Take Care Tuesday: How I Planned My Summer

I have one heck of a summer planned. I want to share my journey on how it came about, and how I planned (well, my end of) it all. Look below on my monthly outlook, and I’ll share month by month, what I have currently planned. I have some tentative plans, that I want to wrap up by the middle of May or so, that’s really happening during my June trip to CA.


June is totally my busy AF month. I’m taking a 2 week vacation from work (well, my “day” job. I’ll still have stuff planned for here during that time, plus creating stuff from these 2 weeks, for content). I’m half the envy for June at work, since I’m doing a cross-country trip, let alone for 2 weeks.

Backstory: my grandparents asked me back in the fall, if I wanted to visit Yosemite with them, as I’ve hardly seen the states. They didn’t have any concrete plans outside of doing it when my mom was also off, near the summer. Of course I said yes! Awhile later, some other things fell into place, on both of ours end, and they asked how long I wanted to be out there, so they could plan out the airfare. Grandpa always finds good deals, so I told them I wanted to be out till a Monday, since I’m off Mondays and Tuesdays, and it’d make things easier.

We crafted a 14 day plan, with 2 days of flying, both on Mondays. Since then, I’ve added some stuff, and have others in mind, keeping in mind of what some other family members might want to do, which is my focus for May.

Other than the 2 days of flying, there’s 3 hard days in Yosemite, VidCon (which is always up to the day, what we do), a solo date to Kevin Hart and Disneyland, plus whatever last few things come about.

PSX_20180424_045949July mellows out, since June will take so much out of my vacation time from my “day job”, plus I have my wisdom teeth extraction set into stone now.

I have a Panic! concert that was so impromptu, it’s not even funny. And taking off for it, was so fitting for my wisdom teeth surgery. It’s a very basic month. I’ll also be trying to do something with my step-sister and dad for their birthdays.


August is also gonna be a chill month, but come September, I’ll have some more stuff coming along.

I have a long awaited concert as well, which I planned before Panic!, which will be fun. That’s really all the plans I have. I’m sure I’ll need more me time to unwind from everything, plus the struggle of working full weeks again, off and on.


September is my birth month, and even though I’ll be working (probs) on my birthday, I already have 2 things planned.

My dad and I have been doing Renaissance faires off and on for years now, going to the same one up until this year. This year, we’re going to the one on the other state. This year, I’m going to drag babe along again. This will be a first for all of us. My step-mom might even come along, so double date much?

Then, I have plans *hopefully* just for babe and I to do a full moon tour for a wolf reserve, a couple weeks later, for a wolf reserve an exit or two prior to where we will get off for the Renaissance Faire. It’ll be an evening tour/chill session, to hear them all howl at dusk. I’ve been having a calling to visit a reserve for awhile now, and I believe this will be a cure.



Of course, I have to share with you, the fact that I’m marking how long till each thing happens. This is all the stuff I have planned, and as of this morning, how long it is until they happen. It’s just a free app for countdowns.

I’ll send my mom screenshots like this every so often, as she gets excited for the June trip. I haven’t seen my mom’s side of the family since 2014, and that was only my maternal grandparents and mom.


Of course, the next most important part is, thanking those who take care of you. My grandparents paid for half of my June trip, easily. I don’t know what they spent on it, but I did spend a pretty penny on my end, and I couldn’t have done what I will do, without them. And that’s just speaking on this trip.

I’m staying with my mom for the other days I’m out there, and not somewhere, so she deserves thanks as well. I have hidden gems in these cards for them, plus wherever I can manage to spoil them during the trip, I will.

I’ll be adding thank you notes, as I finalize the rest of my plans for the summer.

So what are your plans for the summer?


Self Care Sunday: Journal Prompts from Aileen Xu

This week, I’ve been struggling with my health. I had a super fun Easter weekend getaway with my dad, then turned around and spoiled myself with a hair appointment. After that fun long weekend, I’m now back to a full week schedule for the next 10 weeks, until my June vacation, then it’s kind of scattered with long weekends until the end of September. I have concerts and some birthday events that are in the works, so Summer will be fun.

Yet, since I’m back to a full schedule, I’ve been *almost* fighting something, even coming down with a migrane that was supposed to be a warning, that has now turned into a fever, and I’m only waiting for the rest of the symptoms to arise. So with this, a self care Sunday is in order.

One of the many journal prompts in the back of the Artist of Life Workbook from Aileen (Lavendaire) is the 5 imaginary lives prompt. She’s also done a video about it. So this week, I’m going to share one of 5 imaginary lives I would love to live out. I’ll be sharing the rest of them every other week until June, as a part of a special Self Care Sunday series.

I’m going to start out with the one that my soul yearns for the most, and I would love to manifest during THIS life: a wolf rescue/sanctuary owner. I’ve always had an infinity love and fascination for the canine family, and love the wolves especially. I’ve grown up around several dog breeds, and bond with them all almost instantaneously.

I still hold the trip about a decade ago, that my dad and I took to an island off the coast of Seattle, Washington, to a wolf reservation/sanctuary, too close to my heart. That was the first time I feltĀ that shaken by something. Being there, seeing the wolves that close, and then hearing their evening howl, let alone feeling it, was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced. Some say bringing life into this world does the same thing.

As I’m sitting here, I’m realizing that this shouldn’t be an imaginary life, this should be MY LIFE. Rescuing wolf and wolfdogs from bad situations, or from those who think they can handle it, but land up unable to (or not realizing they have a wolfdog) would be a beautiful thing that I can do with my life. Babe wants to rescue bully breeds, and I want to save the wolves, so I think we can make this work.

So if you had an imaginary life (or 5), what would you do with them?