Plan With Me: February 2019

One month down already into the book that is 2019! 11 more chapters to go, and what have you accomplished so far?

Outside of this last week, where I was down for the count (got a flu like thing, ugh), I did rather well on my goals. My main focus this past month was to form consistent habits. Fitness didn’t do the best, but she was present. Self care goals were good though!

Now to move onto the next chapter of 2019: February.

To plan my monthly outlook, I start with my workbook. I look at the goals I want to accomplish, and this year I’m trying on building off of the previous month, and not to be so all over the place on goals. Each quarter has a general theme, and from there I’m letting that guide my month.

I didn’t make some actual steady habits (fitness really), but I did good on others last month, so I want to keep with the good habits, and see if I can do better this month on my fitness goals. I want more yoga, since I seem to like that a lot more. Since it’s still cold and winter out, I will do my best for indoor workout, but come spring is when I really want to take it outdoors.

So this month is going to be a lot more of the same as January, but adding water intake goals, and more self-love practices. I want to learn/enjoy loving myself, in a frugal manner, but also do simple things like watch more on Netflix and YouTube that makes me feel joy.

I want my weekends to be all about relaxing and taking care of myself (fitness included), since I have no long weekends this month, like I have been enjoying. I want to sleep more, and better, I want to do a workout a week at least, yoga twice a week at least (honestly I like doing a few moves before bed too). I want to paint my nails and do hair masks over the weekend, so I can use up my nail polishes, and feel like a lady for awhile, even if the paint chips the first night back at work.

Next, I go into my planner, and organize bills due for the month, paydays, holidays, and any birthdays that may occur. In the side bar on the left, I usually write (or wrote for January….since I did get away from using a planner in the later months of 2018. Planners help so much, I feel, even just the monthly outlook) some of the major things I want to focus on.

For February, I want to keep posting on my planner page, keep up with the blog posts on here (5 planned out!), and working on a side project with my dad, on top of working on those habits.

I also am loosely planning on a date with babe, for Valentines Day, but not on the day itself, because it’s during our work week. With our dates, we never formally plan anything. Outside of seeing deals (like Lobster Fest at Red Lobster is going on) we don’t try too hard. Can you tell where we’re going this month? haha!

From there, sometimes I do my whiteboard monthly calendar, but I’m not feeling that this month, so I’m just leaving it clean. It’s a rather mild month, so I don’t feel the need to separate some of it out so I don’t feel lost looking at one “planner”.

My month is very laid back, as you can see. Mostly bills, work, off, sleep, and minor stuff so I don’t just lay around all day going crazy 3 days in.

What’s your month looking like? Let me know!

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