Self Care Sundays: Quarter 3 of 2018 Review

We’re entering the last quarter of 2018, so to keep up with routine, I want to keep at least this: the quarter review and keeping up here, and keeping transparency.

I’ll be the first to say and admit, that I fail on goals. I slack on them as well. Lately, I’ve been working on forgiving myself on this manner. I just hope that you all give me some slack on my goals, since I’m just as human as you are.

With that, let’s dive into how I did in Quarter 3. It’s not the best, where I wanted to be, but it’s where I needed to be.

So let’s dog on me for not reading and reviewing my books on here right away.

Playlist for this review:
Uptown Funk
Old Fashioned

If you don’t know, or didn’t remember, I’m doing Lavendaire’s brand of the annual workbook. It helps structure goals, helps you think and create goals in areas where you might forget to, and in my mind, allows you to work a little each year, quarter, and month on goals you want to accomplish.

In the workbook, there’s a monthly, quarterly, half year, and annual review. It’s a great look book, personally, to help you stay on track, and see what you did throughout the month, quarter, and year.

The next one like this that I’ll be doing, will be a 2018 review!

So what am I proud of that I did this past quarter? Well, I started my $100 a pay savings, went to 2 concerts, did some self love retail purchasing, and got my wisdom teeth out.

How have I done on my goals, and what have I learned? Well I planned like I wanted to, I did a social media detox and worked on bettering a plan for when I do take social media breaks. I did something simple for my birthday (2 dates, one with my lovely boyfriend and one with my dad and stepmom.). The main thing I didn’t get to do/put much effort to, was the monthly reading.

For lessons I’ve learned, is that my gut knows a lot, and time will tell with what your gut knows. I should also pace myself on goals, and allow myself to re-evaluate them as needed.

What am I most excited for, moving forward for the last quarter of the year? Doing more reviews, getting into themed blogging (Blogtober, Blogsgiving, and 12 days of Blogmas). Also, working on some home goals that I wanted to do this year, especially for the colder times (making it more cozy and personally festive). I am also wanting to take some time to work on some basics for here, for ya’ll like a little list you can keep on your fridge for budget/time friendly meals that’ll make you feel better, even long term, mentally.

What do you guys have planned for the last quarter of 2018? How have you done so far this year on goals and projects? Let me know!


Self Care Sunday: 5 Lives Prompt #2

This is the 2nd of my 5 part series of my 5 imaginary lives prompt. Two weeks ago, I shared my love for wolves. Didn’t read it? Go read it! This one is about my love of a hobby I’ve had since I was a child: photography.

My maternal grandfather had a printing business for “old” film. I believe they sold cameras as well, but I couldn’t tell you for sure. Between my grandfather’s eye on photography, my dad also had his own freelanced style of photography. Both of these men taught me a lot of what I know.

Recently, I’ve gotten back into photography, and got a nice, but starter, camera last summer, to start this old hobby I had started in my childhood. in the last half of last year, I did a good handful of photography endeavors, from a bridal shower, plus a bachelorette album, and a mother-and-infant holiday shoot.

I would love to make it a freelance job. I have done some Skillshare classes, to help with my editing skills, and making it easier on me, as I am in the middle of the actual photo shoots themselves. (I have a link to get 2 months for free on Skillshare. You’re welcome!). I also love looking at others’ pictures, as I can get ideas as well.

My favorite thing about photography, is that I can totally suck at drawing, and STILL be an artist. It’s one of my favorite creative outlets, and I’m so happy that I’m dusting off my skills. I’ll talk about another creative outlet in another 5 imaginary lives.

I’ve been continuing my skills, by taking pictures on both my phone and my camera, when I went to Pittsburgh with my dad over Easter weekend (shameless blog post insert here). All the pictures are my own on that header, plus from that same time on insta.

During this summer, I’ll be doing a bunch of traveling, so it’ll be a perfect excuse to whip out my camera and get on the photography scene. Especially since my first big trip includes Yosemite, VidCon, and Disney.

One of these days, I’ll start my journey of video-film, and I’ll definitely take you all (who want to watch) along with me. That’ll be my next formal move.

I am so glad that I started this series, and am sharing it with you all. This exercise is such a good way to get back into yourself, plus remind yourself to be creative, and imagine what other things you can do either in your free time for fun, or turn something into a side hustle, or something you might be able to work up to a full job with. What is another (or a few) of your imaginary lives?

Does anyone know of any good websites I can keep/upload my work, by album? I would like something more professional than Insta and Facebook. Speaking of, follow my insta though (shameless plug).

Artist of Life: Quarter 1 of 2018 in Review

Okay, now that we’re finally done with the first QUARTER of 2018 (ahh!) I probably share with y’all what I did, what I didn’t do (but should’ve), and how I want to take (or adjust) that into the second quarter. So if you’re ready, let’s go! And if not, oh 🐋.


So January, oh January, this was over all my best month out of the three for habits. You would’ve thought with my detox from mid February to the end of March would have made March better, but hey, what can you say?!

The biggest thing I struggle with, is getting on that yoga train, hence why I have it on my tracker, to attempt to make me realize how infrequently I do yoga. I love doing yoga shortly before bed, and doing the easier rounds of it. Sometimes I’ll do a guided session from an app on my Amazon firestick, and other times, I’ll do those moves on my own, but allow my body dictate how long I should be in those positions.

