History of Halloween (2 Part Series)

So this will be part one of our series on the history of Halloween. This week/post will focus more on the non-religious side of things. Or more so on the non-Christian/Catholic side of things.

For starters, it’s a Celtic Holiday, something you wouldn’t expect. Leave it to us drunks to create a holiday, right?! Why would you let us do that?! (I’m expecting my DNA results any week/day now from ancestry.com…my grandma graciously paid for it to happen. Don’t think I became suddenly rich all of a sudden now haha. But truly I truly thank my grandparents for this experience. I’ll definitely double post when I get the updates on it!) (UPDATE: 74% European/Northern Wales and 26% Scottish/Irish…no surprise there)

According to History.com, Halloween was started to ward off ghosts at the end of summer. Then with All Saints Day becoming a thing (November 1st), it was called Hallow’s Eve on October 31st.

Why ward off ghosts though? Well, if we look back to the origins, it’s the start of the cold weather, and being in the farther north (Scotland, northern Europe, those places), not everyone made it through the winter. Between that and the fact that they thought that ghosts, or those who have passed on, would want to mess with the crops, the people would try to ward them off by sacrifice and by making large fires.

I’ll share the religious take over of this holiday in a couple weeks, so I’ll leave that part out for now.

Unfortunately most of the interesting part of the history of Halloween is the switch over to the religious end of things.

What do you do for Halloween? Do you do anything special for All Saints Day or All Souls Day?



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