Book Review: Anxious, Depressed, and Joyful by Sierra Mafield

Disclaimer: I paid for this product, I was not asked to review it for my money (as in, I’m sharing and reviewing out of my own free will, because I feel like this might help at least one person), and unless noted/updated, I don’t have a discount code for you. But this ebook is only $17, and it does help a female small business owner/entrepreneur.

I paid for the product myself, in honor of helping her, as well as helping small businesses take off from the ground. Sierra is such a stunning young woman, and if you can help her via buying this, her future work, or currently helping her take care of her and her boyfriend’s dog Izzy (torn doggy version of the ACL), please visit her website here, or the GoFundMe for their doggo.

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So for the proper post, this is all about Sierra’s FIRST EVER eBook! I’m so here for it, that I spent $10 of my hard earned money on it! She deserves it, and I know, I used the coupon code on it, but she still deserves money for HER HARD WORK on it!

If you’re wondering what’s going on, Sierra’s ebook is ALL ABOUT mental health and striving to find things that ACTUALLY WORK. Past the pills, past the fluff of “take a bath 3 times a week” or “Eat xyz foods” or “Don’t do this, this, and that”. Things that work for mental health is as diverse and as unique to the person that has the mental health issues! So a medicine that works for one person, doesn’t work for the next, from dosage to even the type of medicine itself.

We need to get back to more homeopathic and natural type of treatments, like reducing stress and finding balance, but like Sierra says, medicine has its place, for those who truly benefit from it.

Sierra’s ebook covers a lot of this hands on, with an “insert response here” approach, to see where you can personally improve, and see where medicine or therapy can compliment you, and you don’t have to be so co-dependent on medicine, but have it truly help you along your journey.

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Improving yourself and your mental health doesn’t come from a place of hatred and self-doubt.

YASSS QUEEN. This is something that has stumped me while I’ve tried to grow and overcome my past, my issues, and my head-talk. You won’t have a better relationship with yourself if you beat yourself up over every negative thing you say about yourself, or over whatever you’re anxious or depressed about! It’ll take you nowhere but leaving you where you began, if not maybe worse off.

You must make a conscious choice to create your happiness. It’s your job! And I’m not talking about material things, here. I’m talking about your emotions, your career, the people you spend time with, and what journey you will take in this life to really create your joy.

YAS. Find out what makes you happy. It’s trial and error, and it’s okay to try things, just to find out that it’s not your cup of tea. And you can like something, and not want to do it day in and day out either. It can be a monthly activity, a quarterly thing, a spuraticly done thing, whatever.

Happiness is work, and so is having mental illness! I’ve been there, and probably will revisit my mental illness many times before my life comes to a close. Sierra shares that yes, it won’t go completely away, but instead of waking up each day waiting for it to come, take each day by the nuts and go with it! If you have an hour with mental illness effecting you, let it be. Your afternoon went to shit? Give yourself the space, but come back to happiness. Don’t live in your mental illness, live with it!

In part two, Sierra starts to share some tools to help you work with your mental illness. She starts off with goal setting, which is awesome. We need structure even more so, if we have mental health problems. Yes, that may even include medication and therapy visits, because both can work, and do work for a lot of people.


Therapy and medication should be complimentary to your efforts on managing your mental illness, and will never hinder your progress on understanding yourself and your MI. Don’t let anyone shame you for seeking help, using medication, or not using either. No exceptions, no excuses, nothing!

One thing I really appreciate in this part, is that Sierra shares a handful of goal and intention oriented questions, to get you clearer on what it is that could end up bringing you happiness. This is so helpful, because we do get so lost in our mental illness, that we can’t even bring ourselves to know what questions to even ask, let alone how to answer them.

The questions aren’t just “how do you want to feel?” or “what’s your dream job?”. It’s “What do you want to accomplish outside of having a dream job?” and “Do you want to travel? Where to?”

Her next motion for you to do, after answering these questions, is to feel through them. Start to manifest your dream life by sitting with your answers, which are your future! I truly believe in the power of manifestation, and that is exactly what these questions do, is guide you into a positive manifestation mindset.

After that, and she makes it known that you can, and more like should, take a breather, but to make those answers a reality. Make attainable action plans for them. SO. IMPORTANT. Manifesting isn’t all just absent minded, wishful thinking. It’s setting intentions, throwing it out into the universe, then doing what you need to do to get that damn ball rolling so you do land up manifesting what you want for your life, and out of your life!

I really like that she emphasizes the “make it into bite-sized chunks” so that it doesn’t send your mental illness into a frenzy, but something manageable!

