12 Days of Christmas: 2018 In Review

So a few days ago, I shared that I was going to be talking about how to make 2019 the best for me. You should too, by the way! But for me, something I’ve done for the last 3 years (2016-2018 now), is reflect on the year that just passed.

I’ve been keeping journals here and there, as well as setting aside time for goals, and (somewhat) tracking them. I’ve accomplished a lot of them, since I’ve started this process, and I’m so glad that I have.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my goals and plans for 2019 (well the major ones), and how I’m able to break them down into bite-sized pieces, so that I don’t have to eat the bear that’s right in front of me.

But, that’s for tomorrow. Today is all about sharing with you, how 2018 went, what I learned, and what I’ll take into 2019, from 2018.

In 2018, I did a lot of things, as noted from the Easter trip with my dad (read here), my California trip, which included a road trip to Yosemite, and through the Sierra Nevada, VidCon (kind of not the hype, tbh), and Disneyland (later 2 solo) (read about it here), and I also got my wisdom teeth out like a champ (read here) and went to my first 2 concerts, who didn’t disappoint (and I kept my first concert as Panic!, my all-time band) (read about that here)

Beyond that, I’ve decluttered my social media (who I follow, what I share, my profile in general [like those “memories” with Ex’s, I purged], plus how I want my profiles to look like, which may help in my future goals, because that *teen angst stage* is much). I’ve edited some out of my music library on my phone. I’m making a 2019 playlist, which I’ll share tomorrow! Music is vibes in a lot of ways.

Past the trips I’ve shared, both in posts, and re-sharing them in this post, I’ve done a handful of things that I’m proud of. I did a handful of my “house goals” for my apartment, that can be taken to when my man and I get a home. I didn’t get some things done, and a lot has developed onto what will be good for both now and later, that I’ll add into 2019, since I do more of the tedious things.Babe always supports me, since most of what I do is rational. Some is just fun or memories, but 99% is reasoned out, or talked through.

I got bathroom rugs for our bathroom, as that and our kitchen is laminated floor, so it can get cold come winter, if mismanaged. I did save a decent bit, but the savings went to debts or household things, that we can take into our future home (assuming good condition. At least we’d be saving on things like heat or cooling with rugs in our bathroom or kitchen, for future needs).

I did get to splurge a bit with my better half for my birthday. My dad and stepmom took me out as well for my 24th birthday. Even though my birthday plans didn’t go all the way through, I still felt loved and appreciated.

The middle of the year was my season, for the most part. Like any season of life, things go wrong, but I learned, and I got memories and experience because of it. The first part was the same way, but in a different matter. I’m grateful for all of it, really.

2018 was meant for exploring, and I explored! I explored things I didn’t plan for, things I did, and things in a different way than I planned on. The universe/mother nature showed what I needed, and alternate routes, and I got everything I needed.

To the tune of Thank U, Next, I’m so grateful for 2018. Now it’s time for 2019 to show me what type of year/season I need.

What did you accomplish in 2018? What are you grateful that happened or fell through in 2018? What goals did you accomplish or grow closer towards this year (paying off that student loan debt/mortgage? Got your vacation planned for next year? Save for a certain vacation? Pay off some debts?)? Let me know! And tomorrow, answer my question for 2019!

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