Self Care Sundays: Quarter 3 of 2018 Review

We’re entering the last quarter of 2018, so to keep up with routine, I want to keep at least this: the quarter review and keeping up here, and keeping transparency.

I’ll be the first to say and admit, that I fail on goals. I slack on them as well. Lately, I’ve been working on forgiving myself on this manner. I just hope that you all give me some slack on my goals, since I’m just as human as you are.

With that, let’s dive into how I did in Quarter 3. It’s not the best, where I wanted to be, but it’s where I needed to be.

So let’s dog on me for not reading and reviewing my books on here right away.

Playlist for this review:
Uptown Funk
Old Fashioned

If you don’t know, or didn’t remember, I’m doing Lavendaire’s brand of the annual workbook. It helps structure goals, helps you think and create goals in areas where you might forget to, and in my mind, allows you to work a little each year, quarter, and month on goals you want to accomplish.

In the workbook, there’s a monthly, quarterly, half year, and annual review. It’s a great look book, personally, to help you stay on track, and see what you did throughout the month, quarter, and year.

The next one like this that I’ll be doing, will be a 2018 review!

So what am I proud of that I did this past quarter? Well, I started my $100 a pay savings, went to 2 concerts, did some self love retail purchasing, and got my wisdom teeth out.

How have I done on my goals, and what have I learned? Well I planned like I wanted to, I did a social media detox and worked on bettering a plan for when I do take social media breaks. I did something simple for my birthday (2 dates, one with my lovely boyfriend and one with my dad and stepmom.). The main thing I didn’t get to do/put much effort to, was the monthly reading.

For lessons I’ve learned, is that my gut knows a lot, and time will tell with what your gut knows. I should also pace myself on goals, and allow myself to re-evaluate them as needed.

What am I most excited for, moving forward for the last quarter of the year? Doing more reviews, getting into themed blogging (Blogtober, Blogsgiving, and 12 days of Blogmas). Also, working on some home goals that I wanted to do this year, especially for the colder times (making it more cozy and personally festive). I am also wanting to take some time to work on some basics for here, for ya’ll like a little list you can keep on your fridge for budget/time friendly meals that’ll make you feel better, even long term, mentally.

What do you guys have planned for the last quarter of 2018? How have you done so far this year on goals and projects? Let me know!

Retail Talk: Surviving Back To School Through New Years

Unless you’re apart of my immediate life, you may not know what my “day job” is. For the past 5 years, I’ve been doing overnight retail. As someone who has worked this field, I feel strongly that everyone should work retail or food service, preferably both, and in food service, there’s so much that you need to do. Be apart of wait staff, cook or be a bus boy (girl…we all know the term really isn’t sexist, let’s be real), or work any part of retail (cashier-ing, stocking), and I don’t care what shift. You’ll learn so much from the service industry.

It’ll also make you feel dead inside, while also making you want to shake your head, as well as the customer/patron at points. If you’ve worked either, you know exactly how that feels.

Seeing as we’re just past the Back to School season, I wanted to share some tips on how to survive this season (the last trimester of the year…August through December). I’d like to think some of my tips can help those in the food industry as well as my field of retail work, but I hope that anyone in any field can at least take something away from this survival guide of sorts.

I’m only speaking from the retail experience, so mind my bias, and take what you can, if you’re not in this field of work.

Here’s some basic tips, I’d love to share:

Have A Night-time Routine.

Whether your nights are in the PM or the AM, have a night time routine. Most people consider their night time routine to start sometime after dinner, and everyone is different in when they start it. Even what we do for our night time routine is different.

This is something I’ve fluctuated with for awhile now. My bedtime is 1 pm, personally. I work nights, and depending on the day, I can go to bed earlier or later, but my focus is getting the rest I need.

In the summer I need more rest, as I don’t get the darkness sleep that I should and need to get. I am introverted and don’t care for the heat, so being indoors is more beneficial for me. Plus I’m red-headed and have light skin, so I’m sure my skin thanks me for not torturing myself in the sun!