Next, she dives into triggers for your mental illness. We have to plan, and know, what our triggers are, in order to heal and manage our mental illness. In a way, this helps your goal planning, and keeping you in-the-know when it comes to what might set you back, if left unchecked.

Knowing your triggers will help you heal and move past them (sometimes, yes, it’ll only to be a certain extent, but still, what you need and can heal from, will help you in your mental health journey. Yes, it might take years too, and that’s more than okay!)

Triggers can branch into even the people you surround yourself with. You don’t need to completely cut someone out of your life, but you can limit time with them, or create boundaries (or reshape the boundaries really) with those who aren’t doing yourself the highest good. One thing to do, is have a good heart-to-heart with them, and if a good middle ground can’t be obtained, then limiting your time with them (or if it’s so bad, cutting them out of your life) is something you’ll need to do.

Now for everyone’s favorite section: practicing self love and self care. But you have to do it right and very mindfully! This section is a PREACH GIRL, PREACH section for me, even though I struggle with finding that self care balance and routine. Your girl right here KNOWS that struggle bus like you wouldn’t believe!

Having, and sorting out, self-care practices is totally needed, and having a list somewhere of what you can do, is helpful. There’s those days where you’re more in the mood for one type of self care than another, and sometimes you know you’re not feeling another type of self care, and vibing with that, and having a list of things you can do will help SO MUCH!

Part of self care is having personal forgiveness and grace! YAS to all of it. We have forgotten personal grace, and that effects how we treat ourselves and others. Self care and grace helps us deal with others better, and situations as well.

Here is where Sierra shares some tips to get you out of your head space, and into the world of getting better, and living with mental illness. From journaling and learning, to gratitude.

Practicing gratitude will help ground you, and help create better thinking patterns. I find that it helps when you feel like you’re going down that depression rabbit hole. It’s not an “end all be all” cure to it, but it helps me get out of the funk faster, and it helps make it not so emotionally deep.

Journaling is one of Sierra’s hallmark staples. She even thinks that if you don’t like journaling or don’t feel the need for it, you’re thinking of it wrong. Journaling should be a release, a brain dump, but it’s also a brain dump! Make action plans to help you feel better, and think better there, instead of JUST venting.

Then, another good exercise for you, that she recommends, is to look back on your entries! You’ll learn more about yourself: triggers, habits, and how you handle things (and where you can improve, whether its having that heart-to-heart conversation and setting boundaries, to not allowing yourself to drink more than a glass of wine on stressful work days).

She even gives you 30 prompts to get you started, if you need help overcoming the daunting task of journaling. How nice of her!

Now, the backbone of helping you thrive with mental illness: daily routines! Morning and/or night time routines help us all. Just like brushing your teeth twice a day, implementing routines will keep the brain better equipped to handle some sh*t.

This is where she mentions adding in even just one act of self care into your routine, and take baby steps into working them into your life. Like one new habit each week, that you want to have in your routine. It can be even as simple as showering each day (like even just getting in the shower, and only washing your body. Trust me on that one, depression makes even showering a self care act in my book!).

Everything I’ve learned from having mental illnesses, and being surrounded with people with mental illnesses, is that it’s just apart of life. It’s all about the overall reaction, from how you handle the day to day, to how you handle changing jobs, if you decide to marry and have kids, to going to this or that event. You can accept your mental illness and deal with it, and plan on how to deal with events, based on your mental illness and energy levels from it.

There’s no “one size fits all/most” thing. I hope to share all what I can, to help give ideas for everyone out there, hence why I’m writing about this.

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Blog 2 Bank Review: 5 Day Facebook Challange

Yes, I’m still on Facebook. My personal page has turned into a recipe diary, animal videos, and a diary of when I do finally get to/decide to do things. I’m mostly involved in dog groups (living vicariously right now…one day babe and I will get a house to get ALL OF THE PUPPERS), cooking groups, among other groups. I’ve gotten into lifestyle groups lately, as well as a few blog groups, to see what that’s like.

Last week, in one of those groups. I think, someone shared that they were doing the Blog to bank 5 day challenge. So what did I do? Joined it. I looked at the daily emails, which had the general gist for each day, plus a few questions for self reflection on your own blog, relating to the topic of the day.

Each day had a little bit of a different theme, and sort of built on each other, but were good stand alone topics. It spanned from focusing on your niche to an email list, to where you wanted your end goal in mind, so you could work backwards, and make money on it.

