12 Days of Christmas: Thanksmas

To kick start this series, in hopes to have it better than how Blogtober went this year, I wanted to start out by sharing what I’m grateful for this season.

One of the biggest things I’m grateful for this year, is all of the amazing experiences I’ve had, mostly in the first half of the year.

I did everything Easter with my dad (Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter, all in 4 different churches.), and even though I’m not religious, and not a Christian, I still value my upbringing, and it was interesting to see 4 different churches, and a different style of the church than what I was brought up in. Read about it here.

I had 2 weeks (15 days really,  but 2 were travel) in California, to spend time with my mom’s side of the family, and experience some things. Read about it here.

After that, I got my wisdom teeth out (read about it here) and landed up going to 2 concerts, with 2 different friends (read about that here). That’s where most of it ended, but without setting my eyes on it at the beginning of the year, I wouldn’t have the memories that I do now.

I’m also super grateful for all of you who read my posts, since this would be half pointless if you weren’t here!

I’m so f*ing grateful for my ex…kidding, but only kind of. 

I’m thankful for having a full time job, and benefits. I’m thankful for my boyfriend who puts up with me and my ideas. I’m thankful for my family as well, because god knows where I’d be and what I would’ve done this summer.

What are you thankful for, this Christmas season? I’d love to know!


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