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I'm a mid 20-something with a dream of getting out of the retail world, and completely diving into the online world. I adore animals (mostly dogs, wolves, and owls), nature, traveling, and helping people plan their lives, as I am just as horrible at times on planning mine. This is my story, as an unfortunately fortunate millennial, going though life.

Moving 2019: A Documentary of Tips From Our Home to Yours

So you heard we’re moving, huh? Or did you find me because you’re moving yourself? Well congrats!

Well in mid February 2019, I was notified through my email that a house that had previously became off the market, that we were looking at, we could look at, from some unforeseen reasons. We went to see the house mere days later, after this email notification.

So let me back up a hot second to tell you more. I have been leisurely looking at homes on the app Zillow (let me know guys if you want to sponsor me, on a future post!) for a hot minute. I’d say about a year at the point where I saw this house.

I saw a local listing, just a hair closer to our job than we are, but on the other side of work. It was too good to be true, and we were like “let’s at least look at it, at if it is too good to be true, at least we tried”. So I messaged the agent.

We missed the deal by hours, literally.

I was low key bummed, but it felt too good to be true. I replied back to the agent, saying that if for some reason it fell through, that we’d love to look at it still. He was ok with that.

A week goes by, no response. Ok, I started to assume the original person actually got it and liked it enough. 10 days go by, same thing.

2 weeks though, while I was working with my dad on our project, I felt the calling to check my email, late in the afternoon, right before we were done with the meal, and eat it.

There’s the email that changed everything. “Are you still interested in this house? This isn’t going so well with the first person”


After some weather delays, we go to see the place that Friday morning, after we get off. We signed a week and a half later on the place.

Nothing major wrong with the home, just some very minor cosmetic needs (cabinets and counters in the kitchen, garage door needs some help on the treads, and the back fence needs help, and the yard needs weeded/TLC). So literally move in ready, basically.

Anyway, let’s get into some tips to help a move!

Tip 1: Ask your local grocery store for their boxes

Places like Walmart are really nice about saving boxes for you. Do not underestimate PopTart boxes, on the retail end. They’re PERFECT for game/DVDs. You can get 44 a box, so for us that haven’t downsized our DVD collections and those who have gamers who have kept their disc games.

Over sized boxes are great for fluffly things like blankets, towels, or rugs, but DON’T PACK THOSE FULL WITH MODERATELY HEAVY ITEMS. You’ll be breaking your back, and as the current retail worker that I am PLEASE SPARE YOURSELF.

Get some smaller boxes, just smaller than those PopTarts boxes, for things like wires, candles, and silverware.

This will help you with not spending unneeded money on your move. Plus, you can always return the boxes back to at least the company you got them from, like Walmart, and they’ll recycle the cardboard. Just ask! Or if you have a fireplace, or fire pit, that’s some easy fuel for summer fires.

Tip 2: Prioritize how you renovate/decorate the place.

A great tip I got from one of my managers I had, prior to her retirement, is if you’re going to live in the house as you renovate, start with your bedroom. Even down to repainting the walls.

We’re kind of doing that. I did the painting and Mr is adding the cabinets into the kitchen, as it’s SO MUCH EASIER to do that type of stuff prior to having our stuff settled in first. So yes, we didn’t move in right away, even though it was able to be moved into when we got the place. The lack of kitchen storage and counter space would have been an inconvenience but it could have been done.

I suggest to do as much as you can prior to literally moving in, even down to doing a good vacuuming and sweep, and even wiping down the walls (add some scents for personal enjoyment) prior to moving things in.

Tip 3: Give yourself some time!

This will save your sanity, any relationships you have (if it’s just you and your partner like Mr and I, or if you have kids as well, or dependent parents).

Especially those of us who work, and if you have kids, allow the kids to conquer their own space, for what their age allows them.

Tip 4: Make a plan.

