Life Experience: Removing Your Wisdom Teeth Out at 23

So 2 weeks ago, I finally got my wisdom teeth out. A week ago, I got the stitches out. And 2 weeks from now, I go back in for my last check up, to make sure that my gums are healed correctly. If you haven’t gone to get those suckers out, there’s 4-5 appointments total for them, depending on if you get dissovable stitches or not.

I had 5 total, from the x-ray at my dentist office, to see which wisdom teeth I had (you can not have all 4), to the surgery, to the check ups. For the record, in my experience, it’s not as bad as you want to hype yourself up for. Trust me, I went there before my surgery. Now you don’t have to!

The first thing you have to do, when you think/feel/see that you need to get your wisdom teeth removed, is get to your regular dentist (or find one, and make friends with them).

If you’re still a minor, and living with your parents, talk to them to get you that appointment (if you want to be on good terms with your parents, and want to build some “adult skills”: get your dentist’s number from them, look at your schedule [if you work, your school schedule, extra-curriculars, and other life events], ask your parents’ schedule over the next month, and what would be a good day or days to make an appointment).

In my case, I was having off and on “teething” pain for years, I figured that since my teeth weren’t moving, I wasn’t in blinding agony from the pain, and I didn’t see them coming in, when being that person while in my bathroom at home. Earlier this year, while being that person, I did see that my right bottom wisdom tooth was making herself known: I saw her *side* (haha).

I made an appointment with my dentist (okay, so this was the first time in forever I’ve been to the dentist, and my first time as an adult, so I had to do all of it on my own). They cleaned my teeth, looked at if I needed any other work done (which, thank god, I still have perfectly healthy teeth…still no work done to my “regular” teeth!), and they did the x-ray to see which wisdom teeth I had, and which ones they were. I had only the bottom 2.

After that, they gave me options of local surgeons that they (and other people) liked. I asked the receptionist which one she found was most popular/she liked. She mentioned the closest one, and I made my second good call. The first was going with my dentist. I rather like him, and my man even likes him (compared to the place he used to go to…that’s a half a story, not meant for here).

I made the call to the surgeon’s office, and went to the appointment. Before that, I dove into too much research, that I could. At the initial appointment, you go over what they’re looking at doing, and what might happen, and all those things that have a small percentage of happening. After that, it’s setting up the appointment for the surgery.

At this point, they should ask how far under you want to go. I personally went half under. Yes, you get an IV drip for it, but I didn’t get laughing gas.

Post that, it’s the waiting game until the surgery. I had to wait pretty much 2 months for my surgery. I’m assuming it’s not too much different wherever you’re at (at least here in the States). But when you get there, you might be somewhat anxious (which is OK!), but the drugs do work, and the risk of anesthesia awareness is small (1 in almost 20,000 people, or .01% of people).

For me, it was a matter of maybe 20-30 seconds from insertion of the IV, to them opening the drip, to where you’re “passed out”. Then a half hour or so later (depending on how many teeth you have coming out…even if they have to drill, like they did with one of mine), you wake up, and they’ll give you something to drink and ask how you feel.

After that, you (and your ride) will go to the pharmacy, and put in the script for your antibiotics (so you don’t get sick…your mouth is dirtier than you think), pain meds, and an oral rinse that you’re supposed to use for a week after surgery.

All I have to say is REST after surgery. When you feel the need to sleep, for the love that is is good and holy, SLEEP GIRL SLEEP.  Take it easier than you want to (or think, prior to surgery) for 24-36 hours post surgery, depending on how you feel. You’ll want all that rest, as it’s not so much the near 24 hours post surgery that suck, it’s the almost week after.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m no doctor or pharmacist, this is just from my personal experience, and being surrounded by people who had many oral surgeries.

When you get home from surgery, take some Motrin or an anti-inflammitory over the counter, when you’re able to drink something. Try to milk out those pain meds you were given, by taking Motrin a little before when your “next round” of pain meds are due, and offsetting the time that is on the bottle. Try to keep away from the pain meds for as long as possible right after surgery, and use that Motrin instead. Take 2 or 3 of them, and your future self will thank your post-surgery past self. It’ll come in handy when the real pain sets in, about 2-3 days after surgery.

The pain is more achey pain, and not a harsh pain. An odd tip: massage your jaw. It’ll help with getting that pain away, and getting that mobility back, so you can eat “real food” again.

For food, you don’t need as much applesauce and pudding as you think. Another FOR THE LOVE OF ALL GOOD AND HOLY tip: DON’T USE STRAWS for a at least 48-72 hours post surgery. Not from personal experience, but talking with friends, one in particular got a dry socket and was one of the worst experiences for her.