The creator was Rachel Ngom (yea, try pronouncing that one guys!) from She’s Making an Impact. No I’m not sponsored to make this review (but I would be down for future ones, no lie!), but I just did it, to see what I could get out of it. One of my favorite little things from at least the email part, is her cute little titles for each day.


Here’s what I got out of this free 5 day challenge, that was more a reflection series and learning series than anything:

-There’s always room to be more specific for your audience.
-Don’t be afraid to share parts of your story! Even if it may be a little off from your content, you can always make your story relateable!
-Have both a why and an end goal/ideal end in mind. It’ll help you through your unmotivated days, and when the haters want to hate.
-I got 4 ideas for blogs just from the questions, plus some other inspiration for future posts! (Expect them starting in November!)
-Ideas for upgrade-able content/sell-able content (free or paid worksheets, for here and on Etsy, easy access meal ideas, and the like)
-The most profitable way to earn money on a blog, is by offering a course/program. I’m thinking about a podcast/audio only version for cooking/recipes.


Would you guys like an audio version of a cook book where there was an art gallery of the meals? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to know, truly.

Product Review: Legendary Marketer’s $30/Month Program

So for the last month (well, 30 days as of this past Tuesday…) I’ve been trying out this YouTube “success” program for online businesses from Legendary Marketer. It comes off as one of those MLM things, but with the money back guarantee before the 30 days is up, I figured why not? See what it does for me (or doesn’t…I’m still a baby here…any help can be good help, right?! Maybe…)

I also got an “8 Simple Steps to Affiliate Marketing Riches” PDF for FREE. It’s 12 pages long, with ALL OF THE GRAPHICS. The program was $30 for 30 days’ access, advertized as a dollar a day. They have a one time deal upon the countless minutes of video watching (which I’m sure they make so much money off of, if you watch so much of it), for half off the annual fee ($150 or so, instead of $300+).

The AD (adverts) influencer part of it, I can see where the MLM type comes into play. Whether you’re starting your own MLM or apart of one (like itWorks comes to mind), this is what helps you get more out of the MLM, than just harassing the same old friends, who might be on a steady decrease of buying your products (for financial reasons, or tired of the products/seeing no real change that they could substitute with something else.).

The above reason, is why I chose not to tap into that program, quite yet. Plus it is $50 and I want to see how the regular program works for me (which is this review), before even touching that one.

So let’s dive into the easiest part first: the 12 page PDF that I got for free.

It’s all about affiliate marketing, and the 7 steps he feels that make making money off of it, well, easier. The benefits of it is that affiliate marketing allows for a residual income (passive income), which is something I’ve heard about a lot while on my budgeting and credit journey. I’ve only more recently become more interested in passive income, and how to go about starting to get passive income, as of recently.

Nathan goes on to suggest that with affiliate marketing, that you should always pick something that you’re interested in, because then you won’t get burnt out on it. The next big thing he shares, is that one should focus in on one platform to market on, such as Facebook, YouTube, or even a blog like this one and share it out.

One can’t forget to say that your brand is what could make or break a deal. Why? Because if people like you and know you, they’ll be more comfortable with buying what you’re selling. But if not, then you’re going to go nowhere, fast.

Next he shares that it’s okay to tweak how you do something, as you may find that something may work for you just a hair better. But don’t forget the last thing he just said! Make sure you’re still authentic and you haven’t completely compromised your brand.

The last thing he mentions, is that you should never stop learning and growing. He also reminds us that we are the average of the 5 people we’re around the most.

So that’s the PDF for you, summed up. Now, I’ll kind of sum up what the rest of it’s like.

You get near daily emails from the team at Legendary Marketer. There’s frequent webinars, a live 15 minute call each weekday, for “high impact content” as they say on the website, and you get a personal coach as well.

The first issue I have with the program, is the fact that you HAVE to call the coach to unlock the next video. I’m not 5 mom, is how I feel. I get and like the fact that you have a coach, but I DON’T LIKE PHONE CALLS and isn’t there this thing called emailing still around? Or having a messenger type service in the program?

Plus, they only have certain time slots, which makes sense since each coach has so many clients. But for a 10 minute phone call, and being someone who would only call in the morning, the first time I looked at the available times my coach had, they were evening times, and there was only the Thursday and Friday that week that had openings. There was no options I could select for the following week, even though you saw the calendar go past the end of the week.

Wine Wednesday: Lady Time Update

About 8 months ago, I made the leap into actually getting an IUD inserted. Just over a year ago, I started my birth control journey. I won’t scar you with the horrors I put those I love, and appreciate, let alone myself, through, but my intuition was right.