Or a to-do list. Break shit down. Usually done best by room, and of what you use infrequent enough to pack now, and frequently enough to set aside boxes/room for them later on, closer to moving date.

Think of these last 2 tips like packing for a vacation. You have the clothes that you’ll have for the trip itself, but then the flight clothes, and you have to leave out your tooth brush, toothpaste, hair brush, and other toiletries that you’ll need to pack the day of.

Even take a “staycation” for this. Make the plan, schedule it off, and even if your kids have their school or extracurriculars, you can do what you need to do, and plan time for when they can do what they need to do, so that they can build on being a human, and it’ll help you on your own packing.

I did the whole “packing as a kid” thing, as a traveler and as a mover, from about 6-17 years old, plus my moves at 19, 20, and now at 24. I always mapped out what I needed as a traveler, and it helped me with the moves I’ve done.

By the time my 16th birthday came, I made 30+ plane trips. So in my current 24 years of living, I’ve made 11 moves myself, let alone leisure travel.

Tip 5: KonMari Your Sh*t

You don’t have to go ham on the Marie Kando method but her method does help! Even if you can eliminate some shit from your life, as you pack, and donate it go for it!

Rethink how you store, see, and handle things as well. Yes, I have my 5 year plaque from work, hung. I want a frame for Mr’s 5 year as well, and if we find his 10 year paper, I’ll frame it and add it to our list of frames somewhere in our new home.

Consider what’s really important, is what this process is. It’s not exactly minimalism but true joy, regardless of what the item is. This has been my life lately, and not in any pressuring way either.

Tip 6: Listen to some good music/Create a good playlist

Somewhat off from what Marie Kando says about audio during sorting, during packing, if good music or neutral music gets you ok with packing, go for it. In a way, sure you might not be as thorough but I feel like there’s a lot more positive emotion there, for what truly gets to you.

So yes, don’t listen to a radio remix. Make a playlist from your favorite artist, and listen to that. Or 3 artists.

There’s 3 songs from Taylor Swift’s Reputation album I go after (Ready for it, I did something bad, and Look at what you made me do) (all YouTube versions).

I’ll also go with my long term band here as well for music reference, Panic! At the Disco. (Hey Look Ma, I Made it!, the annoying single of High Hopes, and let’s go for a ham of a jam of Victorious.)

I have no idea what you’re into, but the taste of MY band should share with you a taste of who I am (Panic!). I love the TSwift as of late, Ariana Grande (7 Rings vibes). I like Fly By Midnight as well.

Tip 7: Still live your life

Regular life is stressful enough. Then moving, Then keeping a “love yourself” concept. Take an extra 3 minutes in the shower, and let your face/hair set for a little longer. Take the time to shave because you want to.

Yes, you’ll have to sacrifice your free time to packing for a month, but if you try and balance it, and allow space for it, it won’t feel so disgusting.

Make sure to still get your beauty rest! When you feel like you need 10 hours, go for it. If you’re feeling good and can feel good at 6 (like I did yesterday, with transferring the name on the water bill) .

Tip 8: Balance talents

This means between you and your partner, then who you each know, and what your tasks are.

This shouldn’t be one sided! Sure, “unbalanced” ok, but if ya’ll are using your talents and resources (friends, or if one makes more or has discounts somewhere like at Lowe’s) that’s how it should be. Not a literal 50/50 but the equal of talent, or resources.

I know negative things about cabinets/counter tops outside of what I want. Mr and I know a guy who is like “Let me help!”. Babe knows basics, but with this guy’s help, we’ll have better stuff. And with me learning how to stain (which with my painting skills), I’ll have that basic skill for a long while, I’ll learn something, and it’ll add to the “home” of our house.

Outside of relationships, (and speaking as an introvert like you wouldn’t believe!), talking to who you work with will really help. Either through their side work or they’ll know someone who can help, you can save money!

Tip 9: Clean as You Go

One major thing that I did from the start, is cleaning as you go. Your current place and your new one alike.

