Talk Tuesdays: Guest Post on Side Hustles

What better time to think about new goals than right before New Years? How are you going to afford new projects? What are you willing to do to get some extra savings to pay off debts FROM the holidays?

Do you even want to start saving for the gifts and parties you have coming in 2019, but know that your 9-5 won’t cut it? Is one of your goals even just to make more money, but not sure how?

To give you some tips and ideas, I reached out to Ryan Scribner, a young 20-something like myself, who went from working a 9-5 in the electrical field, to someone who talks about investing and earning money on YouTube for a living, among other avenues.

He was gracious enough to write the following, to share with you. Make sure to check out both his website and YouTube, and the link at the end!

These days, it seems like everyone has a side hustle. Sure, you have your 9 to 5 job, but what are you doing from 5 to 9? Watching Netflix? Petting your dog? A lot of people are looking to capitalize on this time by earning a few bucks! This is exactly how I got started with my side hustle back in 2016. I worked a job during the day, but in the evenings and on the weekends I was totally bored. Rather than sit around and play video games, I decided to start my first side hustle which was a YouTube channel! I will talk about that more in a bit. What I want to focus on in this article is the top three side hustles to make some extra money in 2019. Some of these I am doing myself while others are areas that I see a massive amount of potential in. Let’s get to it!

1. YouTube Channel

Of course I have to start out with my first side hustle. You can actually make a decent amount of money by creating videos on YouTube. Now, it is important to understand that I am not talking about recording videos of your dog pulling a sock out of the laundry. What I am talking about here is creating an educational YouTube channel. It does not matter what you are teaching others. It could be basket weaving, cast iron cooking or even how to do repair work around the house. YouTube has evolved to become one of the best educational platforms out there. Trying to change your oil? YouTube it. Removing a broken lightbulb? YouTube it. Red wine on your favorite dress shirt? YouTube it. You get the point by now. Now, how do you actually make money on YouTube? There are countless ways. Some of the most common ways are running ads on your channel, affiliate marketing, selling a digital product and having sponsored videos. The possibilities are endless. If you aren’t camera shy, this could be the perfect side hustle.

2. Niche Blog

If the first idea isn’t for you, creating a niche specific blog might be a great option. Creating a YouTube channel takes a lot of confidence. You are putting yourself out there to the entire world! Often times, people are more comfortable with blogging because you do not need to be the face behind your work. Now, it is important to understand that when I am talking about a blog I’m not talking about journaling your day online. If you want to do that as a passion, great! But if you are looking to make some money, this is not the way to do it. Just like with the YouTube channel, your goal should be to become the authority on a specific niche. You will monetize this blog just like you would with a YouTube channel. My favorite way to make money with a blog is affiliate marketing! One word of caution I will give you is that blogging and building any kind of following online requires a lot of patience. You will probably be working for free or next to nothing for the first 6 months! 

3. Reselling

While the first two options are totally online, this third option could be followed online or locally! Flippers or resellers simply look to purchase items and sell them for a higher price. For example, let’s say you go to a garage sale and find a stack of records. Assuming you know what you are looking for, say you find a record worth $25 with a price tag of $10. You could buy that record for $10, sell it online for $25 and make a $15 profit! This is one of the easiest side hustles out there. If you have a Goodwill or Salvation Army nearby, spend a Saturday morning hunting for items to flip. You can use the eBay app to see exactly what these items are selling for online!

At the end of the day, there are countless ways to make money online. What I would recommend is picking one and sticking to it! Try to avoid the “shiny object syndrome” where every new opportunity catches your eye. If you are going to try out a side hustle, commit to it! 

Looking for more side hustle ideas? Here is a list of 41 more.


Blog 2 Bank Review: 5 Day Facebook Challange

Yes, I’m still on Facebook. My personal page has turned into a recipe diary, animal videos, and a diary of when I do finally get to/decide to do things. I’m mostly involved in dog groups (living vicariously right now…one day babe and I will get a house to get ALL OF THE PUPPERS), cooking groups, among other groups. I’ve gotten into lifestyle groups lately, as well as a few blog groups, to see what that’s like.

Last week, in one of those groups. I think, someone shared that they were doing the Blog to bank 5 day challenge. So what did I do? Joined it. I looked at the daily emails, which had the general gist for each day, plus a few questions for self reflection on your own blog, relating to the topic of the day.

Each day had a little bit of a different theme, and sort of built on each other, but were good stand alone topics. It spanned from focusing on your niche to an email list, to where you wanted your end goal in mind, so you could work backwards, and make money on it.

The creator was Rachel Ngom (yea, try pronouncing that one guys!) from She’s Making an Impact. No I’m not sponsored to make this review (but I would be down for future ones, no lie!), but I just did it, to see what I could get out of it. One of my favorite little things from at least the email part, is her cute little titles for each day.


Here’s what I got out of this free 5 day challenge, that was more a reflection series and learning series than anything:

-There’s always room to be more specific for your audience.
-Don’t be afraid to share parts of your story! Even if it may be a little off from your content, you can always make your story relateable!
-Have both a why and an end goal/ideal end in mind. It’ll help you through your unmotivated days, and when the haters want to hate.
-I got 4 ideas for blogs just from the questions, plus some other inspiration for future posts! (Expect them starting in November!)
-Ideas for upgrade-able content/sell-able content (free or paid worksheets, for here and on Etsy, easy access meal ideas, and the like)
-The most profitable way to earn money on a blog, is by offering a course/program. I’m thinking about a podcast/audio only version for cooking/recipes.


Would you guys like an audio version of a cook book where there was an art gallery of the meals? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to know, truly.