Easter 2019: DC Edition

So like last year, when I started this blog, I’m doing Easter with my dad. It’s not like last year though, in a different way. Last year, we did every major date for the Catholic Lenten season. This year, we didn’t, due to obvious reasons (catch up here).

Miss last year’s Easter? Read here, this, the last one I swear.

For this year, my dad and I are only doing Easter weekend, mostly due to our own project that we’re working on, plus all of a sudden getting a house!

Last year we were aiming on visiting our nation’s capital for Easter weekend, and going to the National Cathedral, but landed up staying in my home state, and going into Pittsburgh. Not saying it was a bad experience at all either!

This year, although we haven’t done anything Lent based, dad and I are going down to DC area for Easter Saturday mass, and might be going to Easter Sunday mass at the same church, St Paul’s on K street.

Follow on my Instagram for more in depth pics and a handful of stories (not during mass though!). I may do a live on my blog page too!

We went to St Paul’s on K Street for Vigil Mass, and stayed in town on Easter Sunday, and did some sight seeing in the National Mall. My only “missing out” was the Holucost Memorial, and possibly seeing inside of the National Cathedral. Someday soon though, dad and I’ll be back, and I’ll make sure that those two are visited!

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