Doll it Up Monday: Tuna Helper

This is another re-make it Monday post like the last one, where I take an easy meal that I don’t think anyone couldn’t afford, and make it better in taste, with playing around with any type of veggies, fruits, or spices.

For this week, I’m dolling up one of those childhood dinners that we never wanted to see again, if we grew up a little more on the frugal side of life: (insert meat here) Helper. I’m making the Tuna Helper not like Tuna Helper.

Instead, I’m making tuna helper more like a tuna casserole but without baking it. You could bake it if you wanted, but for those who don’t have the time (or just don’t feel like it), it CAN be done in a skillet. And this will be a one pan meal as well, so get excited!


Start off with some veggies that you like:

Green Beans
Sweet Peas

Make sure they’re diced if they need dicing or cut. I did later add diced tomatoes, because tomatoes.


Next, start what the directions say on the box, and add in your veggies, and drained canned tuna.


Let it be almost cooked and add some bread crumbs, and from here you can bake or keep cooking it on the stove. Let cool and serve!

It’s such a simple meal, and can be flipped into a skillet meal/one pan meal or an easy baked oven meal. You can also easily double or triple the meal size depending on family size or if you want to make leftovers for lunch or the next day.

I’m not sure on the whole freezer meal thing yet. If you know a trick, I’d love to know, for winter meals, since the cold months up here in the lower North-Eastern states is approaching sooner than we think.


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