When you feel like you’re ready to start chewing stuff again, be mindful of what you eat. Try to stay away from chewing with your molars. They’re going to be sensitive, let alone you don’t want to bug the stitches too much. Try things like quesdillas or bean and cheese burritos, in bites small enough to give to a toddler trying new foods.

Make sure to do everything at your own pace. Don’t let anyone try to force you to do anything you don’t want to, food or even exercise. You know your body the best, and you know what you need and don’t need to do.

If you’ve had your wisdom teeth taken out, what was your experience? What tips did I miss?


Happy Hiatus

So I unintentionally took a month hiatus/vacation from posting. Not from writing though, let me tell you! I told you guys about my 2 week California trip in so many posts, and I meant to do various posts from it. But here we are, and I suck as a human being.

Since I’ve been back, I just haven’t been able to GYST (getting your sh*t together) back into things either. I flew back on a Monday, and Mondays are my GYST days. I did NOT GYST, even though I had so much down time on the flights. I just watched a half of a season of Game of Thrones and then slept and indulged myself in the presence of the LOML (love of my life) and an old friend.

I then had to somehow get back into reality of having to work, and it’s even harder being a night worker, since I got so used to sleeping at night. Grant it, it was a broken 6-7 hours at most, but trust me, when you’re not used to night sleep, you don’t need much.

Getting back into the work life, I would come home and literally somehow make food, and eat it, and legit pass out. My boyfriend would literally look over and see me in the oddest of positions, passed out. Two weeks later, I’m still fatigued, but I can make it longer before passing out. So I’d say I’m doing better haha.

None of this is me trying to make excuses. I’m just aware of my weaknesses, and wanted to share some backstory of my hiatus. I now know my limits, and will learn from this experience. I’m older, and working a light labor job, and I did a lot during my vacation to keep myself busy and active. I hardly had any “go to bed early and sleep in” nights during my vacation. Since I’ve been back, I’ve been sleeping a lot more because of that.

I wouldn’t have done it any other way though, if you’re wondering. I gained so much, and not just memories and time with my family from this. I became more in tune with myself, and learned a lot about myself, especially while in Anaheim (alone, mind you).

I found more things that I want to implement into my life during this vacation I had. I also learned my limits, like I said earlier. I learned how connected my best friend and I are, and how strong I am, and the power of no. I was reminded of how stress free my home is, and the fact that I’m in such a great place, and those that matter see it, and are so grateful and happy for me.

Now more than ever, even over the last few years, do I feel more aligned with where I’m going. I still feel the tug of needing to improve myself, and there’s so much I need to work on, but I’m right where I need to be.

There’s a point where you yourself may feel the weight of your shadow self and being in your conscious self, that you feel like you’re on the verge of a breakthrough, but it’s taking forever. Engulf yourself in it. That’s exactly where I’m at. I’m 23 almost 24. It may come sooner or later for you, but lean into it. Its hard, I know, I’m there. This is half a pep talk for me right now too.

On a better note, I have my first “actual” cookbook. Those recipes you’ve been seeing? Pinterest or from learning on my own (family recipes, family in general). Within the next couple months, I’ll start sharing some foodie days from there, and when I tweak the recipe, I’ll be sure to let you know. I’m looking forward to that.

Thursday, I’ll do a recap on my vacation, as a throwback post, so be ready!

Plan With Me: June 2018

Disclaimer: I don’t have or use Happy Planner products (well yet…2019 will be that year.). My sister though…check her out on insta. If her cute spreads can’t win you over into even just planning and using planners/schedules, you might want to go get checked out by a professional (haha…but really, who are you?)

Over the last couple years, I’ve been finding my taste. It started in the middle of 2016 really. I had gotten a large calendar, but hadn’t used it. For whatever reason, I started using it as a food planning calendar. I did the same thing for 2017 and 2018. Now I do a spreadsheet first of the month, because it was going tacky, fast.

2017 started my Artist of Life Journey, and I also started tracking when bills were due in a desk calendar. 2018 for the most part has been the same,  but I’ve also added in making sure that I put in family and friends’ birthdays, so I could mail out cards, as well as making sure there was at least a holiday card as well, for everyone.

I also have a whiteboard calendar for my goals, and as of late, writing down when I want to bulk start my posts, as well as adding in when my posts are going live.

YES, I’m turning into one of those. Already? YES ALREADY! Next year I want to do even better. I want to go more all out, while still saving and managing things, so that babe and I can do what we want as well.

