12 Days of Christmas: Self Care Saturday

Need to recoup from the holidays? Need a breather before the New Years even? Well look no further honey! I got you babe. This will even be good for even after the Holidays. I’ll do another one like this next Saturday, for more general self care ideas, for regularity versus around the holidays. We all know those 2 things can be different things, although they can overlap. 

So let’s get into the Holiday version of Self Care, shall we?

Personally, I’m still working on my self care routine, but in my mind, I see it as something that will always change, but some base things will always be in my “bag”.

Like most people, the holidays can be stressful. My biggest thing is to find even 1-3 things that are cheap and easy for you to do, that will make you feel good. A $1 face mask (or buying a $5 tub of mask that’ll last you a month or two, depending on how often you do face masks), a $3 hair mask, or a good/luxury body wash.

Showers are everything for me. Sure baths are great, and I SO WISH I had a tub to soak in. Soak once a month even, with even some tealights, a glass of wine, and good music (classical is great for this) or a good read, if you have the luxury of a bathtub. Even add a cheap bath bomb from Walmart, Target, or make your own!

You Stuck on the regular with showers like me? No worries! Your girl got you on this. You can still splurge a bit on body cleaning supplies, like a nice body wash (even if it’s just a scent you like from Walmart/Target or Bath and Body Works), a good candle, or wax melt, or diffuser. After, add the face mask, while towel drying. Run some good music, like in the bath, more classical or non lyrical.

The best thing during the holidays, is after the events for the day are done, and you can clean the stress away. It’s odd in a way, but in the same sense, if you mentally visualize the stress going away with the running of the shower on your body, or the melting of it on your bath soaked body, and letting it all go down the drain, it helps.

If you’re short on time, just run your diffuser, wash your face, throw in some dry shampoo and an overnight hair mask, and thrown on a 5 minute face mask, with some good vibe jams.

That little bit of time between Christmas and NYE, make a point to make time about you, or just you and your partner. It can be pizza and Netflix/your favorite shows/reruns. Or do something cute, locally. Do something for you/you and your partner. Make sure to keep in touch with your partner as much as you are with your family/friend/company holiday time.

For additional tips, both holiday and general:
Feel free to say no to some things, and suggest others
Take your time on exploring, while out with family/in laws
Take time for you, even without your partner.
Make memories, not conflict. Go with the flow, and sometimes you can go do something, but tap out early.

Check out next Saturday’s post for more “It’s not holiday season” self care tips, including some I’m wanting to do/implement!


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