Evil in America: Another Book Review

To add another book review to my list this year for you guys, I finally finished June’s book.

Since we’re in Mercury retrograde, and I’m taking time off of social media, I can tend to the things that I truly want to tend to. Not like I couldn’t do those things anyway, and I should get better about managing future aspirations and betterment and mindless scrolling of social media that doesn’t do much other than either smiles or frowns.

Now let’s get into the book review instead of babbling about pointless stuff. You probably came here to read my commentary and thoughts about the book and not tangents. The book was, you guessed it: Evil in America.

I do regularly listen to Shapiro’s podcast and occasionally read the articles he writes, when they come up on my Google homepage for recommended reads. With that, you would think that by now I would have read at least one of his books already. Nope, this is my first.

He has an interesting take on things, and that shows in his writing. I like how he took, in Evil in America, each “chapter” was a headline or big topic happening at the time he wrote it. He shared the date for when he wrote the commentary as well. It’s a good reminder for those of us reading it later in time.

Not like we don’t necessarily recall those events (some I didn’t know about because I wasn’t so politically involved at the time), but putting a date with it, helps file it better in our brains like “Oh, okay, that’s when that was”.

Shapiro has a new book he’s currently working on and will be due out in 2019, and I plan on getting it.


Self Care Sunday: Journal Prompts from Aileen Xu

This week, I’ve been struggling with my health. I had a super fun Easter weekend getaway with my dad, then turned around and spoiled myself with a hair appointment. After that fun long weekend, I’m now back to a full week schedule for the next 10 weeks, until my June vacation, then it’s kind of scattered with long weekends until the end of September. I have concerts and some birthday events that are in the works, so Summer will be fun.

Yet, since I’m back to a full schedule, I’ve been *almost* fighting something, even coming down with a migrane that was supposed to be a warning, that has now turned into a fever, and I’m only waiting for the rest of the symptoms to arise. So with this, a self care Sunday is in order.

One of the many journal prompts in the back of the Artist of Life Workbook from Aileen (Lavendaire) is the 5 imaginary lives prompt. She’s also done a video about it. So this week, I’m going to share one of 5 imaginary lives I would love to live out. I’ll be sharing the rest of them every other week until June, as a part of a special Self Care Sunday series.

I’m going to start out with the one that my soul yearns for the most, and I would love to manifest during THIS life: a wolf rescue/sanctuary owner. I’ve always had an infinity love and fascination for the canine family, and love the wolves especially. I’ve grown up around several dog breeds, and bond with them all almost instantaneously.

I still hold the trip about a decade ago, that my dad and I took to an island off the coast of Seattle, Washington, to a wolf reservation/sanctuary, too close to my heart. That was the first time I felt¬†that shaken by something. Being there, seeing the wolves that close, and then hearing their evening howl, let alone feeling it, was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced. Some say bringing life into this world does the same thing.

As I’m sitting here, I’m realizing that this shouldn’t be an imaginary life, this should be MY LIFE. Rescuing wolf and wolfdogs from bad situations, or from those who think they can handle it, but land up unable to (or not realizing they have a wolfdog) would be a beautiful thing that I can do with my life. Babe wants to rescue bully breeds, and I want to save the wolves, so I think we can make this work.

So if you had an imaginary life (or 5), what would you do with them?

Done is Better than Perfect

Insert some backstory: I’ve been following Aileen Xu for just about 2 years now. I learned of her work on YouTube from a friend I met on Twitter. Sadly, I don’t talk with her anymore, just of natural fall out over time. Aileen’s brand/Channel is Lavendaire. You can check out her work on YouTube, here on her website, and her podcast (which is on break right now) on SoundCloud (her podcast is also on Apple Podcast and Google Music’s podcast section).

Aileen created a workbook for both 2017 and 2018, out of all of the journaling prompts, creative worksheets, and broadly used other tactics, that she uses, to help her followers (including myself), create our best year yet, and in return, become artists of life. And that’s what she called her reflection-based workbooks- the Artist of Life Workbook. It’s similar to what Bullet Journals do, where there’s open for interpretation on what the monthly pages have, but it’s goal-oriented, and already is printed for you, like a planner.

Throughout the year, I’ll share more of what it’s like, so stick around for that!

Any who, Aileen’s latest video¬†reminded me of staying consistent, as a creator of content, and that “Done is better than perfect”, something that she said last year during one of the mastermind conversation-like reviews that we have each month, that stuck with me since then. I don’t know if she’s said it before, but it really hit me then, and I haven’t forgotten that.

Over my last 20 months or so of making conscious decisions on self love, self criticism of anything I create, whether it be writing (journaling, poems, or “what would be” blogs), my photography, or whatever else, Aileen has been one of my top go-to for inspiration, and being nicer to myself.

I wanted to share this with you (her, let alone her video, and my thoughts, for transparency sake, during this part of my journey). I hope that this blog helps me grow, as much as it helps all of those who come through and read here.

I also want to share one of my favorite ways to learn: Skillshare. I read and listen to podcasts a LOT, and love learning on my own accord. During my social media detoxes especially, never mind when I want to actually learn, I go to Skillshare. I know everyone and their brother recommends it, but that’s because it’s SO WORTH IT. Do you really see ads for it? (Now you will, because YOU DON’T HAVE IT haha).

Take my code, for 2 months for $1, and explore even just one class on something that you’re even mildly interested in. As someone who hasn’t gone into higher education (as in college, outside of dual enroll classes in high school), this is such a handy way to even get ahead for those in college, let alone in the workforce already, regardless of education.