Some successes I had during January, was the fact that I did my taxes right away, had one of my newer credit cards raise the limit, since I’ve been paying at least the minimum each month, and got some needed travel things for this summer and whenever else I travel, like a hard-cased suitcase (that isn’t black!), and luggage tags.


So February was a little different. February was better for yoga, and I started a month and a half long social media (minus YouTube) detox.

From the social media detox, I noticed a lot. I have been gradually editing my social media accounts to be a lot more organized, adult-like, and more tailored to my interests now, instead of 5-8 years ago (like Facebook). I didn’t miss some parts of it, like the amount of notifications you’d get. I don’t have to deal with drama all too often, so that’s a blessing. The main thing I missed, and where I think some of what happened, did happen, was because I enjoy the connectiveness of what social media has created, and I love the accountability of friends and the groups I’m in, without getting too exhausted by others, as introverts like myself get exhausted easier.

I got this blog up and started, I did some bookings for a concert in August, as well as my hair appointment that just happened. I paid off some debt, and was approved for a credit card.

I treated myself to both of Jordan Peterson’s programs, which I really need to finish the one. I should work on it tonight.

February was a handful, as you can see, but wait till you see March!


March was a weird one. I totally dropped the ball, hence me not even finishing my book for the month! I went and saw the dentist, and found out that I need my wisdom teeth pulled out (the only 2 I have).

I did Easter weekend, Palm Sunday, and St Patrick’s day with my dad. I know Easter was technically April Fool’s, but we did church on Holy Saturday, and it was very nice, even for someone who isn’t that into religion. It’s an experience to go and do, if you’re open minded like myself, and like to learn.

I got tickets for 2 solo dates while I’m out in California, one to Kevin Hart, and the other to Disneyland the next day. I also got tickets to go see Panic! in July, with friends.

Just because I booked and did a lot of fun stuff, doesn’t mean that I didn’t do just those and work my “day” job. I did babe’s taxes for him (pampered much?! haha), and like I said earlier, went to the dentist. I went 10 years or so without going to the dentist! That’s forever in teeth time lol. I also paid off a medical bill.

As you can see, I do better with accountability outside of myself, and the more people I have (sort of), the better I can do.


To recap what all has gone on during the first quarter of 2018, I’ll be generalizing what I wrote in my review book, and the 2 pages for the quarterly review.

I’m proud of the fact that I did both babe and I’s taxes long before they were due (didn’t do them last minute, and not even in April!), as well as going to the dentist. I rewarded myself by getting my hair done, and treating myself to a second solo date in June.

I’m proud of keeping up at my job, and getting a raise. With that, I of course am treating myself with the 2 week vacation in June, and the concerts I’m attending.

I’m proud of myself for keeping the job I’ve had for the past almost 5 years, and budgeting well, as well as working on my credit, and because of that, I could also take time off to spend with my dad, for all of the Easter holidays, and St Patrick’s day.

Over the last 3 months, I’ve learned that if I truly want something, I have to truly go after it, and make sure it happens, because no one else will do the work for you. The whole experience needs to be mine, if I want it. Even down to the planning, and making things as easy as possible, if I want it, I have to take the chance.

During the next 3 months, I’m looking forward to so much, which will be my post tomorrow! Check back tomorrow, to see what I have planned through the end of June, and to join me on my journey, and keep me accountable to all my goals!

Holy Week 2018

As we go into the last week in meditation over Easter, and the 40 days that Jesus allegedly spent in the desert, there is so much to be grateful for. This last near month has not been what I exactly wanted it to become, but it showed me and forced me to do things that I truly needed, and made me focus and do things that did need to be done.

I reflected more. I conquered more. I started new things, and added some fresh things to my life. I was more aware. I became more appreciative (even though I didn’t write my gratitudes every day like I should have).

What has been your Lenten time this year been like? Even if you don’t believe or practice in lent (I really didn’t take the traditional approach to it, as I’m not a believer myself), I feel like taking the good practices and ideas, and implementing it into your own spiritual practices.

I love the idea of crystals, and even how they look. I enjoy yoga, and doing tarot readings. Meditation is key, especially when my anxiety is up, or I’m stressed (like waiting for my dentist appointment, my stomach is in knots).

During this year’s Lenten season, I’ve used it to explore how others believe and practice, and have it guide me further into what path I want to go down, each and every day. It’s not too hard on me, as I’m not going through a spiritual crisis, but I am using it to deepen my experience in life, as well as meet new people, and learn their journey.

My dad and I were talking last week, about the need for community, and how it’s different for everyone. Introverts and extroverts like different crowds and energies. Even comparing two introverts or two extroverts is interesting.

Balancing your need for certain people (what they can provide, how energetic or peaceful they are, etc), and yourself is a spiritual journey, I feel. Think about it: do you feel more uplifted, refreshed around some people, even after a coffee?

We need that community gathering, no matter how it’s conducted. If you’re not religious, general parties are a great time for it, over football, or dinner. There’s gangs for a reason, other than just to get drugs or whatever else.

So over this week, leading up to a Jew hanging on a cross, meditate on that. Be grateful we live here and now, and where it takes more than hearsay to convict someone, and that we have the technology to handle most of it. Meditate on what it was like to see public hanging, shaming, and all the rest.