For your new place, as you tailor things like carpeting (or lack there of) and paint, do things like vaccuming and dusting things that are already there (even the shelves that are placed in closets and laundry area).

Prior to moving in, this is the only real time to really clean all the nooks and crannies of the house, that post moving in, it’ll be more of a hassle to clean some areas (the TV console area, under the bed, etc).

I’d even go as far as to say that this is the best time to do a deep scrub on carpets that you do have. Polish the wood you have into your home as well.

For your current place, as you pack, clean and dust. Then once everything has been moved, do a decent clean of the place.

So for bookshelves, like with what I started, pack the books, DVDs, video game discs, and whatever else you’re keeping on them, then wipe the shelves down with a Clorox wipe. I do a bookcase at a time, since we have smaller bookcases.

For regular used stuff (desks, TV consoles, kitchen stuff), as much as we sometimes get lazy about even doing the dishes, clean as you use. Even if you don’t use things that often (like our living room TV isn’t the best used TV in our home), dust that off when you DO use them.

Bedding and other odd things (if you have rugs in the home, throw blankets on the sofa, and the like), I’d say throw a good day in on laundry, and clean them either right before you move, or right after. And don’t underestimate my “day of laundry” here! Clean them good…take good care of them and order in pizza or get take out or gas station food (fill your tank if you’re going out…your future self will thank you, I’m sure).

Both have the same process in my mind (mostly, depending if you’re renting or selling your home, or upgrading your own home to rent out your current place), but their process is reversed really, in the most ideal scenarios.

What odd hacks do you have for moving that you can share?

Plan With Me: April 2019

Starting the second quarter already! Wait, what?! Outside of Mercury Retrograde just finishing, HOW DID THIS JUST HAPPEN?!

I personally started off this quarter watching the first Pirates home game of the season. How cool is that?! Unfortunately, we lost in the 11th inning, but it was nothing short of an interesting home opener!

My dad got invited, and was allowed a plus one, and my stepmom couldn’t make it due to work/running a fever the night before. It was such a nice experience, even though we lost by 1 in the 11th inning, and it was rather cold (40’s, feeling like upper 30’s).

Past that, I still have the rest of the month to plan out. So here we go!

We have a move to account for, plus Easter weekend, so it’s more doing, than planning.

My planner looks just like we have a big ol’ set of vacation, and bills, because packing takes up a lot more room than my planner can nicely hold. And I like to be able to read what I scheduled in!

So what I did, is use a sheet of graphite, to map out a *not so overwhelming* packing and home chores schedule. I’ve already got a handful of stuff packed, but still haven’t gotten around to packing much more. And things kind of need to be packed, to move.

What’s your month looking like? Let me know!

Books I’ve read: Q1 2019 Editon

So per earlier this quarter, before I went AFK because of my (not now) secret, I did a review on the Robert Langdon series from Dan Brown. The link does open in new tab, so you’re welcome! It’s what I try to do, because I don’t want you to lose your place, wherever you are in a post authored by me!

I had the idea to do a quarter review/list of books I’ve read, instead of trying to make a whole post of one book each, or a series. I’ll still do series that have 3 or more books in one post, then link them like I just did, then add in the other books I’ve read.

To start off 2019 I’ve read:
Robert Langdon Series
Angels and Demons
Da Vinci Code
The Lost Symbol
What Have You Done
The Secret
Ninth & Nowhere
The Ragged Edge of Nowhere
The Illiad
The Oddessy
Total Money Makeover
Manage Your Day to Day
The Financial Diet
Tuesdays With Morrie
A New Earth
The Queen: Aretha Franklin
The Life changing Magic of Tidying Up
Big Magic
Jane Doe: a Novel
Can’t is not an Option
Seal Team Six
Deception Point
Hunt Them Down
A Killer’s Mind

I’ve also made a gradual, but leisure progress in “Thank You for Being Late”, especially until the focus on the house.