In the winter, as much as you’d think I’d want to sleep more, being as the “day” is shorter, I do, but I don’t. Growing up, I loved being an early riser. I was that cliche cartoon watcher at 6 or 7 am on the weekends. I didn’t really need to get up too early on weekdays, as my morning routines as a kid wasn’t too much. But I’d watch the Golden Girls or Mama’s Family on my mom’s bedroom TV, as she noticed I’d watch (she’d keep the TV on to sleep), then I’d do basic things like brush my teeth, or do my hair as the show went on, or during the commercial breaks.

As I got older, I noticed I liked the late evenings as well. I became a napper. I’d go to bed “early” or take a nap, and get up and do homework, more so in high school. Some of it was me aging, and not liking the heat, as well as the fact that I was introverted, could sidetrack easily, and needed that quiet focus to attempt to learn or do homework.

Lately, I’ve been trying out different things, but I’ve noticed that 1 pm seems to be a good aim for bed, so if I’m more tired that day, I can go to bed at noon or 12:30, and if I’m not (like today), 1 is good, and so is moments after, no later than 1:15.

Have a morning routine:

It’s okay if your workday routine is different than the weekend (or what we call weekend, in the service industry). Mine is totally different even!

My work one is super basic, since it’s not only retail, but overnight retail. They’re lucky I show up in pants haha! Kidding!

I do a little pampering, but no makeup and negative things on hair. It takes me 15 minutes to get ready, outside of what our lunch may or may not take each day. But the pampering helps make me feel like a human, versus an “I don’t even know what” species.

My weekend wake-ups involve a lot of laying around, enjoying the comforts of my bed, for maybe too long, stretching, and maybe dosing back off for 10 minutes. So feel free to have a work and a day off variant of the wake up, and even if you want to do the same to the night routine, go ahead (like a hair mask, sit in the tub or Jacuzzi if you’re that lucky, with some wine/sparkling wine, and throw a face mask on).

Leave Work at Work

This is something I’ve been doing for the last handful of months, and boy, is this something everyone forgets! It’s okay to have a convo once you get home, especially when you and your spouse or roomie work different jobs. But with that convo (or when you hit that *I’m in the car, and going home* moment), be done with the work day there. Even if it means you grab a tea from *insert shoppe here…Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, local place you get your made-to-go tea or morning coffee* or a baby bottle of wine/sparkling wine from the store for you (or you and your roomie/partner).

Trust me on this: it’s a process, and each day (or each bad day, once you get the “usual” day under wraps) is it’s own. Grab some comfort food, that’s easy to deal with, when you go grocery shopping (or have the always ready go-to foods on your phone, and swing by the store, so you can feel what food mood you’re in, and not buy the whole store) (BTW: can I start the Food Mood trend?!)

I feel the need to manage my “shit day”/emotional eating issues, but if you need that Taco Bell order, you get that Taco Bell order (I wish Postmates would come to my small ass town…)

Do Something You Like

I binge watch YouTube. Tell me you don’t….I want to see your history! I watch YouTube as I’m cooking and usually eating as well. Sometimes (usually Sunday or Monday mornings), I go down a slight rabbit hole. The rest of the week is just catching up on certain people’s uploads.

If you’re new here, I also love to cook. It’s not a difficult task for me, so watching videos of something not related to my work and what I’m making is hardly a struggle.

I also have this blog. I really enjoy writing and love an outlet. I’ve journeled, done habit trackers, and am/have been doing the Artist of Life Workbook, which includes journaling prompts and reflections for the quarter and month, which helps me in all I want to do.

Personally, I have a few other ideas I want to stick my toe in. I have a couple book ideas, and something I don’t know how I want to format, but it’s a good idea, from what I gathered from a general twitter poll.

If you have something you’re gifted in, share in the comments! I plan on trying out sewing after I get a machine later this year. Literally shame me if I don’t, please!

