12 Days of Christmas: Make 2019 the Best Year Yet

How am I making 2019 the best year for me? Leaving 2018 as 2018. Kidding, but only slightly. Reflect, learn, and move on…very much Thank U, Next vibes.

Want to know how I’m making 2019 the best year she can be? Well read on! And hopefully you can soak up some of the things I’m doing, and use them for yourself!

First off, stay tuned, for on the 31st, I’ll be sharing an in-depth look into what I have planned for 2019! This is just what tips and tricks I have to share, so that come Monday, you could join me some, with how you want to set the tone for 2019, so that 2019 can help you create the year you want her to be.

The first thing to get your year on track to being the best it can be, is to goal set. This is a no-brainer for most. Want to go a step further? Break down your goals, habits, and things you want to do this year, into manageable steps to do each month, or set a deadline for when you want to accomplish them by, outside of December 31st!

Next, you should make or get a habit tracker. If you don’t know of anything you want to track, you can track your weight, some habits (like if you drank ANY water that day, or even find out what habits you do have, like how often you go to Starbucks when you could make the same coffee at home, and save some cash money!)

This next one is a BIG one, especially if you don’t already do it: Budget and track your money! It doesn’t matter if you’re like me, and make 25k a year, or someone who makes 100k a year. It’s a great adult thing to do. Plus, all those goals you just set? Some might take money…even if it’s like me (sneak peak at one of my major goals for 2019!) and you want to lose some of that holiday chub. 

To compliment the last point, start at least planning your meals each month or week. Even if you know you’re going to do your weekly brunch with your girls, then go grocery shopping with your beau, put that sucker in there! You can at least just write down the dinners you’ll be having, and the food for the weekend, and even if you switch up the days you have this thing or that thing, at least you won’t have to worry about what you’re actually eating, when your tired and your stomach’s trying to mate with whales.

The last good bit of advice I have is to set up a monthly review, and ask yourself how you did each month, in progression on your goals. It can be digitally, in a journal, however you want to do it. Some basic questions to ask yourself is:

What did I do this month to get closer to accomplishing ___?
Is ___ a suitable goal for me to keep striving for?
Should I partner up to accomplish ___?
What can I do better to accomplish my goals in the next month? Week? Day?

What are you doing in 2019? Let me know, and make sure to stay tuned for mine on Monday!

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