If you want a review of any of these books, or even just my thoughts on a book, let me know in the comments!

I’m always open to more book ideas, especially in fiction reads that are crime like or spin offs of children’s books (“Alice” and “Red Queen” that are spin off’s from Alice in Wonderland). Those, or memory type non-fiction (the Tuesdays with Morrie type). So if you know of an author, series, or book that fits some of that, let your girl know too!

Plan With Me: March 2019 (Mid Month Edition)

So I’m late on this, like everything I wanted to do in the later half of February. If you forgive me for a hot minute, I can tell you why now.

WE HAVE A HOUSE!!!!!!! We got it for a steal, we’ve paid it outright, and will be making the MINIMAL renovations to it over the next month. The house really only needs cabinets and counter space, then the rest is minor TLC (paint to the bedrooms, a garage door fix, and yard work/fencing).

I’ll be posting a follow up blog on the story of how we got it, plus some updates (once we get there), and basic tips on how to pack, regardless if you’re moving into a starter home, your first apartment, or a potential forever home like we are!

Babe and I have moved at least 15 times between the both of us, and that includes some struggles, let me tell ya! That’s never minding babe helping others move, as a side job. He’s done a 100 moves easy. So we’re kind of tired of the whole moving thing.

Anyway, you came here for the planning, not the packing! Let’s get to it, shall we?

So it’s March, month of the Irish, and also the start of Lent. Are you doing anything for St Patrick’s Day? Mine’s going to be painting.

A lot of my “planning” is off my planner this time, as it’s a “check list” type. I guess I should say that it’s not so much on the monthly outlook but on to the weekly outlooks.

Weekly outlook for this week (week we’re signing and getting keys for our home:

With this move, babe has allowed me to have room to pace on packing things up. I think I collected enough boxes now haha! I’ll spare you the amount of boxes for now. I’ll share that in the moving post!

It’s such a simple looking month, but it’s so much! We have some projects we need to conquer at the house, but it’s very minor and very much a cosmetic thing, and not a “it needs major work” home. We are so fortunate and grateful on how this fell in our lap. That story will be in the moving post as well for ya’ll.

If this is any excuse for being rather absent/on the down low for the last near month now, I hope ya’ll will be ok with it! Post move, I can share my gardening journey, since I’m going to be starting that journey for the first time as an adult.

I hope the best for all of you, as we’ve seen some beautiful times as of this last month. How was February for ya’ll? How is March treating you? Let me know in the comments!

Book Series Review: Dan Brown Series

Recently (right before the new year actually), I renewed my monthly Audible subscription, knowing I wanted to read more books. Sure listening isn’t reading, but hey, I’m consuming the book right?! With that, I got a couple books that I wanted to have in my library (once you get them through the subscription, you have them even if you cancel or suspend your membership, which is really cool).

One book I had found, was from the author Dan Brown. I’ve read some of his work already, “way back when”, about a decade ago now. It was right before Angels and Demons (the movie adaptation) came out that I last read his work. I loved reading that book and watching the movie then. After that, I watched the Da Vinci Code. I loved it, and moved on, thinking nothing of it.

Some time later now, I stumbled upon his name again in the Audible library, with the latest Robert Langdon novel, released in 2017. I saw that character’s name and went gawkingly wide eyed. The middle schooler in me went “OMG I can’t even right now!”

You know I tapped that “buy now for 1 credit” button so fast, I don’t even recall seeing the “confirm purchase” deterrent- yes, there WAS NO DETERRING THIS GIRL!

Maybe it was the cold meds, maybe it was the book (in the Maybe it’s Maybelline slogan)

Come to find out, while letting the book download over LTE (I was on my way to work, okay! And no, I wasn’t driving- babe was…thanks babe!), there was 2 WHOLE OTHER BOOKS THAT I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW HAPPENED.

