31 Movies of Halloween (“31” Series)

This post contains affiliate links to Amazon.  Each title links to it’s movie.

Let me tell ya, this is an easy one! I know Freeform is doing  31 nights of movies. You’re welcome. Thanks to my man for jogging my memory and referencing some oddball ones.

If it’s a series, I’ll include all of them, right next to the title for you. If there’s a remake, same thing. All links should open up in a new tab for you. I hope you guys enjoy!

So here’s 31 movies that are Halloween, or spooky/scary:

Halloween (the series)
Hocus Pocus
Halloweentown (the series) (#2, High, Return to…)
Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter
Nightmare Before Christmas
Boo! A Madea Halloween
It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Scream (the series) (#2, #3, #4) (bundle pack for first 3)
Annabelle: Creation
The Conjuring (series) (#2)
The Last Exorcism
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Friday the 13th
Nightmare on Elm Street (remake) (#2, #3, #4) (bundle)
Silent Hill (Revelation)
Mimic (#2, #3) (bundle)
The Crazies
IT (2017 remake)
The Clown
American Psycho (#2)
Saw (the series) (#2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7) (bundle)
The Hills Have Eyes (#2)
Hellraiser (the series) (#2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9)
The Reaping
Child’s Play (the series) (#2, #3, Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, Curse of Chucky, Cult of Chucky)
Dawn of the Dead
Army of Darkness
Evil Dead (#2)
The Puppet Master (the series) (#2, #3, #4, #5, Curse of the Puppet Master, Retro Puppet Master, Puppet Master: the Legacy, Puppet Master: Axis of Evil, Puppet MAster: Axis Rising)
The Mist

What movies did you forget about from my list? What’s your favorite horror movie?


History of Halloween (2 Part Series)

So this will be part one of our series on the history of Halloween. This week/post will focus more on the non-religious side of things. Or more so on the non-Christian/Catholic side of things.

For starters, it’s a Celtic Holiday, something you wouldn’t expect. Leave it to us drunks to create a holiday, right?! Why would you let us do that?! (I’m expecting my DNA results any week/day now from ancestry.com…my grandma graciously paid for it to happen. Don’t think I became suddenly rich all of a sudden now haha. But truly I truly thank my grandparents for this experience. I’ll definitely double post when I get the updates on it!) (UPDATE: 74% European/Northern Wales and 26% Scottish/Irish…no surprise there)

According to History.com, Halloween was started to ward off ghosts at the end of summer. Then with All Saints Day becoming a thing (November 1st), it was called Hallow’s Eve on October 31st.

Why ward off ghosts though? Well, if we look back to the origins, it’s the start of the cold weather, and being in the farther north (Scotland, northern Europe, those places), not everyone made it through the winter. Between that and the fact that they thought that ghosts, or those who have passed on, would want to mess with the crops, the people would try to ward them off by sacrifice and by making large fires.

I’ll share the religious take over of this holiday in a couple weeks, so I’ll leave that part out for now.

Unfortunately most of the interesting part of the history of Halloween is the switch over to the religious end of things.

What do you do for Halloween? Do you do anything special for All Saints Day or All Souls Day?


True Horror Tuesdays: Series Starter

The true debate in my mind right now: How do I start this series? I have 5 days of this, which means 5 different posts. I may do a couple stories in a post, and I may just do one…you won’t know until that post comes out.

Fair warning: I have no plans for making this a PG series, and no guarantee that the story(ies) will be PG each week.

Let’s get into this week’s story, shall we?

To start, I’m taking some scary stories from the r/nosleep in regards to the deep web. So grab your popcorn, blankie, and make sure you have a night light on!


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Blogtober: GYST The Month/Quarter With Me

Queue the music list (half emo/punk bands because what’s Halloween?!)(Yes, I’m vibing the old school punk bands, don’t hate. There’s like 2 I like of the modern era):

Uptown Funk
Hey Look Ma I Made It
Dancing’s not a crime
Wrong Side of Heaven
I’m Not Okay (yes, a dead band, IDC hate me) (tell me you didn’t have an emo phase…)
This is Halloween (Movie Edition)
This is Halloween (Marilyn Manson version)

Is fall not the season of the punk rock and non mainstream bands? If you say otherwise, please pause here and exit everything in life.

Queue the general look of Blogtober:

Queue the Gyst to get there:

Starting now…this is what I want to for ya’ll. This is my first Blogtober, let alone blog holiday season. We’re going for a good start, because why not?!

Day one starts here, with a plan with me for the next 30 days (this is day one of 31). Next year, I hope to improve with what shows through views and comments on these next 31 days (including today). I overall hope to improve as a person, as a writer, and as a content creator.

I’m working on doing the cliche 31 days of Blogtober/Days of Halloween/October. Since I’m new around the block, I want to do the (I don’t feel guilty) pleasure of doing 31 of Halloween. I can’t wait.

I won’t share everything, since you’ll get bored right away if I told you what I was doing.
But I will share some of it. I have Blogtober for Halloween, Blogsgiving for Thanksgiving in the US, and some events for Christmas, but it’ll be a proper event to say the least. I don’t want to give away everything here!

