True Horror Tuesdays: Abandoned Cases

This is the second part in a 5 part series for Blogtober. Did you miss out on last week’s opener? Read it here.

For this week’s post, I’m going to style this like an X-Files/Criminal Minds/anything like that type of post. I’ll share some of what I find the most interesting cases of abandonment. If you can help in any of these cases, please talk to the relevant people for that case.

(Chase Family Mausoleum)

This is a post form 2 years ago, but oh 🐋. It comes from Urban Ghost Media, and it’s the “10 Unsolved Mysteries that you’ve probably never heard of“.


To go with an even older post/case, take this one from CNN in 2013. I kind of like the written style of making people aware of abductions. Sort of like the TV shows that have episodes or centered around crimes like this.

Now, let’s get into Abandoned places some, shall we? I’m doing a Haunted Places series as well, this month. Check out my first two posts, for North America (Haunted Places: North America (6 Part Series), Haunted Places: North America (6 Part Series) Part 2)

(Kennecott, Alaska)

Let’s turn to a travel website, because why not?! My retirement dreams (or just dreams in general, in some sense…I probably won’t be able to retire in the traditional sense. See this post here about the millennial take on retirement)

Orbitz lists their 10 creepiest but coolest places, and I’m here for it, since I’ve spent time in the Midwest, most so in California. I lowkey kind of want to visit all of these places, plus other small towns around these areas. Will I? Maybe not, but who knows?!

(City Methodist Church, Gary, IN)

I totally have a thing for churches. This post from Thrillist makes me weak, since this church from Indiana is #1 that comes up on their post. The coal mines area in Iowa is also interesting, coming from small town USA in PA, living most of my life in the state of Pennsylvania, home of steel and use of coal. Let me tell you, as much of a non-Ohio native as I am…WTF is an Akron, OH location doing on this list?!?!?! As a Pennsylvanian, I’m taking our neighbor state of Ohio as an Eastern State. Screw off people, this is my bias here. Just let me be!


If you don’t get that reference, I’m shook, as they say. This was ICONIC as they say these days. Chris Crocker has developed as a person, but this was EVERYTHING in like 2007-2008 when Brittany Spears had her meltdown. I’m glad she recovered, and is now in a healthy relationship (I don’t follow anything, but from my friends/who I follow that do, they’re all happy for her, so I’m only assuming and hoping for the best for her)

From RoadTrippers, they did creepy abandoned places from each state. Visit that post here, for more info.


One I’ve heard of, from this post, AND my home state of Pennsylvania, is Centralia, which is a legit ghost town. Totally want to visit though. There’s so many more too, that I kind of want to visit as well, being a NorthEastern-er.

From Atlas Obscura, they have 23 places in Canada on showcase. They did an easy picture, and location in a grid view. Super easy. Why Canada? I have no idea…they’re cold and near me, so why not?! I’d love to explore Canada, as a tourist. I’d love to explore some of the tourist-y areas, but I’d love to go more into the strange or not-so-common areas, just like I’d go with any place here in the States.

These are just some places, and some stories just from my “region” (Western World, North America…you know, that type). Assuming that you may not be from my area (or if you just want to comment about some place they missed in my articles I shared here), where are the top places you want to go to/have been to, that are abandoned or spooky enough? I want to know, and I’m sure others might as well.


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