“Buy 3 more credits for …” GIVE ME THOSE CREDITS DAMN IT!!! Haha…I was literally an irrational 8 year old with $20 to spend at the toy store, with too much sugar in her system.

So yea, I bought extra credits so that the other two books that I missed were technically cheaper, and have one extra credit to spare, when in all good reality, I’d be able to wait (if I had the patience…lol) until next month, where I could pick them up without coughing out this extra money, but oh well….Christmas money right?! (Thanks grandma’s)

Anyway, now that I have more books to listen to, due to my impatience, ya’ll in turn will get more reviews of books! Hopefully you like these reviews!

I’m reviewing each book as I listen to them, for reference. This is more for my end, since (1) I kind of went out of order and (2) it’s easier to review as I go, then upload this post, as I feel doing it out of order and individually wouldn’t be fair to you guys/wouldn’t be enough content for one post, each, while leaving you wanting to read the books.

Angels and Demons (Book 1) (Movie)

Obviously this is the series starter book. The nice thing about these books, is that it doesn’t really matter what order you read them in. Each book is it’s own adventure, kind of like the multiverse in comics.

This book does set up some character development on Robert Langdon though, the main character that is throughout this series. Picture him as the fit, attractive, while also dad-aged sub you had in high school.

Yes, this is that Angels and Demons that got a feature film. So did the next book. Yes, they did it backwards.

Assuming you’re not familiar, or it’s been clearly too long since the film was relevant (same boat girl, same boat. I read it right before the movie came out and watched the movie. I couldn’t tell you the actual plot to save my life, without googling it to see what the gist was. Hence why I’m re-reading it!), let me give you some info to lure you in!

So some major science guy is murdered, in Switzerland. But he’s not just murdered, he’s murdered by a group that is thought of as long dead. He’s branded and his one eye has been torn out, and the eyeball itself is eventually found in his lab, where only him and his daughter are the only ones who can get in.

What’s in that lab? The only thing that is 5-8 times more deadly, ounce for ounce, than the atomic bomb: anti-matter. What’s also missing? The anti-matter.

Since Langdon is a professor of symbology, especially religious ones, he’s called in, to decipher the branding initially, until they discover that the anti-matter was stolen. So there’s less than 12 hours for them to find this anti-matter tube, before it’s battery that keeps it stable, runs out of battery juice.

To make matters worse, it’s the day that clergy is voting on the next Pope, as the late Pope had just suffered what is thought to have been a stroke (no formal autopsies are done on any Pope). Why is this bad? 4 of the most prominent clergymen are missing…then there’s the call.

The caller is the one who will be killing one of the clergy, on the hour, starting at 8pm (20:00), and the big show of the anti-matter explosion, taking out Vatican City, occurs at midnight.

Each clergymen is murdered in a different way: Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Each clergymen is killed in a different location. They must figure it out: Langdon, the scientist’s adopted daughter, and the higher ups in the Vatican City, that aren’t voting for the next Pope.

It’s a hot mess, which will keep you on your toes and wanting to keep on reading!

Da Vinci Code (Book 2) (Movie) (finished approx. 1/26/2019)

Oh boy! A murder one! It starts with Robert Langdon on a business trip in Paris, and a desperate call to his hotel room. He told the main desk to let it wait till morning, but they insisted otherwise.

Langdon gets dragged into a murder scene at the Lurve. As a symbolgist who now has some extra notoriety after the incident in Vatican City, on top of his regular work as a professor and a writer, he gets called in to help with this shit.

Everything points to the works of Da Vinci, and the murderer uses hidden things in the art work that is in the area.

*Please be nice to me, I didn’t write this right after finishing it, so I’m doing the best I can here*

Lost Symbol (Book 3) (finished 1/27/2019)

This book takes Langdon to the DC area, and he has a brief thing to deal with his mentor. This is the shortest book in the series, so this will be the shortest book review.

