About Ri

Hello there! You’ve reached the “About Me” page of my website. I’m so grateful that you want to know more about me! As my journey continues to unfold on this blog, and through my YouTube journey, this site will grow, and as such, I’ll update this as I see fit (really as I remember, in most cases, so @ me, or email me if I’m too out of date here).

My name is Rianna, but most call me Ri, if they call me something other than “red” or “Hey! You!”. I almost feel in trouble if someone uses my full name anymore, let alone my first and middle name.

If you couldn’t just tell, I’m a natural Irish-Scotch red-headed 20-something, with the temperament and patience to match my heritage. I keep it under control at my “day job” (overnight retail stocker) by being sarcastic, dispensing eye rolls and the “RBF” like it’s fun, and laughing at everything, because why be so serious?

I drink way too much wine, tea, and soda (depending on time of year, and how much I need caffeine that day), want to pet ALL OF THE DOGS, and enjoy doing “housewife-y” things like cooking and being at home. Yes, I’m an introvert. No I don’t conform to all “housewife-y” things (I gripe a LOT, and don’t care for-nor want-kids. And I work…if only I could at least partially work from home. Hook your girl up if there’s any at home work, even a small amount).

My dream life, is to have an animal reserve/rescue that has ALL OF THE DOGS, wolves, owls, and to work from home (have the reserve like .2 seconds from home), by helping others sort through their madness of scheduling, while allowing those who want to pet all the dogs, to PET ALL THE GOOD BOYS that we have.

In the mean time, I’ll settle for sharing my journey to having the closest thing to my dream life, with all of the bipolar like experiences come in between.

Oh, I’d also like to travel the world, and not by tourist-y attractions either. But hey, I’ll start small. My journey across the globe “really” started in Summer ’09 on a cruise, but my adult experiences started almost a decade later, in 2018, exploring the continental USA (Yosemite, DC area).

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