Find Something To Do:

This is where I suggest guilty pleasures. Most people frown apon this. I personally, at this point of my life, do not care. I’m in retail and have a dead soul. Ice cream, food in general, fancy alcohol (or moderately priced on a Wednesday), video games, or TV/movies, it’s all okay. Enjoy yourself and unwind some.

Your day/week/month/year may consist of a lot of work (how you make money, and work on yourself or the apartment/house you have), but why should we kill ourselves to be miserable? Let’s be real: a cute trinket or seasonal garment is very in the moment.

It helps some, sure, but let’s be easy and frank at the same time: not everything has to be work work work. Work at the job, work on myself, work on the house/apartment, work on this or that. How exhausted are you?

More than you think, or even want to admit. Adulting sucks, I’ve realized in my “6 years” of it. We all joke about wanting a refund, but what do we do day to day, to make it bearable?

As cliche as it sounds, Treat Yo’ Self sounds great here. Find something silly, something totally ditsy, but something that makes you happy. Not even something like gaming or shopping, because that’ll make you more frustrated and guilty than you think.

Sure all guilty pleasures make you this way. But do something that truly makes you happy, outside of the mentality of winning (winning the round, the monthly score, appearing well off or fashionable, seem luxurious, or even trying to one up someone).

If gaming relaxes you, cool, go play Minecraft, Sims, or Pinball.  If you like technology, watch Sony’s, Apple’s, or Microsoft’s Keynote Events every year (I did with Apple this year and last’s). I haven’t had an Apple product in years. But it’s inspiring, and I’m curious to see what they’re doing. There’s no real reason to it, other than fascination.

Learn the Pattern

This is the total opposite of what I just said. But if you know retail’s habits, especially within the same company, it won’t make you so anxious. Learn to go with the flow, and learn the pattern as well. Then you’ll know what to expect.

Ask someone you feel somewhat close with, on what the next change might be like (Back to school, to Halloween, to *kind of fall*, to Well hello there winter Christmas New Year!).

When I started, knowing the gist of things helped. Now that I’m a seasoned worker, I truly strive to help my newer coworkers on anything retail, let alone holiday retail.

Since I didn’t have someone like myself when I got hired, I made myself that person. I’ve had a handful of people now, come up to me and talk to me about issues of this or that, and mention how much I’ve helped them, and they feel so comfortable coming up to me with a “I feel stupid asking this…but…” question. If I don’t know, I find out, or reference them to someone, and I follow up, and find out for myself, so I can help the next person that might ask something like that.

I don’t know where this saying came from, but I truly love it: Always be a learner. Even if you’ve heard the lecture before, or the topic before, there’s always something you can learn from it.

Get a Work Bestie/Wife/Husband:

This is so odd, but it’ll truly help. You don’t need to actually be romantically involved with the “wife” or “husband”, but the basis is all the same: find someone you vibe with, and it’ll make the season at least a little more bearable.

And for the record: YES, YOU CAN HAVE A GROUP. Also: YES, YOU CAN BE ROMANTICALLY INVOLVED (fine print: unless your work contract says otherwise, go for it boo!).

Have someone or a few people you click with, not only makes the stressful months less stressful and alone, but even the dead months more enjoyable too! Plus you have easier access to someone who knows the job, when you need a relate-able person to vent to.


Try having a cook out, a dessert bar, or a “bring a plate, get a plate” lunch at work, if you can. My job does this once a quarter, then a Thanksgiving and a Christmas meal as well. Sometimes the workers will throw in ones throughout the year as well, for whatever cause. Especially if your work doesn’t do even close to what mine does, I suggest starting it yourself!

Do something nice for your coworkers, like holiday cards. You don’t have to gift, but even the thought and the card is great for a lot of people.



I’ve given a lot of tips, and I hope that it helps. I don’t know what I missed, but if I did, comment and let me know!

What do you do during the hectic months of retail? Are you going to try any of my tips this year? Let me know about that too!

Vacation with Me: Yosemite Summer 2018

If you haven’t seen my plan with me’s of June and 2018 CA Vacation, I suggest you check those two out. They’ll give you some insight in where I’m at now.

