Plan With Me: April 2019

Starting the second quarter already! Wait, what?! Outside of Mercury Retrograde just finishing, HOW DID THIS JUST HAPPEN?!

I personally started off this quarter watching the first Pirates home game of the season. How cool is that?! Unfortunately, we lost in the 11th inning, but it was nothing short of an interesting home opener!

My dad got invited, and was allowed a plus one, and my stepmom couldn’t make it due to work/running a fever the night before. It was such a nice experience, even though we lost by 1 in the 11th inning, and it was rather cold (40’s, feeling like upper 30’s).

Past that, I still have the rest of the month to plan out. So here we go!

We have a move to account for, plus Easter weekend, so it’s more doing, than planning.

My planner looks just like we have a big ol’ set of vacation, and bills, because packing takes up a lot more room than my planner can nicely hold. And I like to be able to read what I scheduled in!

So what I did, is use a sheet of graphite, to map out a *not so overwhelming* packing and home chores schedule. I’ve already got a handful of stuff packed, but still haven’t gotten around to packing much more. And things kind of need to be packed, to move.

What’s your month looking like? Let me know!


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