Book Series Review: Harry Potter

Let’s be honest: this is one of 2 DEFINING book series of my childhood for me, in terms of length, and more of the “advanced reads” for us 2nd-5th graders. The other series in my mind? Limony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events, of course!

I’m all of a sudden thinking that this should be my next book series. I accidentally did a book series in both the first and second quarter of this year, so why not make it a whole 2019 vibe?

I’ve changed a handful of my minor goals already, due to my recent move, so why not add some flare to my reading?

I’m on a 25-30 book a quarter reading thing, I’ve noticed, through my own 2 book allowance from my Audible subscription, plus the originals that I get as well, plus the audio book versions of ebooks available on Kindle Unlimited. I do also use the 30% off that I get from having an Audiable subscription, or if it’s cheaper, buying credits at sets of 3.

With my job, and wanting to get away from podcasts (I still get into my odd topic ones, about once a month), and as much as I love music, I have truly fallen for audio books! I work graveyard shift, and retail no less.

Policy wise, we’re not supposed to have anything audio on, either through headphones, or phone speaker, to help customers, but I have yet to have a complaint from a customer. They’re usually very sympathetic, and ask if I’m listening to a podcast or book, since it’s clearly not music.

Anyway, to this *everyone who is 20-35 has already reviewed this series* book review, let’s get on it.

So if you’re heavily prejudiced or totally under a rock on this series, it’s deep, but not that deep. There’s things that every person can take lessons from, just like any other book, fiction or non-fiction.

It’s not a demonic series, it really is a classic struggling main character, fighting evil, while learning about himself, and going through the typical middle school to high school level issues, like the school dance, sports, and education. So for those who want to hop on that battle, read on for my review, and if I don’t convince you, just read the series or watch the movie adaptation. I promise you won’t be converted to World-ism (Satanism isn’t what you think it is either…I’ve gone down that rabbit hole. Is anyone interested in that? Let me know!)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

This is the book that started it all. The book where you learn some of Harry’s past, and learn to hate the Dursley’s and Voldemort.

Harry, of course, finds out that he’s a wizard. He doesn’t look anything like his aunt, uncle, and cousin, as they don’t care for him, and the cousin is already half a bully already, at 12. I say half, because the kid gets worse with his chubby a** entitlement from here on out.

Harry of course enjoys the firsts of going to Hogwarts, from going to get his things in Diagon Alley, to figuring out how to get on platform 9 3/4, to meeting Ron and Hermione (who will become his closest friends, and Ron’s family will basically adopt him as their own son….like they don’t have enough kids of their own!), as well as Draco Malfoy and his clan of idiots.

During his first year at Hogwarts, Harry, and his newly-found friends discover the stone in the school. What the stone is called, is different if you have the British version or the American version of the book, but it’s the same darn thing. The stone is meant for eternal life, and is what Lord Voldemort was spoiler alert originally after, in his quest of power.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

This is where we see some development of Ginny Weasley and Harry’s relationship. It’ll take until the end of the series to actually see them properly pan out, and it’s the most frustrating thing.

We learn how to play human wizard chess, and that a diary is more than just a diary. Never trust a diary that will write back to you!

Personally, this is the most forgettable/toss away book of the series. It’s important to the series, for hind sight, and understanding the horcruxes that need killed, to conquer Lord Voldemort, but to me, it’s just a “meh” feeling book, more so as a filler book, to bridge some gaps.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

This is the book where things get interesting, for the series. We meet Sirius Black, Harry’s God-father. Harry leaves Pivot Drive, and essentially this starts the “I’m pretty much a Weasly, as far as Mrs Weasley is concerned”, but he’s not a flaming ginger (#gingerpride here…love me some Mrs Weasley!).

Yes, this is the part where the notorious car-in-tree scene happens. Can’t forget that! Foreshadowing here, but it plays nothing to the war at Hogwarts in Deathly Hallows, but it does make for a comical Ron-like luck scene. We’re bot all made out of luck, ya know!