So Langdon is offered to do a speech in DC, from his mentor, but once he arrives, he quickly learns that the inventation was not set up to be a speech, but was a kidnapping to get more information.

He’s given the hand of his mentor, tatto’d with symbols (previously not a tattoo’d hand), and that’s only the start of the journey. He’s accompanied by security to figure this guy out, and see if his mentor is still alive.

Thanks to his fitness and swimming routine, Langdon survives being waterboarded even, in the process, because he wants to protect those he loves, and he doesn’t actually know the answers, which the kidnapper doesn’t believe to be true.

Inferno (Book 4) (Movie)

If this isn’t a direct reference to Dante’s Inferno, I don’t know what is. Basically a creative way to introduce someone to the Divine Comedy. Good recommended read for those in school.

This is a read and a half. 3 hours away from the end, and I still need answers. You’ll become lost about 5 hours away from finish, whatever that is in pages. It’s a journey and a half leading up to there, but then it takes another twist, and makes you reconsider investing in the book, because it’s half not worth it. BUT IT’S ALL WORTH IT! Really, I swear, even with the extra WUT there, as you’re nearly at the end.

Langdon wakes up in a hospital, with no recollection of what has happened over the last 2 days, nor how he landed up in Florence. He has a believable head wound, and a nurse telling him it’ll be okay. But is she a nurse? Is she even a legal resident of Italy?

The last thing he remembers is getting an invitation and him being back home in Cambridge. Now since he’s in a hospital, he doesn’t know what to make of anything.

Moments after gaining consciousness, he gets told that he had a head wound, and had amnesia, and had an odd thing in his internal pocket of his coat. But he doesn’t have an internal pocket on his infamous coat.

He also doesn’t have his Mickey Mouse watch that he’s had since childhood. So what’s really going on? He doesn’t know.

Until shots are fired right in front of him, and him and a nurse flee the scene, since he was told he had a guest just moments prior.

He’s been told that he’s being hunted. Or is he? Is it the nurse? Is it all just a ploy?

Someone wants to spread the 21st century version of the black plague, and wants to stay anon about it. Was Langdon involved and couldn’t recall? What did he even do? No one really knows.

No one knows until he gets saved, after his nurse friend flees, and he finally gets some answers. Now, is her fleeing, allowing him to get the answers he wants? Will this save the planet from the plague?

Origins (Book 5) (finished 1/6/2019)

This was the 2nd book I personally read, and third story/adventure I had with Langdon’s character. Reading this book made me want to go back and read through the whole series properly, and impatiently got more credits on Audible just to have all 5 right away.

Origins is a journey that Robert Landgon takes, when he is invited to a non-disclosed party/announcement launch that no one knows what this thing is all about. The host is a former student of his, that he’s kept in touch with, but through life and the student’s projects, they stopped keeping in touch until this invitation.

This announcement was brought through technology, and was about the two key questions we have as a species: “Where did we come from?” and “Where do we go?”. The student/host gets assassinated mid-presentation, and it’s a hot mess for the next not even 12 hours, like always.

Ugh, I hope there’s more adventures! I love it all. I plan on exploring more of Dan Brown’s work over the next while.

Have you read any of Dan Brown’s work? Have you read anything of his outside of these 5? Let me know how you liked them (and which ones you read, so I know!).

If not, what are you planning to read in 2019? What have you read already this year?

What are some good reads I should look into?

Plan With Me: February 2019

One month down already into the book that is 2019! 11 more chapters to go, and what have you accomplished so far?

Outside of this last week, where I was down for the count (got a flu like thing, ugh), I did rather well on my goals. My main focus this past month was to form consistent habits. Fitness didn’t do the best, but she was present. Self care goals were good though!

Now to move onto the next chapter of 2019: February.

To plan my monthly outlook, I start with my workbook. I look at the goals I want to accomplish, and this year I’m trying on building off of the previous month, and not to be so all over the place on goals. Each quarter has a general theme, and from there I’m letting that guide my month.