Here’s the next week though, to get hyped about:
Today: Plan with me
Tomorrow: Start of the Tuesday True Horror Stories series, lasting the whole month, on Tuesdays.
Wednesday: History of Halloween, a 2 part Series.
Thursday: 31  Movies for Halloween. To watch on weekends, for your family, or in general, throughout the month.
Foodie FriYAY: go to snacks for parties of the month/season of Halloween/Day of the Dead
Settle Down Saturday: Kid’s seasonal books with an adult twist (for us adult readers who are readers to our kids but don’t want to feel stuck in the PG world)
Sunday: Common Haunted Places in the US/Canada

Queue Ho Hey

You just saw the first weeks’ worth of posts. As you see this, I’m already past this current week. It takes a lot, and I’m a noob around here. So good and easy vibes are needed. As I’m writing this, I took a long weekend, and it turned into a much needed long impromptu sleep weekend. Babe and I had a planned day, which turned into something different, but we got to sleep.

We got to sleep.

We went out the one day, but we slept. We got to sleep. We did sleep. We planned other things, together and with others, but we slept and did our own thing. Did I say that we got to sleep?!

Queue Pompeii

Goals for the last of 2018:
-Get back on reading track
-Thankgiving Blog posts
-12 Days of Christmas Posts
-Year End Review
-At least 1 book review
-At least 1 product review
-Make a dent in personal goals, especially house goals
-Make a dent in Savings goals for 24/life goals

What I want out of the last of 2018:

Sanity. I want sanity. Kidding…but am I?!

I wouldn’t mind sanity at this point in my life, let’s be real. Truly I want to make better reality, and sanity, That’s half of my 24 year old goals to be honest.

I have so much planned for this month. More so for this blog, than anything, but I need it.

…Ready For It

We got 30 more days together darling, and I can’t wait! We got 5 #TrueHorrorTuedsdays together, a 6 part #hauntedplaces series, of common and uncommon places of the US, UK, and elsewhere, plus some mini series like food and costume.

Obviously Tuesdays are dedicated to Horror, during this October. I’ll share 5 stories of that, a 6 part Haunted place series, a 2 part of the history of Halloween, a weekend Costume series to prep for Halloween and parties closer to Halloween. a makeup reference (it won’t be me….I suck at make-up-ing).

I shouldn’t share too much more, because what is Halloween without a little surprise and spooky?

So since it’s finally October, what’s your favorite part of this time of year?

Self Care Sundays: Quarter 3 of 2018 Review

We’re entering the last quarter of 2018, so to keep up with routine, I want to keep at least this: the quarter review and keeping up here, and keeping transparency.

I’ll be the first to say and admit, that I fail on goals. I slack on them as well. Lately, I’ve been working on forgiving myself on this manner. I just hope that you all give me some slack on my goals, since I’m just as human as you are.

With that, let’s dive into how I did in Quarter 3. It’s not the best, where I wanted to be, but it’s where I needed to be.

So let’s dog on me for not reading and reviewing my books on here right away.

Playlist for this review:
Uptown Funk
Old Fashioned

If you don’t know, or didn’t remember, I’m doing Lavendaire’s brand of the annual workbook. It helps structure goals, helps you think and create goals in areas where you might forget to, and in my mind, allows you to work a little each year, quarter, and month on goals you want to accomplish.

In the workbook, there’s a monthly, quarterly, half year, and annual review. It’s a great look book, personally, to help you stay on track, and see what you did throughout the month, quarter, and year.

The next one like this that I’ll be doing, will be a 2018 review!

So what am I proud of that I did this past quarter? Well, I started my $100 a pay savings, went to 2 concerts, did some self love retail purchasing, and got my wisdom teeth out.

How have I done on my goals, and what have I learned? Well I planned like I wanted to, I did a social media detox and worked on bettering a plan for when I do take social media breaks. I did something simple for my birthday (2 dates, one with my lovely boyfriend and one with my dad and stepmom.). The main thing I didn’t get to do/put much effort to, was the monthly reading.

For lessons I’ve learned, is that my gut knows a lot, and time will tell with what your gut knows. I should also pace myself on goals, and allow myself to re-evaluate them as needed.

What am I most excited for, moving forward for the last quarter of the year? Doing more reviews, getting into themed blogging (Blogtober, Blogsgiving, and 12 days of Blogmas). Also, working on some home goals that I wanted to do this year, especially for the colder times (making it more cozy and personally festive). I am also wanting to take some time to work on some basics for here, for ya’ll like a little list you can keep on your fridge for budget/time friendly meals that’ll make you feel better, even long term, mentally.

What do you guys have planned for the last quarter of 2018? How have you done so far this year on goals and projects? Let me know!

Retail Talk: Survive Inventory

Inventory depends on the store, and the company you’re working for. I can only speak from my experiences, at the store (let alone company) I work for. I hope my sharing will help those of you who are new to the retail world, regardless of how you get introduced into the retail world (after HS, during HS, as a higher up in the industry somehow…).

I work for the (or one of the…depending on how you calculate things, but it’s one of the top Fortune 10 companies, if I’m being polite) top retailers in the USA, let alone the world.

