Wine Wednesday: Nelson Mandela

This is Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday. I took a poll on my social media platforms about interest on him and the Mandela effect. I got good feedback on ya’ll wanting to know about him, and more so about the Mandela effect. So cue the research, the playlist, the drinks, and ALL OF THE READING.

I’ll keep his background short for ya’ll, since it seems like the Mandela effect is what is most of interest. If you want an in depth background to his story, check out this book.

To get all of the generics out of the way, Nelson Mandela was born literally 100 years ago (July 18th, 1918) in a small South African village, in the Eastern Capes of South Africa. He died early December of 2013 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Yes, this is where the Mandela effect comes into play.

He had 3 different wives, the last one being his wife until he passed away. He had a son that passed away before he did as well, which is interesting to me (car accident). In all, he had 5 children, and over 30 awards for a varying of reasons. He also had 9 other siblings, which I don’t feel as uprising, but being an only child myself, I find just simply find interesting.

Let’s get into what ya’ll came here for, shall we? As in that good ol’ Mandela effect, how it came about, and some things that have happened since this became a thing.

The reason I gave some backstory to Nelson Mandela, is simply because of the Mandela effect. If you don’t know the basics of the Mandela effect, well…honey, you’re gonna learn real quick here.

The phenomenon that has come to be known as the Mandela effect is the idea or fact that a collective of people remember/recall an event or thing taking place, only for that said thing to happen some good chunk of time later. It can also include mass though on something as simple as a catchphrase or viral theme/thing catching on, when a collective does the same thing, and think that this had already become a thing. Think of it as a variation of deja vu.

Now I know there’s the technical term of the Mandela effect (False Memory Syndrome…mainly explored by Psychologist Sigmund Freud. Yes, the same guy who was all about sexual behaviors), but one thing my stepmom brought up recently, in a car ride, is: what was the Mandela effect, before the Mandela effect?

Why is it called the Mandela effect though? The main reason is half because he was so prominent, and the other because people thought that he had died while he was serving time in prison (read his prison letters here), in the 1980’s. Looking back at his life, he held presidency, had SO MANY international awards, and did quite a bit for about 30 years from the time he “died” until he actually died.

This isn’t a matter of things like the “cloning” or replicating of a person sort of thing. It’s raw deja vu on a mass populous. I’ve even had this experience, even lately. I had to ask my better half about YouTube’s dark screen mode lately. Asking him was my most recent spell of it, like a planet retrograde.

My main question(s) is: Why do so many of us have so many Mandela effect memories, what causes it, and why does it happen to so many people, with different upbringings, origins, and life choices? Do you have any thoughts?

Do you want to watch some Mandela effect videos? Check out Shane Dawson‘s series on his channel here and Hailey Reese’s spin off series here.

Remember to check out the reads listed in this post:
Nelson Mandela’s autobiography
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Wine Down Wednesday: Intro Edition

Welcome to my Wednesday series, where every so often, I come on with a glass of wine, and discuss a topic that I feel needs addressed, that may not fit in with travel, food, and planning. As strongly as I feel that people (especially younger ones, like millennials and the next generation) need help planning and want to find new food dishes, and possibly a new place to travel to (or somewhere new in a place they’ve already been to), there’s still some topics that I can’t avoid.

Wednesdays are for those of us who don’t fit the norm, so to speak, and if you’re here, I’d like to assume that you like the oddball stuff, outside of what I cover on Wednesdays. So let’s get into this week’s topic: South Africa.

As I watch several travel YouTubers, several have gone to South Africa, and if they haven’t, they probably want to. Seeing what I have out of Cape Town, I don’t blame them. It seems cute, and very tourist-friendly. Yet as of the last handful of months, some of the other YouTubers I follow, that aren’t travelers, they’re saying that even Cape Town is going down hill too fast.

From the water shortages now affecting even Cape Town, to the not-so recent change of power from one president to the next, I find myself worrisome, even as a future traveler, in regards to this country.

Now South Africa hasn’t made my list of places to go, simply because most places in Africa in general don’t appeal to me, so I don’t feel like I’ll be missing out too much when things keep getting worse for them. Yet, from what’s been happening over the last 6 months to a year for them especially, I’m almost in fear of what could bring itself here to the States, in the next 5-10 years.

“Why are you talking about this at all?”, you are probably wondering. Insert Lauren Southern’s most recent series here. Grab your wine glass, fill her up, and take a look at her playlist so far. I’ve grabbed some Chardonnay for this.

Now let me make this very clear: I AM NO WHITE NATIONALIST NOR ALT-RIGHT FIGURE/SYMPATHISER. I don’t mind people of color, as long as they treat me nicely, and as a fellow human being. As an Irish descendant, by default, I’m looked down upon the same way Jews are in the alt-right. I’m not the right type of white for them.

Back to where we were: take a listen/watch to Lauren’s video here, that isn’t included in the playlist. This is why I feel the need to go a little bit further on what Lauren says in this video.

She goes to say that although she appreciates those who are now talking about the South African problem, with the switch of power, like the Daily Wire (see here and here), and the Blaze (see here there’s even a video), there’s still not enough coverage. Even the right-leaning sites that are covering it are late in Lauren’s eyes, which I don’t totally knock her for saying such a thing.

If you want a basic overview of what has happened recently, check out this clip from Tucker Carlson’s Fox show here. Vice covered this general topic 3 years ago. THREE YEARS AGO!!! Watch their angle here.

With all of what’s happening there, and with the rise of immigrants to the States, and the already prominent issues we have in our major cities, I fear that if what’s happening in South Africa goes north or west to western civilized countries, that we’ll land up like they are now. Europe is already having issues with the radical Muslims and those who want to do similar things, without affiliating themselves to Islam.

One thing I see here in the states is the growing appeal of nationalists, both of blacks and whites. I grasp and understand having pride in your heritage, which has some input on nationalistic ideologies. Yet while I see that, in South Africa, and I’m sure in other nations, the extreme tribalism that is occurring is what bothers me.

The tribal mentality is where I think Western culture may see a divide and have a large issue, at least in the US, in 5-10 year’s time. I can’t speak for Europe or Canada, but I see a three way battle so to speak coming here in the states. There’s the already building tensions of white nationalists and black nationalists wanting to fight it out, but then there’s those of us (like myself).

The way I see it, is that it’s all immature. We’re not acting like the evolved species that we’ve become over the last handful of millenia. In the same fashion that Dave Rubin says in his latest direct message, we’re devolving, not evolving.

Now that you’ve near finished your glass, and made it this far into reading (and hopefully watching some of the videos I’ve listed, or reading some of my links), what do you think? Are you getting cautious about the state of the world? If you’re not from the US, what’s it like where you’re at, in terms of nationalist thinking? Leave me a comment below with your thoughts!