I didn’t make some actual steady habits (fitness really), but I did good on others last month, so I want to keep with the good habits, and see if I can do better this month on my fitness goals. I want more yoga, since I seem to like that a lot more. Since it’s still cold and winter out, I will do my best for indoor workout, but come spring is when I really want to take it outdoors.

So this month is going to be a lot more of the same as January, but adding water intake goals, and more self-love practices. I want to learn/enjoy loving myself, in a frugal manner, but also do simple things like watch more on Netflix and YouTube that makes me feel joy.

I want my weekends to be all about relaxing and taking care of myself (fitness included), since I have no long weekends this month, like I have been enjoying. I want to sleep more, and better, I want to do a workout a week at least, yoga twice a week at least (honestly I like doing a few moves before bed too). I want to paint my nails and do hair masks over the weekend, so I can use up my nail polishes, and feel like a lady for awhile, even if the paint chips the first night back at work.

Next, I go into my planner, and organize bills due for the month, paydays, holidays, and any birthdays that may occur. In the side bar on the left, I usually write (or wrote for January….since I did get away from using a planner in the later months of 2018. Planners help so much, I feel, even just the monthly outlook) some of the major things I want to focus on.

For February, I want to keep posting on my planner page, keep up with the blog posts on here (5 planned out!), and working on a side project with my dad, on top of working on those habits.

I also am loosely planning on a date with babe, for Valentines Day, but not on the day itself, because it’s during our work week. With our dates, we never formally plan anything. Outside of seeing deals (like Lobster Fest at Red Lobster is going on) we don’t try too hard. Can you tell where we’re going this month? haha!

From there, sometimes I do my whiteboard monthly calendar, but I’m not feeling that this month, so I’m just leaving it clean. It’s a rather mild month, so I don’t feel the need to separate some of it out so I don’t feel lost looking at one “planner”.

My month is very laid back, as you can see. Mostly bills, work, off, sleep, and minor stuff so I don’t just lay around all day going crazy 3 days in.

What’s your month looking like? Let me know!

Book Review: What Have You Done?

I’ve done a lot of reading lately. Well, via Audible. I’m in the middle of a 5 book series, that I’ll be sharing a BIG review on, once I’m done with the series.

This time though, I’m doing one on the book “What Have You Done” by Matthew Farrell. And even though the “about this book” section gives a good bit of info, THAT END THOUGH is something else.

It’s very much a “who needs enemies when you have family” book. Family drama, murder, and revenge cheating.

When a mutilated body is found hanging in a seedy motel in Philadelphia, forensics specialist Liam Dwyer assumes the crime scene will be business as usual. Instead, the victim turns out to be a woman he’d had an affair with before breaking it off to save his marriage. But there’s a bigger problem: Liam has no memory of where he was or what he did on the night of the murder.
Panicked, Liam turns to his brother, Sean, a homicide detective. Sean has his back, but incriminating evidence keeps piling up. From fingerprints to DNA, everything points to Liam, who must race against time and his department to uncover the truth—even if that truth is his own guilt. Yet as he digs deeper, dark secrets come to light, and Liam begins to suspect the killer might actually be Sean…
When the smoke clears in this harrowing family drama, who will be left standing?

Is that not convincing? You can read AND listen to it for free on Kindle Unlimited and Audible (make sure to have the Kindle Unlimited subscription and the Kindle app, and the Audible app. Download the book to the Kindle app, and tap on the book settings, and there you can access the Audible version, which will open up in that app).

The audio book is 9 hours long, which includes credits to the author and storyteller. This is one of the shorter books I’ve listened to, but still rather good.

If you like crime and mystery, you’ll love this book. I forgot how much I missed crime and mystery type books, until reading this and the series I’m still reading.

What books have you been reading lately? I’d love to know, to add to my ever growing list of book inspo!