So for 2 full days, I joined my mom, and her parents on a Yosemite trip. This is the reason why I made my way from the East Coast, to the West Coast over a 2 week vacation. We drove for one day, and will take the scenic route home, so I can look over all of Yosemite. It’ll be worth the extra time to get back to Sunny Southern California.

The first day, we visited ALL OF THE WATERFALLS. Well, not all, but we spent our day looking around Yosemite falls and Brideveil Falls. My grandpa and I did most of the exploring, which meant that we did over 8,000 steps each, and over 4 miles of walking. “For what?” you may ask. Well, the scenery and photography. He’s the one (other than my dad) that got me into photography.

The second day, we visited Glacier Point and the Redwoods. I trailed up to Grizzly Giant tree, and my grandpa made it up to the Bachelor and Three Graces trees. My mom and grandma did the loop trail, which showed off the Fallen Monarch tree.

On the way back down to SoCal, we went through the middle of the park, and did the last little bit of sight-seeing. If you want to see my photos, come follow me on Insta!

Have you been to Yosemite? If you have, what all have you seen? If not, where would you like to see, if you had a weekend getaway?

Last Imaginary Life: An Interior/House Designer

So for the last 10 weeks, over every other Sunday, I’ve been sharing 5 imaginary or fantasy lives, from one of Aileen Xu’s videos/Artist of Life suggested journaling prompts.

This is my last one of this series. So if you haven’t checked out the other 4, go do so!

I’ve always loved decorating. I love moving things around. Ask anyone who has lived with me longer than 6 months. I’m always wanting to add things, move things, and anything in between.

Most of it, I believe stems from moving so much, growing up. Really, moving in general pretty frequently, as I’m not even 24 yet and I’ve moved 9 times! That’s on average about every 2-3 years!

No, I’m not a military brat either. I just have divorced parents.

I haven’t actually moved in 4 years now, and if all goes well, I’ll be making one big move with babe in the next 5-7 years, and I want it to be my last. Yes, I’m kind of tired of moving. Traveling? Nope. Moving? Yep.

But I do love decorating and re-styling a room. This is where I have this last imaginary life: being a home decorator.

I even have a cute little game on my phone that’s designing rooms for different houses, in different areas and imaginary peoples’ wants.

It’s very simple, and quite girly, but I’d love it! If there were actual money in it, I’d go after it. Maybe I should look more into it, like I am about some other things, including some of my other imaginary lives!

If you’ve been following along, what are 5 of your dream lives? How can you possibly implement them into reality during this life? Do you think (or even see) you could even do one as a full time life?

The Life of a Writer: Imaginary Life of an Author

Sadly, I only have one more Imaginary life after today, to share with you.

Today’s going to be about my dream of writing- and not just writing like I do on here. I’ve loved reading, and have slightly thought of writing my own book one day, but never took too much consideration to it. Over the past several months (not quite a year, but it feels like it sometimes), I’ve been more and more interested in what type of book I would write.

I have a few ideas listed in a note of mine in my cross-platform notes app/website that I use. I won’t share them as I don’t want to spoil anything!

In today’s world, you can go outside of the publishing business, and self publish. I didn’t know that until listening to Aileen’s podcast with Cara Alwill Leyba last summer. Check it out on Google Music,and iTunes. I somewhat looked into it after listening to the podcast, but didn’t do anything past that.

Awhile back, during one of our daddy daughter dates (somewhere in the mess of Easter, I think), my dad and I had talked about it as well, since he was looking into writing a book himself. He got farther into it than I did. He at least started writing the thing!

I was a bad daughter, as I never really read the insert he had written and sent me. I should have. I think I still have it in my email. If not, I’ll ask if he still has it sometime, maybe before I travel next month.

Let’s make an internet pact right here: if I can stick with this blog, regularly like I have, for the next year (until June 2019, let’s put it), I’ll start writing a book. I even put a reminder on my reminder app in my phone!

