12 Days of Christmas: Creative New Year’s Activities

If you’re at a loss for what to do with your family, friends, or those who are just coming over for New Year’s, or what things you can bring into the good ol’ New Years (themes, projects, family/group/partner activities, and beyond), look no further!

Some ideas are super simple, others are more diverse and party themed. I have things separated for those who have families with kids of various ages, to the singe guy or gal who is riding it solo into 2019.

If you have kids that aren’t going to be staying up until the clock switches from Dec 31st to Jan 1, but you’ll be waking them up, I advise setting things up before that bottle opens herself up, to relieve anxiety and make things easier for your future self.

If you have little ones, I suggest that you go and see your town’s Christmas tree tear down. It may vary from town to town, on when it is, but I can tell you it might be worth it!

There might be a place that is kid friendly, that you can watch the big ball countdown and drop on New Year’s. If you don’t have kids, I’m sure a bar might have it on the screen. Just make sure you have a DD though!

Some good ideas to pass the time (and may keep the kids awake!) would be to play family games, even if you’re not with the kids. Games have a large option to them, and it’s fun regardless if there’s little ones around or not.

Another option is to bake or cook food. This can include the kids, and you can even make adult versions of the food! Make all of those last minute cookies, so that going into the new year, you’ll both be purged of the cookies, and you get a very last minute indulgence.

A great idea, especially when there’s a crowd, is to throw on some music and dance. Just mind where you are, so you don’t break that new TV you got!

What are some of your traditions for new years? Let me know down below!

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