I’m highly considering changing up how I do things, when 2019 comes around. But that’s a half a year away, plus I still need to figure out how I want to do it differently, and gathering all of the supplies for it.

All of this is why planning is so important! I know it’s only June but think of next year. Even a card can make someone’s day, for their birthday, their religious holidays, and even just a “thinking of you” when they might be dealing with something, or just as a reminder that you still care.

At the end of last year, I made sure to get some spare holiday cards, as I’m personally not Christian, but know that Christmas is important for a lot of my loved ones. I also made sure that I counted all those I needed birthday cards for, and ordered a box of various birthday cards, for this year.

This is an easy way of planning, and to start writing a cute note inside each card, at least putting your address and a stamp on it, then when it’s about a week out from their birthday, making sure you have the correct mailing address, and all you have to do is mail it out, is so easy, and is a rather simple way of putting a smile on someone’s face.

Anyway, you probably wanted to see how I’m planning one of my busiest months of the year, didn’t you?

For my blog posts, I started this method last month, and have liked it so far. Especially since I’m traveling this month for 2 full weeks, this method is going to work out great, since I only need 3 days of being “online” on my laptop.


What I did, was sketch out what days I wanted to post, which also meant planning out what I actually was posting. Usually I know what I’m posting on each day, but there’s 2 days that could be a conflict, since I am traveling, and am unsure of plans, let alone if I’ll have internet access to upload the review on the day I am planning. Hence what you see on the picture, is what it is.

I’ll be able to write things as they come along, then when I’m online on those three days, I just need to upload the posts, for scheduling.

My other big task is planning out meals, and budgeting. Both are so closely tied, that I’m just saying it at the same time. Now I’m not sharing my actual budget, as that’s just a tad too much.

If you know of a great budgeting planner/notebook let me know! I’ve just been using spreadsheets for each pay (I get paid every other week, right now), and as easy as it’s been, I’d love to try new ways to manage my budget!

Half of the month, for food planning is really sideways for me for June, as I have to plan for babe’s food while I’m gone, as well as my own, for the most part, plus the half of the month where we’re together.

I’m not inserting babe’s food on the calendar, as he can pick and choose what he wants each day, but I have a running list of what needs picked up before I leave, for him.


Past that, it’s a very much “look at the planner”, as during my 2 week vacation, I have a 3 night stay in Yosemite with family, as well as a 4 night stay in Anaheim, and the rest is with my mom.

I won’t share those plans, as you’ll see my posts throughout the month on here, plus on my social medias (insta, FB, Twitter).

So what are some of your plans for June?

Wine Wednesday: Lady Time Update

About 8 months ago, I made the leap into actually getting an IUD inserted. Just over a year ago, I started my birth control journey. I won’t scar you with the horrors I put those I love, and appreciate, let alone myself, through, but my intuition was right.

What do I mean by that? I knew from the get go, that I should’ve done the IUD. Now the one I was eyeballing, and the one I have are not the same. In this aspect, I am glad that the horrible experience I had with a small combination pill, ruined what I felt any incline for adding hormones to my body, like most hormonal contraception does.

Now, go check out my video here on my kind of 6 month update. Bonus if you watch my original video as well!

Obviously I’ve had an IUD in me for longer than 6 months, but with my original one dropping, I felt like an idiot, if I went by the original insertion, and not by my check up 2 months later, because of what happened.

It’s worked fine for me since, and my body has become more used to it. This last period was the most normal period I’ve had yet. So if you do land up with a replacement IUD, I would say go by the new insertion date, and base your symptoms on that, rather than the initial insertion.

You’re body goes into a little bit of shock with new things coming in and going out, even if it is for a brief moment. So please take care of your body, and be nice to her, as she’s trying to figure out what the hell you just did to her.

My video is going to go better into depth of what had happened in my case, and some of my suggestions on what to do in the situation, post it, and during periods while having a non-hormonal IUD, regardless if you had an issue like mine happen, or if it worked out fine from the get go.

Welcome to the Story of a Millennial

Let me introduce myself to the world of the internet: My name is Ri. I’m a mid twenty-something with a dream of getting out of my retail work, and into something different down the road. I have a dreamer’s mentality, while in the midst of working in a small town USA store.

I love all things animals, and have an infinity for the canine family and owls. Cooking is a half hobby, and photography is another work in progress for me. I adore all things planning and organizing, so if you’re in need of any of those things, or to learn about them, you’ve come to the right place.

This blog is my writing outlet, as I want to share life through my own lens, as a rural girl who is interested in just as many things as a dog’s nose is.

Feel free to go follow my social media sites. I post plenty of pictures on Insta and Facebook, and Tweet sporadically.