Part of what Aileen shared in her video that introduced this topic last summer, is that we should try to incorporate some of our ideal lives into our actual life. I’ve already jumped on the band wagon on my photography dreams and cooking.

So I ask again, what are some dream lives of yours? I’d like to hear them!

Happy Mothers YAY

So today is Mother’s Day. So what have you done for your mother for today? It doesn’t have to actually fall on today, but did you do anything for or with her over this weekend? Did you call her or send her a card? I did (well going to, as this goes live as I’m waiting for a reasonable time to call her, being 3 hours time difference).

So in my mom’s card, I put in a gift card for her to spoil herself with.

For my “step-mom”/other mom, I just sent a card. I have potential plans of ice cream, so that’ll be in tow. I’ll sort that out when we get there. I don’t want to give away too much on that.

My maternal grandmother’s card, is very much like my other grandma’s card. Her birthday is just a couple days after Mother’s day this year, so I’ll be sending a birthday card as well, at the same time (different cards and envelopes. for the record.). I have some plans while I’m out in CA that I want to do, but that’ll come when I spill the beans on my trip review and June review/quarter review.

For my paternal grandmother’s card, I really just splurged on the card for her. Like most of my family, a card, or handwritten note is something they are so grateful for, and I’m so happy I have a simple family.

I’m not going to share each card, as I’ve already sealed them and mailed them. Plus, I don’t want to spoil anything that is this cute. I might re-post a picture they send me, but that’ll be to my social media. So follow me on Insta and Twitter if you aren’t already! I don’t do much on Twitter, but I do hop on occasionally.

What have/are you going to do for your mom/mother figures for Mother’s day? Do you have any traditions, or pair up with siblings for Mother’s day?

Self-Care Sunday: Imaginary Life of a Chef

We’re back for round #3 of the 5 imaginary lives prompt from Aileen’s 5 imaginary lives. If you need a refresher (or are new to this series), check out her video here, and my first two lives, of wolf reserve owner and photographer.

This week, I’m going to share about how I wish I could be a chef. Everyone I talk to who has been in the food industry, says that if you love cooking and experimenting with food, that being a chef is the devil and will ruin it for you, for at least a long while. Which I can see, as doing something you love as a hobby, can almost ruin it for you.

I’ve always loved food. I love all types of cuisines and I’ll eat just about anything. I’ll try something at least once (or most things really). If you haven’t seen some of my food posts, check out some, and be on the lookouts every so often on Mondays and Fridays as those are my food days.

Not only do I love making food, but I love seeing if others like it as much as I do. I have hardly ever made a really gross dish, which is lovely. I cook with intuition when I’m trying to tweak a recipe, and it’s worked out amazingly so far.

Unfortunately, my man is usually subjected to the food (who, mind you is a meat and potatoes type of guy, but I did manage to get him to like spinach!). The only thing that bugs me about being more introverted, is the fact that I don’t have others to come over and try my food haha.

Last month, while spending time with my dad, for Easter, we made dinner together. I suggested we make something I have done and enjoyed as a side dish before, and seeing him go from “would this actually work” to “wow, that did work” in the matter of grocery shopping to eating it, was very enlightening. I usually don’t do that with my dad, as I get the experimental cooking gene from him.

Both of my parents cook very well, but my dad does do a lot of the “odd” and fancied dishes between the two. As you can tell, I was both spoiled and blessed on this front, and is most of why I love and enjoy both cooking and eating.

This month though, I’m pushing some of my limits though. For the month of May, I’m cleaning out my cupboards and fridge/freezer storage. It was a perfectly timed challenge from a YouTuber I follow. I have the 2 week trip to California next month, and we do have a rather full cupboard (considering we live in an apartment).

I love trying new things, and now that I literally feel like I have every stupid gadget on the planet, I feel like I can take on the world and try everything that Amazon food and my local grocery store allows me to (which is less than I’d like to, but hey, there’s trips with friends or family to cure that!)

What do you like to cook? Or what’s your favorite dish/type of food?