The Life of a Writer: Imaginary Life of an Author

Sadly, I only have one more Imaginary life after today, to share with you.

Today’s going to be about my dream of writing- and not just writing like I do on here. I’ve loved reading, and have slightly thought of writing my own book one day, but never took too much consideration to it. Over the past several months (not quite a year, but it feels like it sometimes), I’ve been more and more interested in what type of book I would write.

I have a few ideas listed in a note of mine in my cross-platform notes app/website that I use. I won’t share them as I don’t want to spoil anything!

In today’s world, you can go outside of the publishing business, and self publish. I didn’t know that until listening to Aileen’s podcast with Cara Alwill Leyba last summer. Check it out on Google Music,and iTunes. I somewhat looked into it after listening to the podcast, but didn’t do anything past that.

Awhile back, during one of our daddy daughter dates (somewhere in the mess of Easter, I think), my dad and I had talked about it as well, since he was looking into writing a book himself. He got farther into it than I did. He at least started writing the thing!

I was a bad daughter, as I never really read the insert he had written and sent me. I should have. I think I still have it in my email. If not, I’ll ask if he still has it sometime, maybe before I travel next month.

Let’s make an internet pact right here: if I can stick with this blog, regularly like I have, for the next year (until June 2019, let’s put it), I’ll start writing a book. I even put a reminder on my reminder app in my phone!

Part of what Aileen shared in her video that introduced this topic last summer, is that we should try to incorporate some of our ideal lives into our actual life. I’ve already jumped on the band wagon on my photography dreams and cooking.

So I ask again, what are some dream lives of yours? I’d like to hear them!


Self Care Sunday: 5 Lives Prompt #2

This is the 2nd of my 5 part series of my 5 imaginary lives prompt. Two weeks ago, I shared my love for wolves. Didn’t read it? Go read it! This one is about my love of a hobby I’ve had since I was a child: photography.

My maternal grandfather had a printing business for “old” film. I believe they sold cameras as well, but I couldn’t tell you for sure. Between my grandfather’s eye on photography, my dad also had his own freelanced style of photography. Both of these men taught me a lot of what I know.

Recently, I’ve gotten back into photography, and got a nice, but starter, camera last summer, to start this old hobby I had started in my childhood. in the last half of last year, I did a good handful of photography endeavors, from a bridal shower, plus a bachelorette album, and a mother-and-infant holiday shoot.

I would love to make it a freelance job. I have done some Skillshare classes, to help with my editing skills, and making it easier on me, as I am in the middle of the actual photo shoots themselves. (I have a link to get 2 months for free on Skillshare. You’re welcome!). I also love looking at others’ pictures, as I can get ideas as well.

My favorite thing about photography, is that I can totally suck at drawing, and STILL be an artist. It’s one of my favorite creative outlets, and I’m so happy that I’m dusting off my skills. I’ll talk about another creative outlet in another 5 imaginary lives.

I’ve been continuing my skills, by taking pictures on both my phone and my camera, when I went to Pittsburgh with my dad over Easter weekend (shameless blog post insert here). All the pictures are my own on that header, plus from that same time on insta.

During this summer, I’ll be doing a bunch of traveling, so it’ll be a perfect excuse to whip out my camera and get on the photography scene. Especially since my first big trip includes Yosemite, VidCon, and Disney.

One of these days, I’ll start my journey of video-film, and I’ll definitely take you all (who want to watch) along with me. That’ll be my next formal move.

I am so glad that I started this series, and am sharing it with you all. This exercise is such a good way to get back into yourself, plus remind yourself to be creative, and imagine what other things you can do either in your free time for fun, or turn something into a side hustle, or something you might be able to work up to a full job with. What is another (or a few) of your imaginary lives?

Does anyone know of any good websites I can keep/upload my work, by album? I would like something more professional than Insta and Facebook. Speaking of, follow my insta though (shameless plug).

Self Care Sunday: Journal Prompts from Aileen Xu

This week, I’ve been struggling with my health. I had a super fun Easter weekend getaway with my dad, then turned around and spoiled myself with a hair appointment. After that fun long weekend, I’m now back to a full week schedule for the next 10 weeks, until my June vacation, then it’s kind of scattered with long weekends until the end of September. I have concerts and some birthday events that are in the works, so Summer will be fun.

Yet, since I’m back to a full schedule, I’ve been *almost* fighting something, even coming down with a migrane that was supposed to be a warning, that has now turned into a fever, and I’m only waiting for the rest of the symptoms to arise. So with this, a self care Sunday is in order.

One of the many journal prompts in the back of the Artist of Life Workbook from Aileen (Lavendaire) is the 5 imaginary lives prompt. She’s also done a video about it. So this week, I’m going to share one of 5 imaginary lives I would love to live out. I’ll be sharing the rest of them every other week until June, as a part of a special Self Care Sunday series.

I’m going to start out with the one that my soul yearns for the most, and I would love to manifest during THIS life: a wolf rescue/sanctuary owner. I’ve always had an infinity love and fascination for the canine family, and love the wolves especially. I’ve grown up around several dog breeds, and bond with them all almost instantaneously.

I still hold the trip about a decade ago, that my dad and I took to an island off the coast of Seattle, Washington, to a wolf reservation/sanctuary, too close to my heart. That was the first time I felt that shaken by something. Being there, seeing the wolves that close, and then hearing their evening howl, let alone feeling it, was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced. Some say bringing life into this world does the same thing.

As I’m sitting here, I’m realizing that this shouldn’t be an imaginary life, this should be MY LIFE. Rescuing wolf and wolfdogs from bad situations, or from those who think they can handle it, but land up unable to (or not realizing they have a wolfdog) would be a beautiful thing that I can do with my life. Babe wants to rescue bully breeds, and I want to save the wolves, so I think we can make this work.

So if you had an imaginary life (or 5), what would you do with them?