What do I mean by that? I knew from the get go, that I should’ve done the IUD. Now the one I was eyeballing, and the one I have are not the same. In this aspect, I am glad that the horrible experience I had with a small combination pill, ruined what I felt any incline for adding hormones to my body, like most hormonal contraception does.

Now, go check out my video here on my kind of 6 month update. Bonus if you watch my original video as well!

Obviously I’ve had an IUD in me for longer than 6 months, but with my original one dropping, I felt like an idiot, if I went by the original insertion, and not by my check up 2 months later, because of what happened.

It’s worked fine for me since, and my body has become more used to it. This last period was the most normal period I’ve had yet. So if you do land up with a replacement IUD, I would say go by the new insertion date, and base your symptoms on that, rather than the initial insertion.

You’re body goes into a little bit of shock with new things coming in and going out, even if it is for a brief moment. So please take care of your body, and be nice to her, as she’s trying to figure out what the hell you just did to her.

My video is going to go better into depth of what had happened in my case, and some of my suggestions on what to do in the situation, post it, and during periods while having a non-hormonal IUD, regardless if you had an issue like mine happen, or if it worked out fine from the get go.

Book & Services Review: Design Your Ideal Life

Before giving up Facebook for 2 months, over Lent and what would become the tail end of Mercury’s first retrograde of 2018 (lent starting on Valentine’s day, Mercury will go into retrograde on March 22nd. Lent ends on April Fool’s day this year, April 1st, and Mercury retrograde ends on April 15th. source), I noticed in a “#promotuesday” in one of my Facebook groups, to read and receive a 25 page book titled “Design Your Ideal Life” and 12 page complimentary worksheets  by Jaclyn Tyson.

From her website, she describes herself as: a mother, wife, social worker, parent educator, and entrepreneur. She’s been on an intentional journey for 11 years now. 11 YEARS! She’s like myself, who loves writing, and found it her go-to and quoted “safe space to reflect”, as she continues on her About Me section on her multi-functional website, where she blogs, self promotes, and shares her journey.

I appreciate her reaching out to 5 people, one of which was myself, that day, to give a free copy of bother her short read book (in PDF format), plus 12 WHOLE PAGES of worksheets that went along with the book she created. This values at over $25 USD.

With that, I also got one free consultation, which I booked for February 20th, at 9 am. Even though I’m writing this review later than I wanted to, I’m still making it in time for that consultation (grant it, by mere hours, but hey- it’s done!)

The consultation lasted an hour, and while messaging with her prior to the session, she mentioned that although she allows for an hour of back and forth conversations, sometimes it lasts less, depending on what the person needs, and how much back story there is with her and the client. Especially being a “new client”, plus having a free session, she shared a little with me at the end, of what she offers outside of her book and writing prompts on her website.

She has 3 different packages, and just as many ways to pay her. For the month of February, she said that everything is half off, no matter how you pay. HALF OFF. Get on it! The first two are very similar, the main difference is how it’s laid out over time. The first one is over 6 weeks, and the second is over 3 months. So in both you get 6 hour long sessions, plus a long list of other things. The 6 week program is every week, and the 3 month is every other week. The last package operates like the 3 month package, but is 6 months long, and you get 12 hour long sessions with her.

To get the half off deal (only 7 more days to get it!) click here.

Now to start with the actual book review! It was a short read-25 pages. But don’t think it actually took a mere hour to go through! I totally advise to add the worksheets Jackie created, as like any exercise in a book: it makes the book that much better, worth your money, and you’ll get so much more out of it as well.

Personally, a lot of it is a lot like most other generic self development type things, but the nice contrast that I see in this work (book and worksheets), is the fact that Jackie says to go through your interests, and see if you do them just because you feel obligated to do them (due to family, society, etc), or if you’re actually doing it because you enjoy doing it. She details even down to your profession. You wouldn’t think such a thing, with as short as this book is, but really-she goes there!

She does say that physically writing on the worksheets make it more useful in her opinion (and partial design), which in a way, I can totally see that. I have things that I like physically writing (my gratitude journal, my habit tracker in my Artist of Life Workbook [shop here], the end of the month reflections in there as well). My only complaint on the worksheets is that it’s not editable in Adobe, to make things a little easier. I’m not sure if it was just on my end, using Adobe Reader Touch (I believe it’s free…my version is free anyway), or if it’s not editable (has regions where it’s editable).

Overall, it’s totally worth it, and I would recommend both the book and the accompanying worksheets.

To learn more about other things she offers, go to her website, and check out her Self-Love Starter Kit! And don’t forget about the half off deal for her coaching sessions!