Blogtober: GYST The Month/Quarter With Me

Queue the music list (half emo/punk bands because what’s Halloween?!)(Yes, I’m vibing the old school punk bands, don’t hate. There’s like 2 I like of the modern era):

Uptown Funk
Hey Look Ma I Made It
Dancing’s not a crime
Wrong Side of Heaven
I’m Not Okay (yes, a dead band, IDC hate me) (tell me you didn’t have an emo phase…)
This is Halloween (Movie Edition)
This is Halloween (Marilyn Manson version)

Is fall not the season of the punk rock and non mainstream bands? If you say otherwise, please pause here and exit everything in life.

Queue the general look of Blogtober:

Queue the Gyst to get there:

Starting now…this is what I want to for ya’ll. This is my first Blogtober, let alone blog holiday season. We’re going for a good start, because why not?!

Day one starts here, with a plan with me for the next 30 days (this is day one of 31). Next year, I hope to improve with what shows through views and comments on these next 31 days (including today). I overall hope to improve as a person, as a writer, and as a content creator.

I’m working on doing the cliche 31 days of Blogtober/Days of Halloween/October. Since I’m new around the block, I want to do the (I don’t feel guilty) pleasure of doing 31 of Halloween. I can’t wait.

I won’t share everything, since you’ll get bored right away if I told you what I was doing.
But I will share some of it. I have Blogtober for Halloween, Blogsgiving for Thanksgiving in the US, and some events for Christmas, but it’ll be a proper event to say the least. I don’t want to give away everything here!

Here’s the next week though, to get hyped about:
Today: Plan with me
Tomorrow: Start of the Tuesday True Horror Stories series, lasting the whole month, on Tuesdays.
Wednesday: History of Halloween, a 2 part Series.
Thursday: 31  Movies for Halloween. To watch on weekends, for your family, or in general, throughout the month.
Foodie FriYAY: go to snacks for parties of the month/season of Halloween/Day of the Dead
Settle Down Saturday: Kid’s seasonal books with an adult twist (for us adult readers who are readers to our kids but don’t want to feel stuck in the PG world)
Sunday: Common Haunted Places in the US/Canada

Queue Ho Hey

You just saw the first weeks’ worth of posts. As you see this, I’m already past this current week. It takes a lot, and I’m a noob around here. So good and easy vibes are needed. As I’m writing this, I took a long weekend, and it turned into a much needed long impromptu sleep weekend. Babe and I had a planned day, which turned into something different, but we got to sleep.

We got to sleep.

We went out the one day, but we slept. We got to sleep. We did sleep. We planned other things, together and with others, but we slept and did our own thing. Did I say that we got to sleep?!

Queue Pompeii

Goals for the last of 2018:
-Get back on reading track
-Thankgiving Blog posts
-12 Days of Christmas Posts
-Year End Review
-At least 1 book review
-At least 1 product review
-Make a dent in personal goals, especially house goals
-Make a dent in Savings goals for 24/life goals

What I want out of the last of 2018:

Sanity. I want sanity. Kidding…but am I?!

I wouldn’t mind sanity at this point in my life, let’s be real. Truly I want to make better reality, and sanity, That’s half of my 24 year old goals to be honest.

I have so much planned for this month. More so for this blog, than anything, but I need it.

…Ready For It

We got 30 more days together darling, and I can’t wait! We got 5 #TrueHorrorTuedsdays together, a 6 part #hauntedplaces series, of common and uncommon places of the US, UK, and elsewhere, plus some mini series like food and costume.

Obviously Tuesdays are dedicated to Horror, during this October. I’ll share 5 stories of that, a 6 part Haunted place series, a 2 part of the history of Halloween, a weekend Costume series to prep for Halloween and parties closer to Halloween. a makeup reference (it won’t be me….I suck at make-up-ing).

I shouldn’t share too much more, because what is Halloween without a little surprise and spooky?

So since it’s finally October, what’s your favorite part of this time of year?


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