. Hey dad….haha.

Okay, back to what you came here for: this week’s recipe. This week I’m sharing one of my go-to’s especially when I was trying to recover from surgery and getting my mouth movement back. But this one has a twist. It’s grilled cheese with caramelized onions and mushrooms.


It’s super easy, and requires not much more effort than a regular grilled cheese. You can also switch out the shrooms for tomatoes, if you don’t care for shrooms.


All you have to do, is dice up some onion, saute it in butter for about 20-30 minutes until you see some caramelizing, add diced shrooms, let the shrooms soften, then proceed to make a grilled cheese.


Cook the grilled cheese just a hair under where you like it, split it open (after it cools enough so you can grab that greasy thing!!!) then add the shrooms and onion into the grilled cheese, and finish cooking your grilled cheese!



It’s super easy, and adds some more nutrients and makes it a little more filling as well! The recipe I found called for Gouda cheese, but Swiss or provolone does great too. I’d suggest provolone for if you’re using tomato in it, but that’s me.

What variations of grilled cheese have you tried and liked? I want to try more, especially with fall coming soon, and grilled cheese and tomato soup is a great easy meal for when you want something simple and warm!



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