Book Reads of 2019: Quarter 2

To continue on from last quarter’s round up of what I’ve been reading (instead of individual book reviews, or monthly book reviews/lists, outside of series), here’s my list! I’ll link all reviews of series I’ve read, and any other reviews of books, if I’ve done such things (yes, I type this up as I read each book).

I hope my lists of books help inspire your reads, either by you literally reading some of what I’ve read, or searching the books, and finding suggested reads, from my reads!

Here’s my formal list for April-June:

Never Split the Difference
Red Queen
The Gods of Guilt
The Beautiful Brain
The Alice Network
Harry Potter Series (Books 1-7, if we’re counting)
Quititch Through the Ages
Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them
Fantastic Beasts: the Crimes of Grindlewald
More Bedtime Stories for Cynics
The Mystery of Alice
I’m fine, and Neither are You
The Darkwater Bride
Elisabeth II: Life of a Monarch
The Dead Drink First
Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues
The Great Gatsby
A Proper Pursuit
Anxious, Depressed, and Joyful

If we’re counting, I’m up to 51 books so far. 51 FREAKING BOOKS! I am so stoked, proud, and half shocked of myself! So many books, adventures, and inspiration. I didn’t initially make even 50 books this year a goal, let alone with the rate I’m going, close to 100 (maybe even more, assuming I make a dent in my physical library/kindle non-audio library).

I announced on my Facebook page (go and like it, if you haven’t already!) my Quarter 3 book series, and the fact that I’m already making a dent in it! I already have my 4th quarter series picked out (got it as a bundle!). Is there any recommendations from you? Let me know in the comments!

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