True Horror Tuesdays: Series Starter

The true debate in my mind right now: How do I start this series? I have 5 days of this, which means 5 different posts. I may do a couple stories in a post, and I may just do one…you won’t know until that post comes out.

Fair warning: I have no plans for making this a PG series, and no guarantee that the story(ies) will be PG each week.

Let’s get into this week’s story, shall we?

To start, I’m taking some scary stories from the r/nosleep in regards to the deep web. So grab your popcorn, blankie, and make sure you have a night light on!


DISCLAIMER: These are not my stories, I don’t know these storytellers, and I don’t know anyone involved.

I’m going to start with this one. It’s about how a guy goes on the dark web, and manages to find a webcam site, that taps into people’s securtiy cameras, and allows you to watch what’s going on. He sees a link at the bottom of the page, and regretfully clicks on it. It’s a private room, where a young woman walks in, and has her mouth sewn shut and he tells his girlfriend that he went down the rabbit hole, and she tells him to stay off the dark web, and that it was a bad idea. I’ll leave the rest for you to read…

Next one, is this. This kid’s friend got his mom murdered over a thing of coke. Oh 🐋 (whale)

This one, if you haven’t caught the drift, will show you why not to bark up ANY tree in the dark web. This guy has his friend introduce him to the dark web, via the TOR network (which is the only way I know how to get there). He describes himself as a fairly large guy, and likes to talk shit. Throughout this story, he learns why you don’t antagonize those on the dark web. He fortunately didn’t land up with anyone killed like the last guy, but it could’ve happened.

Here’s a series one for ya’ll. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5. Bless your heart, while trying to read this. It’s much, and it’ll pull you in. That’s all I can say, because anything I say won’t do it justice.

I definitely stayed up to read this. My rabbit hole research for this started too late in the day, and is making my mind go. I want to keep reading these stories. Our dreams will be strange for a long while, not just from this, but this whole month. I’m sorry guys.

That was a small book, to be honest. That guy needs to self publish that and make money on his experience, and it may help spread the word on some of the stuff that happens on the dark web. *Cues idea*

This will be my last one. It’s technically a link to a YouTube video, and the one was shared here. This is the video on Youtube. Reddit stops and mutes an embedded video if you switch tabs.

What are some topics you’d be curious about, for True Horror Tuesdays this month? I have next week’s topic planned already (abduction), but I can tweak it, if enough of you are specific enough on abduction topics.

I’ll have a poll on my Facebook page for True Horror Tuesday Topics” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>here.



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