Sacred Powers: Book Review

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Since finally finishing Ben Shapiro’s book, I’ve been reading Sacred Powers by Davidji. I’m getting back into my reading kick, plus getting off of social media for awhile has been helping me. I have taken this year to tend to myself and addictions, if you haven’t noticed. I’ve been on the journey of self love and development for 2, near 3 years now. It gets deeper and deeper each year, each quarter, each month, in ways I couldn’t imagine.

Now it’s a growing and on-going process of self development, and even though I don’t know what’s to come, I know I’ve changed already. This book is guiding me some more.

Sacred Powers is a similar read to the Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle. It truly makes you think and be in the present moment, which we don’t do enough of these days. At least those of us in the west/first world countries.

Books like Sacred Powers are becoming a fad and in, but their content can be used and re-read throughout our lifetimes. We can become rooted again through things like the Divine Powers that Davidji talks about in this book, as well as have the ability to look at things in such a way, even through each time we read this, or other like books.

The thing I like about Sacred Powers is that it’s something that is easier read after knowing about concepts that Ekhart Tolle talks about. I’m not sure how receptive I would’ve been if I hadn’t known about keeping in the present so well, through the Power of Now.

This book is also a book that you should read at a slower pace, and do the various exercises that Davidji suggests. It’s very much a hands on book, and to truly take things out of the book for years to come, and if you’re truly serious about this stuff, you’ll be thankful you did them.

If you’re still new to the whole realm of this, it’ll feel odd at first to do the motions, but trust me, it’s practice and you’ll integrate it into every day life when you need them. Your mind will remind you when you need it, and for the love of all things holy, don’t ignore them!

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