Evil in America: Another Book Review

To add another book review to my list this year for you guys, I finally finished June’s book.

Since we’re in Mercury retrograde, and I’m taking time off of social media, I can tend to the things that I truly want to tend to. Not like I couldn’t do those things anyway, and I should get better about managing future aspirations and betterment and mindless scrolling of social media that doesn’t do much other than either smiles or frowns.

Now let’s get into the book review instead of babbling about pointless stuff. You probably came here to read my commentary and thoughts about the book and not tangents. The book was, you guessed it: Evil in America.

I do regularly listen to Shapiro’s podcast and occasionally read the articles he writes, when they come up on my Google homepage for recommended reads. With that, you would think that by now I would have read at least one of his books already. Nope, this is my first.

He has an interesting take on things, and that shows in his writing. I like how he took, in Evil in America, each “chapter” was a headline or big topic happening at the time he wrote it. He shared the date for when he wrote the commentary as well. It’s a good reminder for those of us reading it later in time.

Not like we don’t necessarily recall those events (some I didn’t know about because I wasn’t so politically involved at the time), but putting a date with it, helps file it better in our brains like “Oh, okay, that’s when that was”.

Shapiro has a new book he’s currently working on and will be due out in 2019, and I plan on getting it.


Controversial Books: May 2018 Book Review

This month, I read “Dangerous” by Milo Yiannopoulos. Yes, I had to Google his name to spell it…you would’ve too. This is my actual read, and not an audiobook read. I’ve turned to audiobooks as of late, and I’m no longer ashamed.

I do get rather sidetracked, looking stuff up when I’m busy, versus actually reading up on things. I also love the convenience of audiobooks when I’m doing mundane tasks, because it makes it all the less boring. One day I’ll be making enough money, where I’m not working where I am now. In the mean time, I have to make do with that time I have.

Anyway, instead of making this a sob story/pity party, let’s get into this book review! Dangerous has been out since Independence Day 2017, after LOADS of issues and controversy. What event of Milo’s doesn’t include such a thing though?

Yes, this is written by that Milo. That flaming gay conservative who married a black guy?!?! YES THAT MILO. He’s gay, and he’s every bit of that gay stereotype, with no guilt whatsoever of it. Kudos to him. Especially since he’s conservative, and pissing off the left, since he’s every ounce of that flaming 80’s homosexual:


That’s all the background you need of him…really. And if need more, read the book haha!

So, let’s get into the book review, shall we?

Milo goes into the reasons why certain groups hate him. Not only that, he goes into why they don’t like him-he picks apart their more popular arguments/stances, and why they don’t stick, if you actually give it some sunlight. Half of it is sarcastic remarks or jokes, and the rest is points, in a mostly light manner.

There’s 9 chapters/groups that hate him, that he goes into, in the fashion above. The notable list is: the progressive left, the alt right (both poles of the horseshoe), Twitter, Feminists (more so the new wave), BLM, the Media, establishment Gays and Republicans (not the same chapter though), and Muslims.

Then there’s a chapter about why one group DOESN’T hate him: gamers.

The last chapter is about how awesome his college tour speeches are.

Personally, I enjoyed his commentary on how awful some of his “haters'” points are. Even his commentary on why modern feminists (see these books: Female Spectacle  Feminism) don’t like him, and his take on abortion. Yes even his take on abortion. 

Half of the commentary in the BLM chapter is also amusing as well. The same reason we laugh at the small amount of people who blame Jews for what’s going wrong in America, and what’s going on, is what’s happening when blacks blame the whites in America for the same things.

Yes, sure, there’s issues still, but how you handle the issues dealt to you, is up to you, and that includes you trying to blame someone else for your misfortune, sadly. The reason why whites land up better, and Jews better yet, is because of how they keep at things, and look at their issues and shortcomings.

If I gave you any more glimpse into Milo’s book, I’d fear that I’d have a plagiarism and copyright lawsuit on my hands!

The way Milo’s book reads, is nothing less than the troll-f*ckery that you’d expect out of him. Even though Milo and Ben Shapiro don’t get along, I’ll turn around next month and read one of Shapiro’s many books. “Which one?” you ask… Well that’s for next month for me to tell!


Wine Wednesdays: The Elephant in the Room

We all need a drink for this. And I’m only slightly sorry right now for it. This is a post on my journey to researching the primary candidates for 2018.

These are my opinions, and my journey how I came to them, during the primaries, for the mid-term election. Hopefully they *aren’t* as rough on my stomach as the 2016 elections were. Just ask my dad-he knows all of those feels I had.

So I live in a swing state. Yes, I live in one of those states. I actually live in one of the 3 recounted states, from 2016. Guess which one (if you don’t already know). Just guess.

Answer: Pennsylvania. Where the OG capitol was, for the USA.

To have transparency, I’m registered R, but lean moderately right. I can make another post of major topics, and where I lie, if that’s wanted, but I won’t go into that here, as you’ll get bored by the time I get to the proper topic of today’s post (cough cough, the primaries, cough cough).

I might share my opinion on each major topic, towards General Election. Would y’all like that?

Okay, back to the point (because let’s be real, this is even sidetracking me haha).

So my journey is a little different than most millennials: I actually don’t vote the way my parents do (well, I do lean the way they do, but my reasoning behind it, on the issues, are what may differ. Even that, I don’t agree with everything they agree with, just like I don’t agree with everything that my “party” does), and I actually do my own research. And of course, my partner doesn’t tell me how to vote either. If anything, I give him my input, and that’s how he does “his research” for the most part.

For a bit of backstory: I was a first time voter during the 2016 elections, even though I was eligible to vote in the 2012 general. I had a rough time deciding in the 2016 primaries, as PA was kind of later in the season, and it was Cruz, Trump, and Kaisich left, once primaries hit my state. I was somewhere between a “never-Trumper” and a “hell, let’s MAGA”.

This is my first midterm. I am just as equally lost. I’ve spent hours researching (really googling, let’s be real) the people in my district. Let’s just hope there’s no suprise questions like last time haha (there was a local question last time that I had no idea what to put on as my answer. I don’t want that to happen again!).

I’m not sharing who I voted for, but I will share the results for my state:

New York Time’s Update