I’ve also made it 5 years there. I know that was half of a plug…but retail…I guess I’m alive and not on welfare, while doing alright overall, means something. Retail may make you feel dead or apathetic inside, over the years. I’ve been trying over the last two years to not let retail get to me like that.

For my company at least, with talking with others from various stores, Inventory is not all at the same time, company wide. It makes sense, in a way. If you have a regional, or even state/area specific company you’re dealing with on inventory, it makes sense to break things up, for transparency on their end.

Personally, inventory is more annoying and tedious than the regular holiday season. It’s a lot of “prim and proper” where as holiday season is more of “get it on the shelf so it can be sold”.

I have a lot of my own ideas of when inventory should happen, and how everyone should handle it, from management staff, to stocking staff, to maintenance staff.

My store has always done inventory during fall, which IMO, is the worst time to do it. It’s varied on date, but it’s during this whole “BTS to Halloween” time of year. Read my last Retail Talk to get some deets on that (It’ll open in a new tab so you can easily come back here).

It generally doesn’t matter when your store does inventory, it’s usually a headache. Yet the holiday stress doesn’t help any, is what makes it worse. Bless your heart if you’re in a store like mine, where it’s anywhere from right after Back to School, to Halloween or into even Thanksgiving themed stuff.

My store also does Lay-a-way pretty early on, somewhere starting late August to early September, through early to mid December. I believe we count the lay-a-ways as inventory, as they’re not exactly paid for. Don’t quote me on that for the company, let alone your store/company.

I’m not sure about other companies, but my store (and assuming for other stores corporate wide), makes us make it easier for the outside company that comes in, to count. That’s where it’s a patience-testing thing. Trust me, even with a butt load of patience, you may get irritated or bored from the night or two prior, let alone the week or month prior to inventory.

This is my first “I’m off for night shift’s prep” of inventory in all the years I’ve been there. This is/what would be my 6th inventory.

I hope your store allows you to team up with one other person, and allow you to execute the area you’re designated to, so you’re not bored out of your mind. Working with at least one other person makes it more manageable let alone less agonizing.

If you can’t do that, I advise a music playlist, YouTube playlist, audio book, or something to educate yourself, that you can sidetrack yourself in the dull hours of prepping for inventory. I know it’ll be difficult on your shift, management team, and where you work. Attempt to reason with them if you can.

Try to make a fun little game out of the zoning/facing when you’re stuck doing that for your shift. If it’s called something else, let me know, but zoning or facing is what I’ve heard it called. It’s where you make the merchandise look decent, straighten it up, and it may be different for your store’s every day look, compared to inventory.

My store used to do it two ways, but sometime last year (2017), my store went to always zoning how we zone for inventory (or a little not so nice, because ya know, time…). I recall last year I was teamed up with 2 other girls for about half the night.

Once the department was about half way done, I was pulled away for another smaller department that was lighter to deal with, but needed to be done. I think…haha. Night brain and working brain is going good right now…it’s all blurring together.

Learn what you can and can’t get away with it, and work with it as much as you can. It’ll make it more bearable and fun, if you can.

Have you worked retail? Do you work retail now? What’s your experience with inventory where you were/are at? I’d love to know some other experiences, from other stores and chains, big or small stores and chains (ma and pa to national/regional/global).

Foodie FriYay: Fish Edition

I know this isn’t lent, but fish is good for you! I made this dish a while ago, and couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Babe was wanting Old Bay seasoned something, and I finally got a thing of it for him. I didn’t think that Salmon was in either of our moods, and Tuna was definitely not at that point in our lives. So I went with tilapia as our fish.

In all reality, you can use Old Bay on anything, but I see it more for fish or chicken. Here’s how it turned out:

Get your ingredients ready. I wanted mashed potatoes as our side, with asparagus as an added flavor to the fish.


Put your tilapia in a dish or bowl, where you can sprinkle on the Old Bay, as the pan is heating. Serving side, especially with a side, is one filet per person. If you have young kids, I’d say split them in half for them.


In my mind, to save both time, and from letting the fish get cold, heat up both your fish pan, and if you’re making a side like me, of mashed potatoes, get that pot up and running too. Fish cools down faster than you think, and you don’t want the fish to sit out too long.


In your fish pan, you should have oil or butter (I’ve chosen butter), a couple shakes of Old Bay in it, and let it melt/heat up. It should be very hot when you put your fish in. Then you let it cook on each side for a couple minutes.


When you’re adding something like Asparagus, like me, add it in when the butter is melted, but while it’s not as hot as you wanted for the fish. Let it marinate for a hot minute, then you can finally add that tilapia in!


Like I just said, after the pan is good and hot, regardless if you’re adding the extras like me, put a couple fillets in. Make sure not to over crowd the pan though!

Flip the fillet over a couple minutes later, let it cook for about a minute more, and serve up! Work on your other fixings, while needed.

I didn’t get the chance to picture the plated version, but hey, what’s new?!

I hope you like this, and save it for later (even as a lent dish!). Let me know when you try it, and tell me how you did!