Still would love to see a full blown fight between Hermione and Draco, and would love to also see Hagrid pull some stunts, but the story wouldn’t pan out like it had, if my dreams came true.

Your heart really starts to feel, if it hasn’t already, in this book. If you don’t start to feel, WHAT KIND OF MONSTER ARE YOU?! (kidding….but am I?!)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Spoiler: People die here.

This is the book where Quidditch happens but doesn’t happen.

Harry gets to attend the world Quiddtich cup (like a soccer cup or Olympics to us muggles) with the Weasley’s. The dark mark comes out to play after the game, which causes a mild headache for Harry, as he had dropped his wand, and his wand’s last spell was the same curse that casted the dark mark into the sky.

The minister of magic’s elf gets let go because of this stuff. She lands up working alongside Dobby in Hogwarts, but is ashamed by not being assigned to her family, as her mom and grandma worked as house elves for the Fudge family.

From there, a century’s old occurrence that was dead, came back to the school age academic traditions, called the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Names from each school are picked from the Goblet of Fire. There’s so many stigmas and assumptions, including the reason on why it’s been so long since the last tournament.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix

Spoiler: People die here.

This is my favorite book of the series. It’s right after a pivotal year for Harry. He finds his strength in GoF and he acknowledges it in this book.

You get less annoyed with the Dursley’s at the beginning of the book, because Harry fights off 2 dementors in early August, just weeks before school starts.

With that, he nearly gets expelled and his wand broken, but he is saved by Headmaster Dumbledore, because who else?

He continues to have detailed dreams that are in essence déjà vu, but more immediate, instead of a little more delayed like before. He manages to save Mr Weasley’s life due to his dream.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Harry dives into the history of Voldemort, via the memories of Headmaster Dumbledore. He’s also given Sirius’ property, belongings, and house elf, Kreacher. Harry releases Kreacher to serve in Hogwarts, as that’s where house elves feel best: serving (well, if you disregard Dobby and his oddness as an elf).

Side note: Kreacher isn’t in this movie randition?!?!?! MUST REWATCH MOVIES AND KEEPING THIS IN MIND

Harry’s potions textbook has been in the hands of the half blood prince, but no one knows who it is. Harry makes a forecast of it might have been his father, about mid-year, but is it?

Snape is bound by an unbreakable vow to help Draco Malfoy, bounded to Draco’s mom. There’s some foreshadowing with this, in my mind. And the task? Well, let’s just say 3 words: Dumbledore, tissues needed.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

This book is where EVERYONE DIES so be ready with a box of tissues. This book is where you finally see why Snape is the way he is towards Harry, from the dislike of his father James (really for taking Lily, in his mind), to how much he actually felt for Lily, to how much he truly cares for Harry.

You’ll also find a love for Professor McGonagall. Oh how Maggie Smith played her so well!

You thought you were sad when Cedric died, and Dumbledore died? Well, prepare to be sadder!

Past spoiling the WHOLE DANG BOOK for ya, people die, including Harry, our favorite trio doesn’t do school, but embarks on the crusade of the horcruxes, and we get all of the final insight and backstory that we can get from a book, from the characters we love, love to hate, and actually just hate.

Let us cry now.

There’s a few books past the actual series, and a movie that has a “behind the scenes” audio book to it, and I recommend to listen/read those books as well. It’ll help with backstory, and keep the wizarding world alive for you, until you decide to read/listen/watch the series again.

Yes, I don’t like the added political commentary of authors, directors, and even musicians. Entertainers are meant to entertain. They can have their own personal cause, but this era of the “don’t buy my shit if you don’t stand for x/every ounce I stand for” is truly uncalled for. And this is coming from someone who is truly more libertarian on things. I’ll like a series for the series, but I don’t have to stand by the creator entirely, to like said series. This goes for someone like Rowling, who is more outspoken lately, versus any other author that I find, and like their work. End of my little Ted Talk.

If you haven’t at least read or watched the series once, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HONEY?! Get on it!

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